Best Momos in Delhi: 15 Places You Need to Visit to Have the Best Dumplings

Fast food is an integral part of the culture of Delhi. When a tourist arrives in Delhi, they are suggested to visit some of the best fast food or street food eateries that define the taste of the city. Momos as fast food has grown exponentially in India as well; it tastes good, its filling with the added advantage of it being a healthier option since its a steamed dish. And you can find some of the best momos in India right here in Delhi. From traditional steamed momos to the daring spicy ones which will have you in smoke, we have made a list of places that have the best momos in Delhi:  

1. Hunger Strike, Amar Colony Market

Momos In Delhi
Hunger Strike is a chain of fast-food takeaway restaurants in New Delhi. It is known for its Tandoori Momos which are not only delicious but also affordable. They also have the classic steamed and fried momos as well. The portion sizes are good, and it is bound to fill your heart. 
Address: C-9, Amar Colony Market, Amar Colony, New Delhi
Contact: +91 9667769284
Cost for Two people: INR 400
Recommended Dishes: Chicken Tandoori Momos, Veg Tandoori Momos, Chaap 

2. Yeti, Connaught Place

Momos in Delhi
This is a restaurant that specialises in Himalayan food, and that means it will also have some of the best momos in Delhi. You can try their Jhol momo which is their specialisation and also try the buffalo meat momo. If you're looking for fantastic momos in the comfort of a restaurant with a great and chill environment, Yeti is where you should be. . 
Address: B41, B Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi 
Contact: 011 40421829
Cost for Two People: INR 1900
Recommended Dishes: Mutton Momo, Chicken Momo, Chicken Thukpa 

3. Dilli Haat, Kidwai Nagar

Momos in Delhi
Dilli Haat is an area of Delhi where you can find all kinds of street food and fast food and Momos are one of them. There are several momo joints such as ‘Nagaland Old’, ‘Sikkim Tourism Tashi Delek Food Stall’, ‘Manipur Food Stall’ and others that sell mouth-watering momos. 
Address: Dilli Haat, Kidwai Nagar West, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110023
Contact: Manipur Food Stall: +91 9717652001, Nagaland Old: +91 8130209585, Sikkim Tourism Tashi Delek Food Stall: +91 9811127087
Cost for Two People: INR 300 to INR 800
Recommended Dishes: Pork Steam Momos from the Sikkim Tourism Tashi Delek Food Stall, Chicken Momo and Pork Ribs from Nagaland old, and Chicken Fried Momo from Manipur Food Stall. 

4. Giri Momos and Chinese Fast Food, Pitampura

Momos in Delhi
If you happen to be in Pitampura, do stop by here as they specialise in a variety of delicious momos. Because of the restaurant's affordable rates and mouth-watering momo variety, the stall is rarely seen empty. They are especially known for their cocktail momos and Afghani Momos. 
Address: ND Market, Pitampura, New Delhi
Contact: +91 9910456891
Cost for Two People: INR 300
Recommended Dishes: Cocktail Momo, Chicken Afghani Momo, Veg Afghani Momo, Soya Momo, Spring Roll

5. Dolma Aunty Momos, Lajpat Nagar 2

Momos in Delhi
If you want to have one of the best and cheap momos in Delhi, then you have to visit this eatery. Although the ambience here isn't the best, this stall has some of the best momos in Delhi. They are mainly known for their chicken and veg steamed momos. 
Address: Shop D 44, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi 
Contact: +91 9810654581
Cost for Two People: Rs 100
Recommended Dishes: Steamed Momo, Spring Roll, Dolma

6. QD's Restaurant, Lajpat Nagar 2

Momos in Delhi
This is a restaurant chain that has many outlets in Delhi. This one is in Lajpat Nagar and apart from their ambience, they are known for serving great tandoori momos. You can drop in for a quick bite and the taste of their momos will surprise you. They also serve the classic steamed momos. 
Address: I-1A, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi
Contact: 011 40348992
Cost for Two People: INR 1100
Recommended Dishes: Chicken Tandoori Momo, Chicken Afghani Momo, Chicken and Cheese Momo

7. Chalte Firte Momos, Kamla Nagar

Momos in Delhi
The quaint restaurant in Kamla Nagar is known for serving good momos and continental dishes. Gravy momos are their speciality and you can get them in the variants of tandoori, afghani, fried or steamed momos. After seeing the menu you will feel like you have reached heaven made for momo lovers. 
Address: 32, UB, Jawahar Nagar, Bangla Road, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi 
Contact:+91 8826497288
Cost for Two People: INR 300
Recommended Dishes: Gravy Momos, Afghani Momo, Butter Chicken Momo, Paneer Momo 

8. Variations Momos King, Sector 6, Rohini

Momos in Delhi
This place is perfect for the time when you are craving for a plate of steaming hot momos in Delhi but need a nice sit-down ambience. They have different types of momos such as tandoori momos, achari momos, afghani momos, butter masala momos and honey bunny super spicy momos. You will want to keep going back to try them all. 
Address: A-1/326, Near Ayodhya Chowk, Sector 6, Rohini, New Delhi 
Contact: +91 8447747766
Cost for Two People: INR 300 
Recommended Dishes: Achari momo, veg momos, afghani momo, butter gravy momo 

9. Cafe Brown Sugar, Greater Kailash (GK) 1

Momos in Delhi
This is a great eatery to find quick bites at affordable prices without the compromise of taste. This cafe is mostly known for its delicious momos. Along with the classic steamed momos, they also serve tandoori momos and gravy momos where they top it up with a sauce of your choice. 
Address: M-73, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi
Contact: 011 41631246
Cost for Two People: INR 600
Recommended Dishes: Classic momo, tandoori momo, soya momo

10. Tee Dee, Majnu ka Tila

Momos in Delhi
This is a small cafe that sells different types of dishes among which momos are their speciality. They have a variety of momos including the usual steamed and fried momos and they serve speciality momos such as the Devils momos, Indian momos, Singapuri Momos and they even have a momo platter that you must try. 
Address: 32, Aruna Nagar, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi
Contact: 011 23939414
Cost for Two People: INR 500
Recommended Dishes: mutton momo, chicken momo, pork momo, buff momo, buff chilly

11. Rigo Restaurant, Majnu ka Tila

Momos in Delhi
Rigo Restaurant is a nice spacious place perfect for not only a snack, but also for lunch and dinner meals. They have a nice ambience as well. Rigo's Devil Style Momo has to top the list as it is their speciality and it is one of the best momos in Delhi.
Address: 180, Tibetan Old Camp, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi 
Contact: +91 8929962851
Cost for Two People: INR 600
Recommended Dishes: Rigo's Devil Style Momo, Pork Ribs 

12. Darjeeling Steemers, Shahpur Jat

Momos in Delhi
You may not be able to visit Darjeeling right now, but you can have a taste of their momos at this eatery. It is a small place with a huge selection of momos. Their unique way is that they let you select the outer crust as well as the filling. You can even opt for a rice momo dish or have a plate of apple cinnamon pie momo. 
Address: 252A, Siri Fort, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
Contact: +91 9599610656
Cost for Two People: INR 500
Recommended Dishes: Butter garlic momo, chicken momo, pork momo

13. Momos Point, Kirti Nagar

Momos in Delhi
This is a small stall where you will always see the swarms of people who are here to try some of the best momos in Delhi. It is an affordable place which has only takeaway options. Their selection includes the usual steamed and fried veg and non-veg momos and also delicious tandoori momos. 
Address: 6, Single Storey, Ground Floor, Near Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi
Contact: +91 9560807295
Cost for Two People: INR 500
Recommended Dishes: Momo, Chowmein, Spring roll 

14. Avantika Food Corner, Lajpat Nagar 2

Momos in Delhi

Small and quaint stalls often have the best fast food and it is true about the momos found in this shop. They provide you with the simple steamed or fried momos but they do taste superb especially to those who love the delectable spicy sauce that comes with.  
Address: Opposite 3Cs Cinema Complex, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi
Contact: +91 9654748472
Cost for Two People: INR 200
Recommended Dishes: Fried Momo, Chicken Momo 

15. Momos Express, Vikaspuri

Momos in Delhi
For delicious takeaway momos in Delhi, do visit this eatery. They have several options in their menu which include fry momos, tandoori momos, butter momos and the very unique Kurkure momo as well as gravy momo. Take a taste of as many as you can because they taste delicious. 
Address: 45, C Block, DDA Market, Vikaspuri, New Delhi
Contact: +91 8505816662
Cost for Two People: INR 400
Recommended Dishes: Kurkure momo, Paneer momo, butter momo, chowmein
So, here are the places for the best momos in Delhi. All of them serve finger-licking good momos so do try them out and we are sure that you will love them.

This post was published by Aishika Mitra

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