17 Best Beach Shacks in Goa

Goaaaaaaa! It might be the smallest state in India, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the most loyally crowded places in the country. It just has something for everyone! If you're a Goa addict, you'll know what I'm talking about. Among everything else that it is known for, Goa also has some of the most fabulous places to eat.

Here is a list of the ten best beach shacks in Goa. Foodies' galore!

1. Curlies, Anjuna

Curlies, anjuna
Curlies, Anjuna, Goa
Curlies at Anjuna Beach is one of the famous beach shacks in Goa, both among foreigners and Indians, and hence a must-visit place. With a pretty happening and energised ambience, great music, chilled alcohol and decent food, Curlies is the place to be and the most popular amongst the Anjuna beach shacks! If nothing, sit and relax with a beer in hand.
Location: Near Flea Market, St Michael Vaddo, Anjuna
Cuisine: Continental, North Indian, Italian, Seafood, Goan, Mediterranean 
Must Try: Pork Roast, Shakshouka, Bacon Pizza
Cost For Two: INR 1500
Timings: 8:30 am–2:30 am, Daily

2. La Plage, Ashwem

La Plage
La Plage, Ashwem

If you're around in the Ashwem area, you'll hear about this place. With a dominantly French-Mediterranean menu, La Plage takes beach shacks in Goa to a whole new level. The soft sand and the sound of the waves will never leave you while you enjoy one of their delicious desserts or the seafood delicacies! Oh, and don't miss out on tasting some of their wine.
Location: H. NO. 209, Ashwem Beach, Katte Wada Road, Mandrem
Cuisine: French, seafood
Must-Try: Chocolate Thali, Prawn Lollipop and cocktails
Cost For Two: INR 1000 
Timings: 8:30 am–10 pm, Daily

3. Brittos, Baga

Brittos baga beach shack in goa
Brittos, Baga, Goa

Be it during the season or off-season; you canNOT come here if you're in Goa. It is amongst the best shacks in Baga Beach and is just perfect if you're seeking the company of the sea and the sand while you sip on that beer. This beach shack in Goa gives you a multi-cuisine menu with a plethora of exquisite seafood and a massive list of drinks. It'll be your happy place!
Location: House No.7, 171, Calangute - Baga Rd, Saunta Vaddo, Baga
Cuisine: Chinese, Continental, Goan, North Indian, Seafood
Must Try: Seafood Platter, calamari, baked crabs
Cost For Two: INR 1400
Timings: 8:30 am–12 am, Daily

4. Thalassa, Siolim

Thalassa Goa
Thalassa, Vagator, Goa

If you're looking to spend a romantic evening with your loved one, then this is the place for you. Situated atop a high cliff in Vagator, this open-air Greek restaurant offers you a stunning view of the Arabian Sea. The menu offers you classic Greek appetisers and the quintessential Greek salads and grills. That and the beautiful sunset, what more could you ask for?
Location: Vaddy, Siolim
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean
Must Try: Meat Platter, Vegetable Moussaka, Ratatouille 
Cost For Two: INR 1500 
Timings: 9 am–12 am, Daily

5. Sublime, Assagao

Sublime, Goa
Sublime, Baga, Goa
It moved from near the Baga Bridge to Anjuna and then to finally to Morjim. But no matter how much it moves, folks are still going to flock it for its food. Known for the best steaks in town, Sublime is THE place for the meat lovers. With a very innovative menu, their starters and salads are what you should be trying out. Make sure you add one of the most popular beach shacks in Goa on your to-visit list.
Location: House No. 481, Bouta Waddo, Assagao
Cuisine: European, seafood
Must Try: Prawn dumplings, Ceviche, salads, steaks
Cost For Two: INR 1300
Timings: 12 pm–3 pm, 6 pm–11 pm, Closed Tuesdays

6. Villa Blanche, Vagator 

Villa Blanche, Goa Shacks
Villa Blanche, Vagator, Goa
Located in Goa's Assagaon, this is one of the best restaurants and beach shacks in Goa where you'll get the best in Europe! Set in an old Portuguese villa, this charming bistro is known for its cosy ambience and its elegant home cooked European delicacies. The fresh ingredients are sourced from local markets as well as Europe and the Middle East. The food is perfect for your breakfast or that Sunday brunch with your buds.
Location: 283, Badem Church Rd, Socol Vaddo, Assagao, Vagator
Cuisine: Continental, Bakery, Vegan and gluten-free 
Must Try: Waffles, Key lime pie, bagels
Cost For Two: INR 1200
Timings: 9 am–11 pm, Closed Wednesday

7. Bean Me Up, Vagator

Bean Me Up, Shacks in Goa
Bean Me Up, Vagator, Goa
"Bean me up, Scotty!" That's the line from Star Wars that inspired the name of this charming garden restaurant in Anjuna. Known for being a vegan paradise, it has some of the best salads and fresh juice concoctions. They believe in using the freshest organic ingredients and have one of the healthiest and yummiest menus in town. And it does call for this place being among the best restaurants and beach shacks in Goa. And also, the best shack in Anjuna, maybe? 'Go green' seems to be their motto if you know what I mean.
Location: Ozran Beach Rd, Vagator
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Salads, Continental, Vegan
Must Try: Bruschetta, Burrito Tacos, Vegan Burgers
Cost For Two: INR 1000
Timings: 8 am–11 pm, Daily

8. Café Chocolatti, Candolim

The Chocolate Paradise, Beach Shacks in Goa
Cafe Chocolatti, Candolim, Goa
Snuggled away in a lush green garden in Candolim, this café has been around for a while. As the name suggests, the place has everything to with chocolate but only the best home-made ones! Come and indulge your sweet tooth! Great sandwiches, mouth-watering chocolate brownies and a fresh English breakfast; does that sound good enough for you? And don't forget your chocolates!
Location: Fort Aguada Rd, Candolim, Bardez
Cuisine: Continental
Must Try: Waffles, Croissant, Veg Panini, Coffee, chocolates
Cost For Two: INR 1000
Timings: 9 am–7 pm, Closed Sunday

9. Martin's Corner, Betalbatim

Martin's Corner, Beach Shacks in Goa
Martin's Corner, Betalbatim
A favourite with the locals, this little hang-out in Betalbatim is where you should head to if you want to sample some of that beautiful Goan cuisine and the much-loved seafood. This one is the cosy restaurant that you want to go to after a long fun day in Goa, have some good food and drinks and then to bed; happy and content!
Location: 69, Binwaddo, Betalbatim
Cuisine: Goan, Seafood, Chinese, North Indian
Must Try: Prawn Biryani, Cocktails, Dutch Truffle, Pork Ribs
Cost For Two: INR 1800
Timings: 11:30 am–4 pm, 6:30 pm–11:30 pm, Daily

10. Cape Town Café, Baga

Cape Town Cafe, Goa Beach Shacks
Cape Town Cafe, Baga, Goa

Right in the middle of Baga's (oh so) busy Titos Lane is this café which rubs off as the comfortably slow paced one. If you want to stay away from all the crazy Goa vibes during the day, then this is the place for you. One of the best beach shacks in Goa to just chill, you can sink into the sofa and enjoy a drink while you nibble on some crunchy finger food or some Goan delicacy and catch up with your football game. So if you've got just a few Baga beach shacks to hit, do NOT miss this one!

Location: 69, Binwaddo, Betalbatim
Cuisine: Goan, Seafood, Chinese, North Indian
Must Try: Prawn Biryani, Cocktails, Dutch Truffle, Pork Ribs
Cost For Two: INR 1800
Timings: 6 pm–4 am, Daily

11. St.Anthony's, Baga

St Anthony's, Shacks in Goa
St. Anthony's, Baga Beach, Goa
This beach shack in Goa is a favourite with many of the locals and even loyal out-of-town visitors. Located right next to Britto's, these two shacks are quite the competition for each other. But this shack has its charm with the yummy steaks and desserts and a variety of North Indian dishes. You can pick whether you want it cooked in Goan spices, butter and garlic or any fancy sauce!
Location: Baga Beach, Calangute-Baga Road, Baga
Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Goan, Seafood
Must Try: Crispy Chicken, Goan Fish Curry, Long Island Iced Tea, Fish Fry
Cost For Two: INR 1200
Timings: Monday To Friday - 10:30 am–2:30 am, Saturday To Sunday -10:30 am–2:30 am

12. Souza Lobo, Calangute

Souza Lobo, Goa, Beach Shacks Goa
 Souza Lobo, Calangute, Goa
A great place right in front of the sea, Souza Lobo in Calangute Beach is a legendary place which you can't miss while in North Goa. They're known for their authentic Goan seafood dishes which are simply out of the world. Though one has to wait a while before getting seated, the food is worth the wait. The chilled, laid back ambience only adds to the great experience here.
Location: Calangute
Cuisine: Chinese, Continental, Goan, Finger Food, North Indian
Must Try: Sea Food Platter, Prawn Pulav, Chicken Vindaloo, Goan Prawn Curry, Chicken Cafreal
Cost For Two: INR 1200
Timings: 12 pm–4:30 pm, 7 pm–12 am, Daily

13. Dream Catcher, Palolem

Dream Catcher, Goa, Beach Shacks in Goa
Dream Catcher, Palolem
Situated in the extremely popular Baga Beach, Dream Catcher is among the favourites of all the tourists visiting Baga, mainly due to their super cheap alcohol and extremely yummy food. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare is delicious here and goes easy on your wallet as well. The staff are very polite and courteous and will get you exactly what you need. One of the highly recommended beach shacks in Goa!!
Location: Far North- Palolem Beach, on The River Bank Canacona, South Goa, India, Palolem
Cuisine: Seafood, Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Thai
Must Try: Fish, Salads
Cost For Two: INR 1500
Timings: 8 am – 11 pm, Daily

14. Shiva Valley

Shiva Valley Goa

Shiva Valley is situated right next to Anjuna beach. Anjuna beach is one of the finest beaches of Goa. It is very calm and relaxing, be it day or night. This iconic beach shack in Goa offers greats drinks owing to its wonderful bar and alcohol can be pretty cheap here. It hosts parties almost every night and turns into a café in the morning. The place also serves great finger food and filling dishes alike.
Location: Anjuna beach
Cuisine: Seafood, Indian, Bar
Must Try: Strawberry Milkshake, Avocado Toast, Honey Pancake
Cost for Two: INR 1,000
Timings: 9:30am -11:00pm

15. Calamari

Calamari Goa

Calamari is a relatively upscale and famous restaurant near Dando Beach. It is always buzzing with a lively crowd of Indian and foreigners alike. It offers dishes for all kinds of palates, from the health conscious to die-hard foodies. You will find the menu filled with food options ranging from raw papaya salad to extra cheesy burger. Along with this, the shack serves almost all brands of alcohol, for all the party animals out there. A must visit especially to recharge after night or nights of partying.
Location: Dando Beach
Cuisine: Seafood, Goan
Must Try: Biryani, Burger, Crispy onion rings,
Cost for Two: INR 1,500
Timings: 11:45am -11:45pm

16. Baxter's

Baxter's Goa

Baxter’s is located near the beautiful Ashwem beach. It is a great place to chill and meet up with friends and family alike. The place serves good food and drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at affordable rates. The vibe of this place is casual and comfortable. What makes the place so special is its selection of music that keeps playing in the background, without interrupting your conversation.
Location: Ashwem Beach
Cuisine: North Indian, Goan, Seafood
Must Try: Burger, Toast
Cost for Two: INR 1,200
Timings: 12:00am - 10pm

17. Sam's

Sam’s beach shack is located near the Mobar beach. Unlike the other beach shacks mentioned in this post, I would not recommend going to this shack. Although it is quite cheap, the ambience and crowd it attracts are dismal. The food is below average, and the customer service is bad. There are better places to refill and relax nearby that you could visit as opposed to stopping here.
Location: Mobar Beach, Cavelossim
Cuisine: Goan, North Indian, Seafood
Must Try: Tuna tomato sandwich
Cost for Two: INR 900
Timings: 9am -12pm

Beach Shacks In Goa With Stay

1. Thalassa, Siolim
2. Dream Catcher, Palolem
3. Tantra Beach Shack And Huts, Anjuna Flea Market Path

Now that we have told you our favourite beach shacks tell us in the comments about your ideal beach, shacks in Goa!

This post was published by Deepika Singhania