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Museums in Bangkok

Museums of Bangkok are known for their collections of sometimes strange, weird and beautiful artworks and relics that perfectly their showcase Thailand's rich history and culture.

Here is the list of 20 Museums in Bangkok

1. National Museum, Bangkok

4.0 /5

An ideal place for history lovers, the Bangkok National Museum exhibits some of the most magnificent collection of art and artefacts reflecting the Thai culture.

2. Royal Barges National Museum

3.1 /5

Boats used to be the primary mode of transport for Thai kings, and the National Museum of Royal Barges in Bangkok exhibits traditional Thai barges with intricate designs of Hindu and Buddhist icons. The museum displays information about the customs and history of the royal barges, costumes worn by the crew, and even serves as a dry dock for the boats.

3. Museum of Siam

Situated in Phra Nakorn on Sanam Chai street, the Museum of Siam combines modern with the old in an innovative artistic way to tell the story of Thailand. It is housed in a neo classical structure and from the outside it is impossible to guess what the inside looks like. With a clever use of art, the unique museum manages to captivate the visitor and spark his curiosity for exploring the Thai culture. Museum of Siam successfully manages to encourage the youngsters to think deeply about the Thai history, Thai customs, and traditions.

4. Erawan Museum

Demonstrating the mixture of modern civilization and traditional cultures and practices of Thailand is the Erawan Museum in Bangkok. Situated in the Samut Prakan Province, you can easily identify the museum from its giant three-headed elephant structure standing stoutly atop the building. The First Floor of the Museum is a representation of the Hindu mythology’s concept of the underworld. The Second Floor showcases the concept of Earth, or the present life. The Third Floor depicts the concept of Tavatimsa Heaven and is situated inside the belly of the Elephant. Known for the antiques based on varied Thai mythologies, Erawan Museum is sure to leave everyone spellbound, the history and architecture lovers more so.

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5. Jim Thompson House

4.3 /5

With a remarkable collection of art from Burma, China, Cambodia and Thailand, Jim Thompson House is a must visit for history buffs and art lovers. A historic property, it once served as the residence of an American man named James H W Thompson, a man responsible for reviving the Thai silk industry and one of the most famous Americans in Asia during his time.

6. Royal Thai Air Force Museum

Nestled along the Phahonyothin Road, in Don Mueang District of Bangkok, Royal Thai Air Force Museum is a respected museum with a captivating display of various aircraft like attack aircraft, fighter aircraft, military transport aircraft, and helicopters which are disengaged and retired from the battleground. The museum delights history buffs, aviation and military enthusiasts.

7. Madame Tussauds

4.1 /5

Bangkok's Madame Tussauds Wax museum is like no other Wax Museum in Thailand. Here, you can touch anyone from Albert Einstien to Tom Cruise, from Barack Obama to Tiger Woods. However, you are not allowed to touch any figure in the most decorated room housing the Thai royal family. The quality of craftsmanship behind the 70 wax figures will take your breath away.

8. Siriraj Medical Museum

3.2 /5

The Siriraj Medical Museum is a treat to medical professionals, students and of course, the public as well. Part of the famous Siriraj Hospital, Thailand's oldest hospital, this fascinating musuem combines five mini-museums, exploring the fields of pathology, anatomy, the history of medicine in Thailand, parasitology, forensic medicine, and a prehistoric museum. Its exhibits of bones, organs, corpses, fetuses and so on have earned it the nickname 'Museum of Death'.

9. Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum

Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum is a postal museum that was established in the year 1947. The museum holds the record of Thailand’s stamp and postal history from the mid-1800s to the present date.

10. Batcat Toy Museum

Also known as Batman Toy Museum, this museum is the largest toy museum which is mostly based on the Batman character. The museum holds over 50,000 collections of toys with action figures dotting every room. The museum also has a Spiderman collection, a Star Wars corner, and plenty of statues from Marvel and DC comic book fame. Opened in 2012, Batcat Toy Museum is the most favourite place for children.

11. Bangkok Seashell Museum

The Seashell Museum in Bangkok is not an exciting activity to do on a holiday. But, one might be amused by how these shells are displayed creatively, explaining how the shells are more than just beautiful objects. There are about 3000 types of shells of 600 species neatly arranged by families and exceptionally well described in both English and Thai. The most popular shells are the ones that look like an alien, and the largest one claims to weigh nothing less than 300 kilograms.

12. Bangkokian Museum

The museum was originally the place where the Suravadee family lived, and it was built in 1937. The home was converted into the Bangkok Folk Museum to preserve the lifestyle people during early Bangkok and the history of Bang Rak District. Also known as Bangkok Folk Museum, it consists of two beautiful two-storey buildings and a garden.

13. Silpa Bhirasri National Museum

The Silpa Bhirasri National Museum is a modern art museum located in Bangkok. The museum is divided into two parts; one which showcases contemporary arts and the other part that is purely dedicated to Silpa Bhirasri also known as the ‘Father of Thai modern art and contemporary art’. Silpa Bhirasri Memorial National Museum was opened on September 15, 1984, at the 92nd birthday of Professor Silpa Bhirasri.

14. Thai Film Museum

Thai Film Museum is the only place where you can learn about the Thai cinemas from the past to the present. There are approximately 50,000 TV news films, 8,000 documentary films, 2,000 Thai films, and 100,000 videos. There is a lot of information about movies such as film scripts, posters, images, and DVDs as well. The primary purpose of building this museum was to preserve the history of Thai motion pictures, which started in 1897.

15. Prasart Museum

Prasart Museum is a private museum in Bangkok which exhibits collections of artefacts from the past to the modern Bangkok periods. The museum is the perfect place to learn and get to know about Thai architecture, Thai antiquity and Bangkok history.

16. Bangkok Corrections Museum

Bangkok Corrections Museum is a museum that was built on the security prison which existed during the 1890s. The Bangkok Corrections Museum situated in Maha Chai Road exhibits some shocking and frightful aspects of Thai prison history. The museum also houses the brutal prison life before reforms were made to the penal system.

17. Thai Labour Museum

Located near Makkasan railway station, Thai Labour Museum was once home to railway police station and the Railway Labour Union Headquarters. It was converted into a museum on October 17 1993. There are a total of six exhibition rooms which shows a lot of Thai history.

18. Museum of Floral Culture

The Museum of Floral Culture is the best place to go for nature and plant lovers. There are many different kinds of trees and plants you wouldn’t have even heard before. Some of these plants are very rare and preserved. The museum is a beautiful 100-year old mansion built from teak wood with colonial architecture, covering a total ground area of 1,800 square meters.

19. Museum of Counterfeit Goods

The Museum of Counterfeit Goods is a museum which was established in the year 1989, and it focuses on intellectual property infringement. The museum consists of more than 4,000 goods that infringe trademarks, patents, and copyrights. The museum also comprises of vast collection covering 14 broad categories of goods, including clothing, footwear, watches and eyewear, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes, food and household products, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

20. Jesada Technik Museum

Also known as Jesada Car Museum, this museum was opened to the public in the year 2007. The museum consists of a vast collection of antique vehicles which included cars, bikes and planes. The museum was created by a successful Thai businessman named Jesada Deshsakulrith. He started collecting vehicles in the year 1997 and now has more than 500 vehicles to exhibit.

How many of these museums in Bangkok have you been to?

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