Weather :

Timings : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Time Required : 2 - 3 hours

Entry Fee :
Adults: THB 1000 - THB 2000
Children: THB 900 - THB 1850

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Safari World, Bangkok Overview

Safari World is an animal and leisure park and one of the favourite destinations in Bangkok. Spread across 170 acres, it is home to hundreds of animals, including rare and exotic animals. Safari World has 2 main attractions, Safari Park and Marine Park, with activities for both children and adults like jungle safari and jungle cruise.

Safari World began operating as a zoo in 1988, with provisions for the addition of a bird park. However, it expanded into an entertainment park the very next year by offering several exciting activities within the open zoo. A marine park was added soon after featuring many underwater animals. Safari World in Bangkok is one of the most coveted destinations in Thailand where the visitors can get up close and personal with wild animals from all across the world. It is a zoo with a difference offering many entertainment options, including feeding and petting the animals.

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A Brief Glance Through the Safari

Giraffes at Safari Park in Safari World Bangkok
You Can Come Face to Face With Animals From Around the World at the Safari Park Section

The Beginning
The Safari Park section of Safari World is dedicated to animals from all parts of the world. Visitors can thus come face to face with giraffes, zebras, gazelles, camels, and an astounding variety of birds inside the enclosure. 

Getting Through
One can drive their own car through the park or choose to travel in the luxury coaches provided by the authorities. One has to observe a few rules while passing through the park, though.

Talking loudly, screaming, honking repeatedly or gesticulating might scare the animals causing them to react. One can even pass by the animals keeping the windows of the car open. However, stepping out into their midst is forbidden. The huge giraffe feeding platform is always in demand with the tourists getting to feed bananas to the tall creatures and being licked by a big, black tongue in exchange.

Tigers Feeding at Safari World Bangkok
The Second Part of Safari Park is Filled With Carvnivorous Animals

The Carnivore Tour
The second part of Safari Park is intimidating, with the vehicle entering a zone that is well guarded and the visitors only allowed inside the massive gate once the car/coach is locked from inside and the windows are shut tight. Then begins the den of the carnivores and predators and the tourists are enthralled to find huge tigers, lions, and bears napping contentedly, playing with each other or even bathing in the shallow ponds provided for them.

It is advisable to enter the safari park in the morning hours to watch the lions feeding. Otherwise, one completely misses seeing them as the ‘king of the jungle’ is too lazy to come out into the open in the afternoon.

The Marine Park

Sea Lions at Marine Park in Safari World Bangkok
The Marine Park is Devoted to Showcasing Marine Animals and Their Capabilities
The Marine Park at Safari World is dedicated to showcasing performances by a variety of animals along with their trainers. However, the ones interested in furthering their knowledge would love the egg island that houses several bird eggs from different species. About seven shows are performed at the Marine Park regularly. Both adults and children love to watch the elephant show while the orangutans rough and tumble with each other. People are also impressed to view the sea lions performing at the show while the antics of the intelligent dolphins just cannot be missed. It is advisable to check the timings before buying the tickets.

Safari World Ticket Prices

It is essential to book the tickets for Safari World a day in advance with no same day booking available any longer. However, visitors are free to buy the tickets at the entrance gate for walking into the park. The ticket options include:-

1. Ticket Code BKK-15A
Includes a visit to Safari Park, Marine Park and Buffet Lunch
Adults: THB 2,000
Children: THB 1,850

2. Ticket Code BKK-15B:
Includes a visit to Marine Park & Buffet Lunch
Adults: THB 1,800
Children: THB 1,550

3. Ticket Code BKK-15C: 
Includes visits to both Safari Park &  Marine Park
Adults: THB 1,500
Children: THB 1,400

4. Ticket Code BKK-15D: 
Entry restricted to only the Marine Park
Adults: THB 1,300
Children: THB 1,100

5. Ticket Code BKK-15E:
Entry restricted to Safari Park
Adults: THB 1,000
Children: THB 900

Safari Show Timings

Weekday Timings

Orangutan Show:  11:10 AM, 3:40 PM
Sea Lion Show: 3:00 PM
Cowboy Stunt: 11:45 AM
Elephant Show: 2:15 PM
Dolphin Show: 10:20 AM, 3:40 PM
Spy War: 1:30 PM onwards
Bird Show: 11:45 AM, 2:30 PM

Weekend Timings

Orangutan Show: 11:00 AM, 4:30 PM
Sea Lion Show: 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM
Cowboy Stunt: 11:45 AM, 3:45 PM
Elephant Show: 2:15 PM, 3:45 PM
Dolphin Show: 10:20 AM, 4:30 PM
Spy War: 1:30 PM onwards
Bird Show: 11:45 AM, 2:30 PM

Food and Restaurants

Jungle Cruise and Safari located within Safari World area offer wholesome buffets for the visitors. The restaurants can seat 2000 guests at a time and serve International and Thai cuisine with the option of Indian buffet on request.  The price for each meal is included within the tickets though, and the guests do not have to pay anything also. There are a couple of fast-food restaurants within the boundaries of the park as well. Besides, the children have a field day at the ice cream wagons that are spaced throughout its premises.

Facilities at Safari World

Safari World Bangkok Thailand
Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand (Source)
  • The availability of English speaking guides helps foreign tourists understand the rules and participate in the activities.
  • There are two huge car parks located within the park area with a capacity for housing more than 2000 vehicles at a time. Moreover, the park organises a free shuttle service between Car Park 2 and Marine Park.
  • Visitors can avail the available coach service 24X7
  • Information Center at the safari Park provides all kinds of assistance to the visitors
  • First Aid services are offered here as well with a competent medical team kept on stand by for handling emergencies
  • Telephone booths are located throughout the park area with visitors getting the facility of making both local and international phone calls.
  • Wheelchair and baby strollers can also be collected from the entrance gate for a fee.


Giraffe Feeding at Safari World Bangkok
Visit Safari World in the Morning to Watch the Animals Being Fed
  • It is best to buy an all-inclusive ticket to the park so that you do not end up missing anything
  • The locals can get a discounted ticket by presenting the passport or any form of local ID at the gate
  • Being there between 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM presents the visitors with a unique opportunity for watching the animals being fed.

Safari World Shows

Dolphin Show at Safari World Bangkok
Safari World Organises Many Shows Where the Animals Display Their Abilities
  • Dolphin Show: The huge, playful dolphins are adept at playing with balls and even out up a circus performance for the visitors who watch animatedly.
  • Jungle Cruise: This offers a water ride into the dense, tropical forest recreated at the park. The visitors are thrilled by the wild animals encountered on the way, which is a surefire way of getting an adrenaline rush.
  • Orangutan Boxing: This one is loved by the children who cannot stop laughing at the antics of the orangutans trying hard to win the boxing title. The animals, however, often lose focus and are seen hanging upside down while eating fruits and throwing coconuts on the arena.
  • Bird Show: There are thousands of colourful birds in this section of the park who come close to the audience. These birds often accept food from the delighted visitors and even perch atop their shoulders.
  • Spy War & Hollywood Cowboy Stunt: This show mimics an action thriller of Hollywood where the performers appear dressed as cowboys. There are all kinds of stunts performed on the stage with the audience egging them on.
  • Sea Lion Show: This is a highly popular show at the park where the mischievous creatures are seen balancing a huge ball on their noses. They also perform several other fats drawing much admiration from the audience

How To Reach Safari World


Safari World Bangkok Thailand
Safari World is Located in Khlong Sam Wa District of Bangkok in Thailand (Source)
Safari World is located on 99 Panyaintra Road of Bangkok and can be accessed by metered taxis that take about an hour to reach the destination from the central city. People eager to take public transport can take the Skytrain to Mo Chit or N8 station. Bus No. 26 or 96 from the station will take the passengers to the "Fashion Island Shopping Mall" from where the visitors need to walk across the flyover and then board a minibus to reach Safari World. The foreign nationals prefer to hire a private car or coach for entering the park instead.

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