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Beira Lake, Colombo Overview

One of the most famous landmarks in Colombo is Beira Lake. It is a quiet escape and a great place to relax. One can take a stroll by the lake or try the famous swan boat ride. The main attraction of Beira Lake is a small island located in the center, which is popular among couples. There is also a Buddhist temple, a floating fine-dining restaurant, and some snack shops.

The Beira Lake initially covered an area of over 410 hectares; however, due to the new development procedures which have taken place, it has been reduced down to 160 acres. It is one such place where one gets a full 360-degree experience comprising of adventure, pilgrimage, picnic, and fun. There are also many different places to explore in and around Beira Lake, which makes it an attractive spot for both tourists and locals.

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Places to visit around the Beira Lake

1. Lover’s Island:
The Lover’s Island located in the Beira Lake is the perfect romantic getaway for couples who are looking to spend some quality time in the open. 

2. Swan Boat Rides:
One can rent a lovely swan-shaped paddle boat to enjoy the scenic views of the Beira Lake. The swan boat is ideal for two people; however, in some, there is also the option of adding a third person. The ride is quite inexpensive, and one can spot storks, swans, pelicans and monitor lizards.

3. Eight Degrees on the Beira Lake:
Eight Degrees is a lavish and beautiful floating restaurant which is made of luxurious materials like glass and polished wood to give it an elegant appeal. It is big enough to accommodate 100 people at a single time to enjoy a meal amidst the beautiful atmosphere of the calm blue lake, fresh breeze, and different flora and fauna.

4. Seema Malayaka Temple:
Seema Malayaka is a famous Buddhist temple which is in the middle of the Beira Lake. The place is truly picturesque and unique with three linked platforms, a Bo tree and an imprinted cubicle which makes Seema Malayaka temple a must-visit at the Beira Lake.

5. Jogging Track:
The nearby walkway is utilized by the locals as a jogging track to get back in shape or to stay fit. One can go for a walk or even ride the bicycle which can make for a good workout along, keeping one fit even on vacation.

History of Beira Lake

Beira Lake was created by the Portuguese somewhere in the 1500s to serve as a moat to protect their base in Colombo from the hostile invaders. There were added other dangers to the lake, such as large crocodiles to strengthen the security. Beira later turned out to be a massive barrier to the Mayadunne of Sitawaka in their effort to free the country from the foreigners.

The Beira Lake was later taken over by the Dutch who expanded the lake and also constructed several artificial islands on the same. Some of these islands were large enough to host an entire village or a coconut plantation. Due to all these reasons, traffic in the Beira Lake started to increase.

Later, the British took over, removed the crocodiles and developed the area surrounding the Beira Lake. This area was famous for hosting parties and grand balls to celebrate the victories of the British.

How To Reach Beira Lake

The Beira Lake has situated close to the Dehiwala Zoo as well as the nearby Gangaramaya Temple and Viharamahadevi Park, which makes it quite easy to access. The easiest way to reach is from Colombo.

One of the ways to reach Beira Lake is to take a direct cab to the destination. However, if one is on the lookout for a cheaper option, try out the railways. The nearest railway station to the Beira Lake is Mount Lavinia. However, the distance from the railway station to the destination is also not less. So, we recommend hiring a direct cab rather than taking the railway route.

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on Beira Lake 5 years ago
Me and my friend roamed around whole colombo searching this place. But didnt reached there. The way that google showed was closed and some construction is going there. We then circled all the way ar (Read More)ound. Saw the lake but no way to get in. Really terrible experience
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