ADRENALINE RUSH IN DUBAI – Top Adventure Activities

With skyscrapers soaring way above the clouds, a desert on one side and the beautiful beach on the other, no place on this planet could redefine the term ‘Luxury’ as well as Dubai. The kind of growth it has shown in the last 2 decades is unheard of. While popularly known for its majestic architectural structures, another aspect of this amazing place is the wide range of adventure sports that Dubai has to offer to tourists from across the world. Each sport guarantees to pump up your adrenaline and give the experience of a lifetime. Whether you’re newlywed honeymooners, a bachelor’s crew or a spinster’s squad, or even a family on vacation, these sports will definitely give you the opportunity to renew your heartbeat and feed the daredevil inside you!

Here is a list of the top 8 adventure sports in Dubai that you need to add to your bucket list right away. And if they’re already on your bucket list, go strike ‘em off!


1. Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base jump

The mega tall skyscraper Burj Khalifa is definitely something that’ll make you wonder how amazing Dubai is when you’re standing at its highest observation deck on the 148th floor. But think about the view from the 163rd floor – mesmerising, isn’t it?

Now imagine jumping off the top floor… imagine your heart pumping blood at a speed proportional to the speed of your fall from the top, while your brain keeps shouting “Oo Yeaaaah!” – Louder as you keep descending.

That experience is guaranteed at Dubai, and it will definitely boost your adrenal glands!

Altitude: 2,720 Feet.

Where: Burj Khalifa.

When: This activity is open throughout the year.

Cost: AED 1000 for 1 Jump.

Organised By: Skydive Dubai


2. Skydiving towards The Palm, Dubai

Your Dubai getaway is incomplete without watching The Palm Islands – three artificial islands Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali – on its coast. However, your getaway is worthless, if you do not watch the islands while falling from an altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level. Yes, you read that right! Skydiving over The Palm is the best decision you’ll make, my 2 cents.

As you reach an altitude of 14,000 feet, the helicopter doors are opened. The wind gushes towards you and amidst the sound of the copter blades, a man asks you to come up to the door. With a heart beating loud, you walk up and he checks your safety gear. With your brain pulling you back in from one end and your feet wanting to jump out on the other, you take the leap and the adrenaline starts kicking in. The view from up there is awe-inspiring. You can catch a glimpse of The Atlantis, Burj Khalifa and other major landmarks along with The Palm as you fall. That’s when you wish your eyes doubled as cameras too!

Altitude: 14,000 feet.

Where: The Palm Islands.

When: This activity is open throughout the year.

Cost: The cost for a full altitude jump is AED 120 and that for a half altitude jump is AED 90. Other services such outside video, helmet video, photographs etc. are charged separately.

Organised By: Skydive Dubai.


3. Dune Bashing in Dubai: Live your own Paul Walker moment

Love speed? Fulfil your desire of speeding against the winds like Paul Walker at Dubai’s dune! Dubai was built on a desert – so why not take a taste of its root? You’ll be sitting in an SUV behind the steering wheel. As you move to the 4th gear and hit the gas, sand from the dunes surrounds you and you still keep gushing through, racing for your life – “Fast and Furious”!

Where: Arabian Desert

When: This activity is open at all times except for when there is a predicted sand-storm due to the seasonal change in wind direction.

Cost: AED 125 for 15 minutes.

Organised By: There are many local organisations that take regular tours to the desert.


4. Manoeuvre on a Fly Board

While the desert guards one end of Dubai, the sea rules the other. And with it, come a plethora of activities – the best of them being Fly Boarding. Flitting between flying and swimming has never been easier, thanks to the Fly Board. The amphibious invention is very easy to master and gives your adrenal glands a major kick. You can soar 100 feet above the ground or dive underwater, all at a top speed of 150 KMPH.

Where: The Fishing Harbour, Jumeirah 2.

When: This activity is open at all times.

Cost: AED 300 for 20 minutes.

Organised By: Flyboard Dubai.


5. Zip Lining in Dubai

Adding to Dubai’s various world records is the world’s longest zip lining activity. It is 1800 feet above the Dubai fountains, which take 40 seconds to complete a zip line, at a speed of 60 – 70 KMPH. Not only does it boost your adrenaline, it also gives you a panoramic view of Dubai, with all its majestic structures, zig-zag flyovers and the different hues of the sky.

Where: The Dubai Fountain, The Dubai Mall.

When: This activity is open at all times.

Cost: AED 600 for 1 zip line.

Organised By: XLine, XDubai


6. Shark Diving in Dubai

Hundreds of pounds, 300 razor sharp teeth and you in one tank, face to face – ARE YOU GAME?

Scuba Diving is a very popular sport. But shark diving is a rather uncommon and far more exciting one in comparison. The Dubai Mall offers the opportunity to dive with the world’s deadliest predators – the sharks.

Where: The Dubai Mall

When: During the working hours of the Dubai Mall (10 AM to 11 PM)

Cost: AED 750 for Certified Divers and AED 1150 for Non-certified divers

Organised By: Dive Mahara, The Dubai Mall.


7. Snorkelling in Dubai

If you have the desire to experience marine life, swim with the water dwellers and have a firsthand taste of the elegant marine life and corals, snorkelling is the sport. It gives the best experience of the Gulf waters. Although there are any places you can enjoy snorkelling, Atlantis – The Palm offers the best one!

Where: Atlantis – The Palm

When: The Hotel hosts this activity throughout the year.

Cost: AED 235 – 260

Organised By: Atlantis – The Palm


8. Deep Sea Fishing, Dubai

Being a coastline city, Dubai is very well known to be one of the biggest sailfish destinations in the world. Deep sea fishing is a very important part of the Arabic culture, not only because of the people’s fondness with fish as a dish, but also because of the adventure that catching fish from the centre of the sea!

Where: Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek Harbour, Port of Jebel Ali    

When: Open throughout the year during day time.

Cost: AED 500 – 1350, depending upon duration and distance from the port.

Organised By: Dubai Fishing Trip


Indeed, Dubai has the most amazing experiences to offer along with an awesome ambience and atmosphere that hugs you shouting ‘Marhaba’ (Hello in Arabic) the moment you reach.

With such an awesome lot of activities, your adrenaline is sure to go for a rush!



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