Dubai Expo 2020: Why You Should Be Excited

Dubai 2020, the World Expo is not only the biggest upcoming event in the Arab world but also the first-ever World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. This phenomenal exhibition will have 192 countries participating and millions of visitors globally. This six-month event will be a celebration of culture, collaboration and innovation. If you are not excited already, let’s tell you more about this grand extravaganza. 
Dubai Expo

Dubai Expo 2020 Dates

20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021

Dubai World Expo 2020 Location

Dubai Exhibition Centre 

Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets

Note: Tickets will be available from April 2020.
Standard Tickets Prices
One-day ticket for Adults- AED 120
Three-day ticket for Adult- AED 260
Season pass and Monthly pass- Information yet to be released by the organisers
Discounts and offers
Students of any age- 50% off
Youth aged 6 to 17 years- 50% discount
Differently-abled- FREE
Caregivers- 50% discount
Kids aged 5 years and below- FREE
Adults aged 65 years and above- FREE

Where to book Tickets:

Online: You can buy them online from the Expo 2020 website through a network of resellers worldwide.
On spot: The tickets would also be available directly at the venue.

What is a World Expo?

First World Expo
The First World Expo (Source)

World Expo or World's Fair is an International Exhibition where countries all over the world come together to showcase their latest industrial and scientific achievements. The platform is open up for the latest inventions and technology. The World Expo is a festival of exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture. For visitors from around the globe, there are numerous attractions, rides and food. Do you know that the first World World Expo, the Great Exhibition happened in Crystal Palace, London, in the year 1851? Its theme was "Industry of all Nations".  Since then, the World Expos have been significant events in the history for bringing to public something they've never seen before.

Theme for Dubai 2020

This theme is reflected everywhere right from production to display and execution. Opportunity signifies unlocking knowledge and ideas. Mobility signifies the circulation of goods and ideas and Sustainability means the adoption of alternative resources to preserve the planet. State-of-the-art infrastructure has been designed using innovative materials. Local trees have been put up to keep the exhibition space shaded and cool.

Pavilions to Look Out For

Sustainability Pavilion
Sustainability Pavilion (Source)
Mobility Pavilion
Mobility Pavilion (Source)
Opportunity Pavilion
Opportunity Pavilion (Source)

Japan Pavilion
Japan Pavilion (Source)
Morocco Pavilion
Morocco Pavilion (Source)
Oman Pavilion
Oman Pavilion (Source)
Russia Pavilion
Russia Pavilion (Source)
Singapore Pavilion
Singapore Pavilion (Source)
Canada Pavilion
Canada Pavilion (Source)

Attractions and Events

Dubai Opera

Looking at all the marvellous pavilions and exhibition spaces, you must have understood that Dubai 2020 is going to be a treat to your eyes. But the highlight of the grand event would undoubtedly be the first-ever Emirati Opera of Al Wasl. The history and the culture of Emirates will be musically narrated by composer Mohammad Fairouz and librettist Maha Gargash along with a team of 100 artists and musicians. In addition to that, Dubai 2020 will be a paradise for admirers of art and architecture. There will be several opportunities to capture that perfect Instagram shot!


Food in Expo

With more than 50 types of cuisines and over 200 eateries expected, food-lovers are surely going to have a gastronomic adventure. From connoisseurs to even picky eaters, there’s going to be something for everyone. And not just that, you’ll be surprised that all the ingredients will be locally sourced, fitting perfectly with sub-theme of Dubai 2020- sustainability. Here’s another thing that will get you hyped, You will see food being prepared using augmented and virtual reality!

Tentative Budget

You may expect a hike in prices as you approach closer to the season. Here are the tentative prices.

Flights- Round trip
INR 17,000-23,000 per person

INR 1200-7200 per person per day

INR 400-600 per person per combo meal

Why you should be excited

Do you know some of the exhibition spaces, events, exhibited products have created history? World Expos have always been significant and grand events. Here are some highlights of the past Expos-
  • Eiffel Tower was inaugurated in the World Expo held in Paris in 1889
Paris Expo

  • The Telephone and the Typewriter was displayed for the first time in the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876
Telephone 1876

  • The 1915 Panama- Pacific International Exposition in San Fransico marked the historical opening of the Panama Canal.
Panama Canal 1915

Now does all this motivate you to book your tickets? Don’t delay!

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, do make sure you don’t miss Dubai 2020, a once-in-a-lifetime kinda event.

This post was published by Ananta Dutta

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