Cycling in Dubai- Channel Your Inner Fitness Freak

Dubai doesn’t seem like a perfect cycling holiday destination, but contrary to popular belief, this desert city has a lot to offer in terms of fitness. From cycling trails to parks, recreational trails to competitive training cycling paths, Dubai has it all. Cycling is not just about getting fitter and healthier, but it is also a lot more fun to explore a city with a group of like-minded people. We can help you go about with the best routes and other essentials for a perfect cycling trip to Dubai. Read on to know more!

Best Places & Routes For Cycling in Dubai

In a concrete jungle like Dubai, choosing the best routes to get the most of the city can be a difficult task. Here are a few courses you can follow to have an exciting cycling trip in Dubai-

1. Al Qudra Cycling Path

Al Qudra is one of the most popular paths for cycling in Dubai. With 86km long path, situated amidst the desert, this relatively new path provides an excellent outdoor experience for intermediate cyclists, learning to cover long distances. If not comfortable with such a long distance, you can ride a shorter 18km path which connects to another 50km trail at the junction of Bab Al Shams and l Qudra road. As tourists who don’t own cycles in Dubai, you can rent a cycle at the Teck Bicycle Store which also has a few eateries, next to it, where you can stop for refreshments. 
Location: Al Qudra Lakes, Al Qudra, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: Long Distance Ride

2. Nad Al Sheba Cycling Park

With outstanding views of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa in the backdrop, the Nad Al Sheba path, previously a camel track, is a favourite among frequent cyclists in Dubai. This area has a separate 850m way for children. You can choose from 4km, 6km or 8km paths,  well-marked, with speed bumps and well-lit roads. It is incredibly safe, and you can even have access to changing rooms, equipped with showers and locker rooms.
Location: Meydan Road, Nad Al Sheba Park
               Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: Outdoor Ride

3. Al Warqa’a Jogging and Cycling Track

With a 3.55km long cycle path for cyclists, this park has a separate area for children as well. It has a play area, a football field and a well-maintained landscape, to keep your children safe while you have a good exercise around the tracks.
Location: Al Warqa’a Third Park              
               Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: Recreational Ride

4. Jumeirah Cycling Track

Jumeirah Cycling Track is an excellent spot for recreational riding. It is a 2km path that runs right along the open beach in Jumeirah, with a beautiful view of Burj Al Arab at the backdrop and cool ocean breeze. This free beach also has showers and a variety of amenities like BBQ pits and food stalls along the 2km cycling track.
Location: Jumeirah Beach, Opposite Jumeirah Mosque     
                Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: Recreational Ride 

5. Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome is a motorsport facility, but every Wednesday night, this track is open for cyclists who want to cover this 2.5km circuit. It is a great place to start for beginners as well as those who wish to start cycling after a long break. It is even safe for kids who are beginners in the sport. There is no need to book in advance, and bike rentals are available here but on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hitting the F1 track when going cycling in Dubai will be a very unique experience. 
Location:  Dubai Autodrome, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Motor City        
                 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: Recreational Ride

6. Hatta

For those who wish to explore the outskirts of Dubai, Hatta is the perfect spot. With rocky mountain terrains, extreme cyclists are in for a challenging ride in this trail. There is a 53km mountain cycling path, with four different levels, based on your skills and expertise. The Hatta MTB Centre has a team of guides who can recommend some of the best routes to you and also provides essential biking equipment. This route is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who want to feel the rush, and are capable of cycling in such terrains.
Location: Hatta Road 
                Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: Extreme outdoor ride

7. Al Barsha Pond Park

The Pond Park in Al Barsha, a popular evening spot for locals in Dubai, is an excellent spot for cyclists, with a fantastic view. It has a 1500m cycling track, perfect for those who want to enjoy light cycling amidst a relaxed environment. Lush greenery, breathtaking sunset and birds chirping away is just a sight worth it. You can rent cycles from any shop or Byky, located just outside the park.
Location: Opp. Al Barsha Mall, Al Barsha 2
                Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: Recreational Ride

8. Mushrif Park

With a 5km cycling path, Mushrif Park, situated near Khawaneej Road, is one of the oldest parks in Dubai. It has a separate play area for your children if they want to tag along with you. They also have a tennis court, a football field and a BBQ Pit to keep the kids engaged. This park is quite safe but isn’t well lit for night rides. If you plan to come here for a ride at night, make sure you have lights on your bike. This park has a parking fee of AED 10 for cars and AED 3 for individuals.
Location: Near Expat Community Hall, Mirdif
                Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Type: Recreational Ride

Cycling Groups in Dubai - For a Great Experience

In order to discover and experience the undiscovered parts of the city when cycling in Dubai, you can always join cycling groups. These groups have experienced local guides who know more about Dubai than Google. These groups are also a great way to make friends in an unknown land and can make your cycling journey a lot more interesting.

1. Cycle Safe Dubai

One of the most popular cycling clubs in Dubai, Cycle Safe hosts cycling sessions every Friday in Al Qudra Cycling Track. They use the safest paths in Dubai, with no traffic and hence have gained quite a lot of popularity in recent times.
               050 680 4528

2. Dubai Roadsters

Dubai Roadsters is an informal gathering of passionate cyclists and therefore has no fees. You can join the group if you have a proper bike and a helmet, that’s all! It was formed initially by a group of avid cyclists extremely passionate about health and fitness.
                [email protected]

3. Velo Vixen

A club dedicated solely to women’s health and fitness, Velo Vixen brings women of all ages together, having a common interest in cycling. This club encourages friendly competitions and group rides in and around Dubai.
              [email protected]

4. Revolution Cycles

Revolution Cycles organises group rides for Dubai’s fitness enthusiasts. At cycling Revolution, you get to know everything about cycling and staying fit. This organisation is the main force behind Autodrome rides, where everyone can join in to have rides. On Mondays, Revolution Cycles organises ‘Revolution Nights’ at Al Qudra Cycling Track.
                [email protected]

5. The Cycle Hub

Another shop-cum-cycling tour organiser, The Cycle Hub organises group rides for Dubai’s avid cycling lovers. They hold rides thrice a week- Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. At Cycle Hub, you can work towards improving your skills or even train for a competition amidst passionate cyclists.
               [email protected]

Bicycle Costs if Purchasing

Cycles are readily available in Dubai and prices can vary from AED 3000 to AED 90,000 for luxury brand cycles if you wish to purchase one. You can choose a bicycle-based on your needs starting from the basic ones, to high-end cycles with calorie trackers and speedometers, to help you track your speed and distance.

If you are on a holiday here and wish to go cycling in Dubai, you can rent a bicycle. 

Read more about renting a bicycle in Dubai.

Bicycle Rentals in Dubai

Dubai has come up with a unique system to promote healthy living. Similar to the system in European cities, bicycles are now available in different parts of the town to hire. There are around ten different locations, and in each area, there are 16 cycles locked at each of the stands. One can rent up to four cycles at a time with prices from AED 15 for 30 minutes up to AED 80 for 24 hours per cycle. For tourists, who wish to go cycling in Dubai, can download the NextBike App to know more.
Apart from this system, there are numerous choices of bike stores in Dubai-

1.Trek Bicycle Store:
Address: Al Qudra Cycle Course,Al Qudra Rd. Seih Al Salam
Contact: +971 4 832 7377
2. Wolfi’s Bike Shop:
Address:Sheikh Zayed Road, Exit 45 Al Waha Street
Contact: +971 4 3394453
3. The Cycle Hub:
Address: The Cycle Hub, Unit 6BDubai Autodrome, Motor City
Contact: +971 4 425 6555
4. BYKE Sports Equipments:
1. Dubai Creek Park 
2. Dubai Zabeel Park
3. Dubai Marina
4. Al Barsha Park
5. JBR The Beach
Contact: +971 4 238 4344
5. Bike Shop Dubai:
Address:Al Ameri Tower, 20th Floor, Al Barsha
Contact: +971 58 297 9780
6. Revolution Bicycle Dubai:
Address:Shop 5 Apex Atrium Motor City? Dubai Motor city
Contact: +971 4 369 7441
7. The Movement:
Address: 41A St 
Contact: +971 55 953 2144

Best Time for Cycling in Dubai

Dubai is an excellent place for cycling for more than half of the year. Even though summers are super hot in Dubai, with an increasing number of comfortable cycling paths in the city and a hydration pack on your back, you can cycle smoothly even during summers. However, during the colder months like November to May, Dubai has an ideal temperature for cycling and can be less tiring than summer months. One piece of advice is that, during the summer months, try to start early, to avoid extreme heat.

Cycling Rules

1. Wearing a helmet is mandatory for cyclists in Dubai. Helmets can be easily purchased from any cycle shop or malls in Dubai with prices ranging from AED 150 to AED 1000, for the high-end headgears.
2. You should wear reflective vests when cycling in and around the city. If you are riding at night, it is advisable that you have proper front and rear lighting to be visible for other commuters.
3. Cycling with speed beyond 60kmph may cost you a fine of AED 600. This fine is usually doubled for those caught more than once in the same year.
4. Dubai has specific paths dedicated to pedestrians.  Cyclists riding on these paths and thus endangering pedestrians can be fined AED 200 to AED 300.
5. The second seating is prohibited in Dubai unless your bicycle has provisions for two riders. If found guilty, you can be fined up to AED 200.

8 Tips While Cycling in Dubai

1.  Stay Hydrated always. You can carry a hydration pack on your back and sip water throughout the journey.
2.  Always go cycling with a group of people. This way, you can minimise the chances of getting lost and have fun with like-minded people at the same time.
3.  Learn group riding etiquettes to maintain the right equation with your group mates.
4.  If you decide to venture Dubai solo, inform your family members before leaving for the trip and expected time of return. This way, you can be easily located if something goes wrong.
5.  Carry your IDs all the time while cycling in Dubai.
6.  For long-distance trips, it is advisable that you choose a cycle with features more than the basic bicycles.
7.  Get cycling gloves. They provide you with a better grip and can prevent your hands from possible blisters and other injuries while cycling.
8.  Do not forget to wear your helmet at all times. Even for recreational rides, helmets are an absolute essential in Dubai.

Cycling is not just a form of exercise but also a great way to make friends. In Dubai, the recent popularity of Cycling Organisations provides tourists with an opportunity to enjoy Dubai along with the locals. However, with exceptional planning, this city has ample ways to safely explore by cycling in Dubai, even if you want to go solo. So if you are planning to venture Dubai by Cycling, you can follow our guide to make the most of it.

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