Snorkeling In Dubai: The Best Locations, Operators & Prices For A Divine Underwater Expedition

Now that you are done touring Dubai and shopping in its glitzy malls, what do you do? Well, you can laze around in 5-star hotels or you can go on fun adventures. If you choose the latter, snorkeling in Dubai is something you would surely enjoy. Dubai has some of the best spots (both indoor and outdoor) to enjoy this delightful and electrifying activity. 

Best Places For Snorkeling In Dubai

1. Snorkel Over Ancient Ruins At Atlantis: The Palm

Snorkeling at Atlantis Palm, Snorkeling In Dubai
At Atlantis' Ambassador Lagoon, you get to admire the magnificent underwater ruins as you snorkel over them. That's not all, at this large indoor water body, you also get to swim with thousands of exotic marine animals including manta rays, sharks, and schools of fish. Atlantis has gained a great reputation for its thrilling marine activities. You can combine snorkeling with a visit to the Lost Chambers and Aquaventure Water Park. 

Things to know: 

1. Check-in 15 minutes before your activity time slot.
2. Snorkeling duration is 30 minutes which includes a brief educational program, followed by the activity. 
3. Towels and bottled water.
4. For ages 6 and above. 
5. Children below 16 years of age would require a guardian to be present during the activity.
6. Arrive wearing swimming attire under your clothes to speed up the activity transition process.
Price: AED 280
Location: Crescent Rd
Book at:

2. Cage Snorkel At Dubai Aquarium

Snorkeling at Dubai Mall, Snorkeling in Dubai
What if you could get up close and personal with exotic marine animals – even sharks – but in a safe cage-like setting? Snorkeling in Dubai Aquarium is just that. Accommodating over 300 sharks, rays, and 70 different species of aquatic animals, the Aquarium is one of the largest in the world (that too, inside a mall). You would not want to miss this experience if you wish to gaze over a shark but not undertake a professional dive. 

Things to know:

1. 4 people can go inside the cage at a time.
2. Minimum age required: 8 years
3. No professional swimming skills required
4. Timings: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM (last admission at 11:30 PM)
Price: AED 370
Location: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – The Dubai Mall, Doha Street, Off 1st Interchange - Sheikh Zayed Road
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3. Snorkel in Shallow Caves At Musandam Dhow 

Snorkeling At Musandam Dhow, Snorkeling In Dubai
Indoor snorkeling is cool but snorkeling in open ocean water is a different experience altogether. Swim through natural reefs as you approach Lime Rock sites at Musandam Dhow (outskirts of Dubai). The site, full of shallow caves, offers a unique and enthralling snorkeling experience. As you move inside the caves, you'll see deep, beautiful fissures formed due to fast currents. There are a plethora of eye-catching fishes swimming just beneath the surface.  Watch angelfish, snapper, clown fish, hammer, batfish, stingrays, major fish, barracudas, and a turtle or two as they swim alongside you in perfect harmony.

Things to know:

1. The trip includes a boat ride from the coast to the snorkeling area
2. Water and soft drinks are available on the boat 
3. Minimum age required: 5 years
4. No professional swimming skills required
Price: AED 330
Location: Musandam Dhow Coast
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4. Snorkel On The Edge Of UAE At Fujairah

Fujairah is a full-fledged place for snorkelers. It's huge. There's plenty to see and do. There are several sites such as Dibba Rock, Snoopy Island, and Sharm Rock. All the rocks are covered with soft corals, attracting a plethora of marine life. It's a treat for your eyes. There's a sunken boat in the waters which is home to crustaceans, clownfish, porcupine pufferfish, parrotfish, bannerfish, lionfish, and more. You'll be able to spot Blacktip sharks, manta rays and devil rays if it's your lucky day! The artificial reef, another snorkeling spot is created specifically for snorkelers by ensuring good coral growth in the area to draw marine life to it. You'll spot barracuda, stingrays, squid, cuttlefish, shoals of yellowtail, pufferfish, and other reef fish. Snoopy Island gets its name from the famed cartoon character Snoopy from Peanuts. The island is occupied by luxurious resorts and rare marine animals in the fresh water.

Things to know:

1. Underwater pictures cost AED 50
2. Transportation from Dubai to Fujairah costs AED 100 per person (roundtrip)
3. Minimum age required: 8 years
4. Snorkelers should know basic swimming
Price: AED 250
Location: Fujairah (125km from Dubai)
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Snorkeling At Fujairah, Snorkeling in Dubai

Best Time For Snorkeling In Dubai

Visit Dubai in the months of October, March or April if snorkeling, diving, or any beach-related activity is what your main focus is on. During these months the temperatures range comfortably between 24 degrees C to 35 degrees C and anything involving cold water is your go-to location to beat the scorching heat. This is also the period when you'll see fewer crowds on the street and get good deals on accommodation and flights. 

Equipment Required For Snorkeling in Dubai

The basic equipment required for snorkeling is provided by the operator. This includes the snorkeling mask, face gear, fins, and life vest. Here's what you should carry with you that the operators may not provide:

Swimwear: A swimsuit, rashguard, wet suit, swimming vest, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Sunscreen: Remember that you'll be in the water, and out in the open (in case of outdoor snorkeling) for quite a long time. Make sure you apply enough sunscreen and not just little dots on your face to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. When going inside water, you get the most out of your sunscreen if you apply it 20 minutes prior on dry skin. 

Protective gear: If you are taking your cell phone or camera along with you inside the water, make sure you buy a waterproof cover for them. 

Watch: Although not a necessity, you can wear a water-proof watch to time your dive. 

Snorkeling in Dubai is a fun and easy way of exploring the underwater world without much know-how and professional skills required. It is safe and enjoyable by kids and adults alike. Make sure to check out snorkeling on your next trip to Dubai.

This post was published by Yash Saboo

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