4 Lakes in Dubai to Surprise You in The Desert City

Dubai is also known as ‘the land of manmade wonders’. Despite being blessed with very few natural wonders, Dubai has proven its worth time and again by introducing innovative ideas. Even though Dubai lacked natural bodies like lakes, it has worked hard towards creating Lakes and water bodies of its own. Let’s have a look at some of the lakes in Dubai.

1. Love Lake

‘Love Lake’, is one of the most popular lakes in Dubai. It is a human-made lake, in the form of two hearts, interlinked together. It has been made next to the cluster of lagoons in Al Qudra, which is around 50 kilometres away from Burj Khalifa. It gained tourist attention after an Instagram post by the crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.
1.Designated spots for camping or BBQ
2.Fish spotting in the lake
3.Bird watching
4. Captivating flora and fauna 
Location: Al Qudra area, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 2. Al Warsan Lake

This 35-hectare lake was previously a wetland, converted into a lake by the development board. Nakheel, a property development company in Dubai, has worked towards protecting this lake by making it an internationally important wetland under the Ramsar Convention. It has gained popularity mainly because it houses different species of exotic creatures.
 1.Houses 186 species of rare birds, usually found in the Arabian Peninsula.
 2.Spot several mammals and other water creatures.       
 3.Witness a few rare reptiles and plants. 
Location: Next to International City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Burj Khalifa Lake

This 30-acre human-made lake is located centrally at Downtown, Dubai. It is most famous due to the Dubai fountain, which is the World’s largest choreographed fountain. Here, you can witness a beautifully choreographed visual spectacle that features 6,000 lights, 25 coloured projectors, and 22,000 gallons of airborne water and at the same time enjoy a pleasant ride on the boat.
1.Enjoy a cruise ride in the Burj Lake by traditional ‘abra’ water taxi.
2. Enjoy 30 minutes of stunning choreographed Dubai Mall Fountain show.
3.You can also experience this fountain show by cruising on the lake in a boat.
Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

4. Al Qudra Lake

A humanmade lake, located in the middle of a desert, Al Qudra Lake, is a famous weekend getaway spot for locals. It was created as a part of Project Green and is one of the six substantial freshwater bodies in Dubai. Its main attraction is the massive area beside the lake, which is full of lush green trees, planted to give shade to the place, making it an ideal spot for the locals to have some fun.
1.It houses almost 130 different species of birds and is a perfect spot for birdwatchers.
2.You can also spot different wildlife creatures in and around, though not harmful.
3. There is a cycling path around the lake, so you can spend some time on the pedals and roam around.
Location: Near Seih Al Salam desert and Bab Al Shamns, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
It is hard to believe that most of the lakes in Dubai are human-made. Scarcity of natural beauty did not stop Dubai from developing and making its mark in the world platform. It is through innovations like these lakes and many other marvels that Dubai has developed.

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