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Dubai, being a cosmopolitan city with a fusion of people from all over the world, boasts of serving global cuisine. Among the local food, Shawarma (minced meat in Pita bread) is the most commonly available food along with Falafel and Hummus. They cost as little as AED 5 for a budget-friendly meal. The Indian restaurants serving snacks are even cheaper. International chains like McDonaldęs, KFC, Chilis, and Starbucks are present all over Dubai and cater to most of the standard taste buds. There are lots of Chinese and Oriental cuisine restaurants as well. However, the foreign cuisine is dominated by Indian cuisine owing to a large number of Indian migrants. Lebanese, Pakistan, Italian and Mexican cuisines are also quite easily available. Dubai's food, however, is famous mostly for its Kebabs and Middle Eastern delicacies including steaks. There are also several cafes to just sit around and relax. Since UAE is an Islamic country, eating at public places during the holy month of Ramadan is prohibited and travellers should strictly take care of this rule. Unlike other places in the Middle East, alcohol is allowed in Dubai but has its own set of restrictions. Alcohol is available in Dubai at only licensed restaurants and bars which are mostly located in good hotels. However, selling alcohol is prohibited during religious holidays and also during the daytime in the month-long festival of Ramadan. Consuming alcohol is not allowed at public places and there are only a few selected licensed shops which sell alcohol to be consumed at home. The legal age of drinking in Dubai is above 21.

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Local dishes of Dubai
Local dishes of Dubai

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Dubai

Finding Jain food or vegetarian food is pretty easy in Dubai. Everygreen Vegetarian Restaurant runs a chain in the city which serves delicious Indian vegetarian food. You can opt for the Thali (assorted platter) for a wholesome meal. There are various other Indian restaurants as well, which provide the typical Dosa, Idli, Vada, Chappatis and Vegetable curries.

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