Camping in Dubai - 10 Best Places in Dubai For a Night Under The Stars

Camping can be a lot of fun, especially amidst deserts and isolated beaches. Living among the hustle and bustle of the city life, dealing with stress and anxieties every day, we all feel the need to spend a few days in isolation. Well, there are many places for camping in Dubai for campers to fulfil their desire. The serenity of all these spots is sure to leave you mesmerised and lost in an array of imaginations. Given below are seven such places where camping would seem like paradise.

Permits Required

A permit is not required when you opt for short-term camping in the city. But f you wish to camp for a longer duration, then these are only permitted in the areas of Wadi Al Amerdi, Wadi Al Shabak, Al Warqa, and Al Khawaneej in Dubai. 
Who can Apply: Only Emiratis/Emirates ID Holders can apply. 
Price: AED 2,000 deposit. After which 22 fils is applied for each weak of stay at the campsite. 
Documents Required: Car registration, passport and Emirates ID

Best Places for Camping in Dubai

1. Al Qudra Lakes

Al Qudra Lakes Camping
One of the best spots for camping in Dubai; the Al Qudra Lakes have become very popular among tourists. These lakes are the best spot to camp with children. This spot can also serve as a much-needed getaway from the bustling Dubai city life. The banks of the lake are ideally suited for meditation and relaxation. Witness many species of wildlife here as the lake is home to 26 identified species of reptiles and 360 bird species have been spotted in this area, 158 of which are migratory. So you can well expect waking up to the sweet chirps of hungry birds ready to be fed. 

The lakes can also be termed as the photographer’s paradise due to the picturesque scenery it offers from dawn to dusk. The lakes are safe to camp at as is marked by friendly police patrols. Many other campers also frequent the place round the year, thus ruling out the phobia of solitary camping.

Directions: R9QG+2Q Al Lisaili
Equipment Necessary: Own Barbeque box, Offline Maps
Best Time to Camp: December to March
Things to Keep in Mind: Campfires on the ground are prohibited and thus barbeque while camping is allowed in a box.

2. Banan Beach

Banan Beach
Being a cosy, small place for some daytime camping in the city, the Banan beach is a rare find. The beach is mainly looked upon by tourists for camping purposes. The staff members offer a lot of excellent facilities, including chairs, tents, pillows, etc. The pricing, although a little volatile, is said to be reasonable. At present, the beach resort offers 47 camping tents, five chalets and 12 water sports.

Equipment Necessary: Sunglasses, swimsuits
Best Time to Camp: Overnight Camping during summers
Things to remember: Try to remain safe while venturing into the waters.
Address: Jebel Ali, Dubai
Price: AED 350/ tent for 1 night

Best Places to Camp Near Dubai

3. Acacia Forest

Acacia Forest
If you are looking to pick up a spot for camping in Dubai amidst the mountain ranges, then the Acacia forests are the right answer for you. It is a little complicated to locate the woods through mere maps. So it is particularly recommended to visit this place while being accompanied by a group of other campers. Convoying to the destination is the best way to keep track of the route and not get lost. The place would offer a beautiful view of Jabal al Harim. This beautiful forest usually remains very calm, especially at night. A military firing range in the area is a potential risk to the tourists; it is hence advisable to watch out for the restriction signboards.

Equipment Necessary: Do not forget to carry your firewood as local wood is scarce in supply.
Directions: Located 10 kilometres away from the Khor Najid in the mountains of the Musandam, these forests can be reached through the Ras Al Khaimah to the Musandam border. The forest lays approximately 5kilometres into the wadi.
Best Time to Camp: Throughout the year
Things to Remember: Be very cautious about your belongings. The locals of Musaddan are infamous for stripping the campers of their food, water, gas stoves, etc

4. Liwa

Liwa Forest
If seclusion and solitude are what you are fond of, then Liwa is the right place for you. Located amidst the deserts of Abu Dhabi, Liwa is also termed as the “Empty Quarter” because of its isolated nature. One can reach it only with the help of an off-road vehicle like SUV, a compass, shovel, plenty of water in reserve and full tanks of petrol. Once there, you would quickly realise that Liwa is one of the most beautiful deserts in the entire world, flooded with wildlife. 

Equipment Necessary: Compass, Shovel, plenty of water, tanks full of petrol, tents, sunscreen and jackets for the night
Best Time to Camp: Throughout the year
Things to remember: Camping at Liwa needs a lot of preparation, especially with a sense of direction. 

5. White Sands Beach

White Sands Beach
Located in between the Fins and the Wadi Shab, this spot for camping in Dubai is mainly appreciated due to the low costs associated with this place. It is a beautiful place to set up a tent on a cliff above a sandy beach. The beach is ideal for enjoying the serenity of nature while lying down by the shores and gazing at the night sky.

One can also indulge in adventure sports like paddleboarding, snorkelling, diving and fishing in the emerald pools. 

Directions: Between the Fins and the Wadi Sahab
Equipment Necessary: Water sports equipment
Best Time to Camp: Throughout the year
Things to keep in mind: Stay alert and stay away from the sea urchins which are seen to frequent the waters quite often.

6. Arabian Dreams Desert Camp

This place is located within the Dubai desert conservation reserve and comprises of eight tent houses with all proper bedding and sanitation facilities. Accommodating up to sixteen guests at a time, it is the most famous camp in Dubai since it has a proper guest itinerary and its package includes camel rides and dune drives too. you can also spot falcons and Oryx!

Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Equipment Necessary: Tents, sweaters and blankets
Best Time to Camp: Overnight Camping in the summers

7. Umm Al Quwain Beach

The Umm Al Quwain beach is one of the favourite camping spots for tourists in Dubai. The place in itself offers a spectrum of opportunities ranging from fun, relaxing activities to adventurous deeds. One can also visit the old fishing villages after all arrangements for camping has been made. The village is frequented by flamingoes and other wild birds. Adventure seekers may consider exploring the mangroves along the coast on a kayak. Another great option, for guys visiting with their family, is the Dreamland Aqua Park. This park is a great destination for fun family activities.  
Address: Umm Al Quwain - United Arab Emirates
Equipment Necessary: Fishing tools, binoculars, mosquito repellants, jackets, blankets and battery-powered lamps
Best Time to Camp: At night
Things to keep in Mind: It is advisable to look out for high tides and get proper information in this issue before setting up the tent. For safety purposes, it is safe to camp away from the waters, for you certainly do not want to wake up with the sea flooding your tent.

8. Fujairah Beach

A great option for a weekday camping trip (since it gets utterly crowded on weekends), the Fujairah Beach is best suited for amateur campers. The circumstances for camping are not that harsh and demanding. The Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort is located at close distance thus reducing hardships of campers. One can grab a sumptuous breakfast from the hotel if he is unsure to cook on his own. As an added advantage, one can also buy a day pass and use the hotel’s facilities. The main takeaway from such a camp would be an unforgettable experience of taking a nice swim in the morning. The less salty waters, cool temperature and surrounding mountains is sure to provide a once in a lifetime affair with nature. 
Address: Fujairah - United Arab Emirates
Equipment Necessary: Swimsuits, mosquito repellants, tents, sweaters and blankets
Best Time to Camp: Overnight Camping in the summers
Things to Keep in Mind: Barbeque and campfires, if arranged, should be set up at a distance away from the sea to prevent it from being washed out.

9. Fossil Rock, Sharjah

The red sand dunes and desert birds are the highlights of Fossil Rock. The rocky paths and huge sand dunes cover the most of the part of this area. You can set-up camps or go on adventure trips like dune bashing or on buggy riders and trail runners! It is perfect for road trips too and looks amazing with several rock-sand mountains that it has.

Address: Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Equipment Necessary: Tents, sweaters and blankets
Best Time to Camp: Overnight Camping in the summers

10. Bedouin Camping

Situated in the Ras Al Khaimah desert, the Bedouin camps provide the most unique and wonderful desert experiences in the entire city. Located near the Banyan Tree Al Wadi, this campsite is an amalgamation of rich Arab heritage with extravagance. You can sit back, relax, see the shining stars and absorb in the beauty of the place. You get everything from coolers, cushions, bonfires, barbeques, bars and shishas(hookahs) in this camp. The guides at the Bedouin camp take you out on an educational tour in the desert and give an insight about the history and attractions. You can get clicked with falcons or enjoy the bumpy car rides or even get to drive on your own! Camping at this place is perfect since there are peace, silence and tranquillity all around. The desert guides and professionals know their job well and are ready to educate you and make your experience more exciting. The camp also gives you access to scrumptious food and lavish Arabic buffets and food. 
Address: Ras Al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates
Equipment Necessary: Sweaters and blankets
Best Time to Camp: Overnight Camping in the summers
Price: AED 190

Essentials When Camping In Dubai 

Things to Carry While Camping
Apart from the specific goods to be kept, here are a few more amenities which you cannot miss out while camping in Dubai: Eatables, water, torches, battery chargers, first-aid, tents, blankets, warm clothing, an extra pair of clothes, trekking gear.

We hope that these seven places for camping in Dubai would be sufficient to add a little bit more space in your travel time. As it seems, you are going to have a great time, stargazing, listening to the splashing tides and singing to yourself on a couple of days during your holidays.

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