How To Reach Lombok

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How to Reach Lombok

Since it is an island the most practical way to reach Lombok is by flight from any major international city. Or you can fly to Jakarta and take a cheap domestic flight to Lombok from there.

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How to Reach Lombok from India

For Indians the most economical way is to reach Changi airport in Singapore from any major Indian city and then head to the Lombok International Airport from there.

How to reach Lombok by flight

A direct flight can be taken to the Lombok International Airport from most international cities.

How to reach Lombok by road

Lombok is an island so you can't reach here by cab from another city.

How to reach Lombok by train

Lombok island does not have railway connectivity with other islands yet.

How to reach Lombok by bus

Lombok island can't be reached by bus from another city.

How to reach Lombok by Waterways

There are many ferries which operate between Bali and Lombok but they may take up the entire day. Smaller speedboats are available as well but they are more expensive than a direct flight would be. If time is not a point of consideration then you may take a ferry otherwise consider taking a direct flight to Lombok.

Local transport in Lombok

Lombok can be covered quite conveniently on bus, taxi, car rental, motorcycle or bicycle too. You can also try the local cidomo which is a horse driven cart, if you are daring enough. This is the main means of transport on gili islands which are vehicle-free.

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