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Local transport in Nusa Penida

The most convenient way to commute within the island is through scooters. However, scooters can get uncomfortable for tourists due to rocky and sandy terrain. Moreover, scooters can be impractical for larger groups that consist of more than 2-3 people. Therefore, it is recommended that visitors hire cars since they are more comfortable and can easily accommodate around 4-5 people. Car and bike rentals are available as soon as the visitors enter the island, and renting a car costs around RP 550,000 while bikes would cost around RP 75,000 which is approximately the same amount for a one-way taxi ride. Therefore, the most practical and convenient way of commuting within this island is through rented cars.

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Nusa Penida
Atuh Beach - Also Called as Pantai Atuh
Peguyangan Waterfall - Must Visit Place in Nusa Penida
Kelingking Beach ( T-Rex Bay ) - Located in Bunga Mekar

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