How To Reach Nusa Lembongan

How to Reach Nusa Lembongan

The Island of Nusa Lembongan is easily accessible from many points in Bali like Sanur beach, Serangan Harbour and Benoa Harbour. It is also accessible from Nusa Penida, Gili Islands and Lombok. There are many fast boat services from these points to Nusa Lembongan. The ferry timings depend on the tides. Many of these fast boat services have an online presence and tickets can be booked well in advance online.  You can check the live availability of seats online on ‘Gilibookings’ or ‘Gilitickets’.

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How to reach Nusa Lembongan by Waterways

From Sanur beach, it just takes around 25-30 minutes to get to Nusa Lembongan. ‘Mushroom Lembongan Paradise’ is a daily fast boat service that operates at Sanur beach taking passengers to and from Nusa Lembongan.

From Serangan Harbour, there are multiple ferry or fast boat operators to Lembongan. Marina Sriknadi, Semaya One, Bluewater Express, Gilitranfers are some of the service providers at Serangan Harbour.

Benoa Harbour is also one of the accessible points to Nusa Lembingan. Many cruises depart from this point to Lembongan. Some of the cruise companies are Bali Hai Cruises, Bounty Cruises, Island Explorer Cruises and more.

Public boats and chartered boats can be taken to reach Nusa Lembongan from Nusa Penida. These boats operate daily and leave from Toyapakeh and sometimes Buyuk Harbour.

Local transport in Nusa Lembongan

There are a number of transportation facilities to choose from to get around on the island. The most basic one and cheaper is hiring bicycles for rent. These can be rented out easily at any hotels and guest-houses. It is a good choice of transport as the island is very small and does not require much of a commute to get from one point to another. Hiring bicycles also prevents unnecessary pollution on the island.

Motorbikes can also be rented and are widely available on the island. Sometimes the locals are ready to give you a ride on their motorbikes for a fee.

Four wheelers are not entertained on the island. The only four-wheelers seen here are pick-up trucks working for hotels and guest-houses. If you are planning to ferry in a four wheeler, then you need special permission with a valid reason from the village authorities of the island.

From Jungut Batu village, local boatmen sometimes are ready to give a boat ride to individual tourists or an individual group of tourists for a fee till Mushroom Bay.

Nusa Lembongan Photos

Nusa Lembongan
Nusa Lembongan - Small Scenic Island in Southeast of Bali
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