How To Reach Makassar

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How to Reach Makassar

Makassarês Hasanuddin Airport connects the city to South-East Asian countries by air. Otherwise, it is advisable to taka Jakarta as a transit route for tourists belonging to other areas.

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How to Reach Makassar from India

It is advisable for Indian tourists to go to Makassar through Jakarta, by road, and to reach Jakarta by flight from any important Indian metropolitan city.

How to reach Makassar by flight

The Hasanuddin Airport connects Makassar to all important South-East Asian cities, otherwise it is quite limited in terms of connectivity.

How to reach Makassar by road

Taxis do run on the streets of Makassar, but it is advisable to take the becak(or the bicycle cart) which is more airy and an easier way to make oneês way around the town.

How to reach Makassar by bus

It is connected to other Indonesian cities by buses, without any specific transport corporation or public transport authority.

How to reach Makassar by Waterways

Makassar is connected very well by waterways to different areas, the least of which is the ferry connecting it to neighbouring islands and the largest of which are ships connecting it to the rest of the world.

Local transport in Makassar

Makassar is subject to sweltering heat a lot of the time, so tourists may use a becak (a bicycle rickshaw) or a taxi to get around Makassar. Becaks are the most prevalent mode of transport around Makassar, and can navigate through the more difficult areas in the region.

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