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"The Rugged Beach"

Nusa Penida Tourism

The hidden treasure of Indonesia, Nusa Penida is the most exotic of the three Nusa Islands and is relatively less travelled. Located in the Klungkung district, it is a little off the shores of Bali. During this season, the island is relatively dry and is fairly suited for activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing. Despite these qualities, Nusa Penida is largely left unexplored and is awaiting tourists to explore this exotic destination. Pristine white sand beaches like Atuh and Nusa Penida beach draw tourists from around the world.

Nusa Penida is larger than its two sister islands, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, with improving tourist infrastructure. The nature of cliff formation as well as the number of Hindu temples on this island makes it more picturesque than its sisters. Known for preserving the endangered bird Bali Starling, this island’s famous attractions are the Crystal Bay sand beach and sunset panorama. Boats regularly move from mainland Bali to the three Nusa Islands, Nusa Penida being the last stop.

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Places to Visit

1. Goa Giri Putri Temple
Goa Giri Putri Temple Nusa Penida Bali
Goa Giri Putri Temple in Nusa Penida Island Near Bali, Indonesia

Located in the village of Karangsari, Goa Giri Putri Temple is a pious Balinese Hindu temple. This pristine temple is situated under a limestone cave which makes it unique and enhances its beauty. To enter this place you need to rent a sarong which are easily available. This place is full of mischievous monkeys, make sure not to tease them. This temple is popular amongst people and a large number of  pilgrims visit it every day to pray and seek blessings.

2. Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach Nusa Penida Bali
Atuh Beach in Nusa Penida Island is Surrounded by Beautiful Cliffs

Engulfed by humongous cliffs, Atuh Beach is a tranquil beach perfect to enjoy some peaceful time. This beach houses a number of fascinating rock formations that will provide you with picturesque views. The white sand terrain and the glistening water of the ocean will lure you to take a dip. A number of sunbeds and umbrellas are also there on the beach where you can sit and relax.

3. Peguyangan Waterfall

Peguyangan Waterfall Nuse Penida Bali
Peguyangan Waterfall, Located off a Cliff in Nusa Penida Island,
Bali (Source)

Peguyangan Waterfall is a pristine waterfall perched on one of the cliffs in Nusa Penida Island. This waterfall is bubbling with cold water and is considered holy by the locals. People stand below the waterfall to purge themselves of sin and purify their body and soul. A temple is also located near this waterfall which is visited by a large number of people who come to pray and seek blessings. This place is a must-visit because of its positive aura and piousness.

4. Seganing Falls

To reach Seganing waterfall you will have to take a strenuous hike. But the glistening waterfall and the scenic beauty that surrounds it are worth undertaking the tedious hike. You can stand under the waterfall and wash away all the sweat and tiredness from the hike. This waterfall is simply magical replete with crystal clear water. This place is a must-visit and try to witness a sunset from here because it is during this time that this place is in its full glory.

5. Kelingking T-Rex

Kelingking in Nusa Penida Looks Like a T-Rex
Kelingking, a T-Rex Shaped Cliff in Nusa Penida Island (Source)

Kelingking is a cliff in the shape of Tyrannosaurus is located in Nusa Penida Island. This is one of the most popular spots among travellers as it provides spellbinding views of the blue ocean and its surrounding. You can sit here and enjoy the scenic beauty and the pleasant breeze that flows. This is a picture Perfectly? place that you must visit.

6. Manta Bay

Manta Rays at Manta Bay Nusa Penida Bali
Manta Bay is a Popular Place at Nusa Penida Because of the Number
of Manta Rays (Source)

Manta Bay is a famous spot in Nusa Penida Island because of the number of Manta Ray fishes that live under the water. The Manta Ray are fascinating creatures that look simply breathtaking while swimming. You can indulge in scuba diving and catch a glimpse of these amazing fishes and other colourful fishes and corals too. Manta Ray is a perfect place for divers as it is rich in underwater biodiversity. Make sure to visit this place to see the enchanting fishes and also enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

7. Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida Bali
Crystal Bay Beach is Nusa Penida has Crystal Clear Waters (Source)

As the name suggests, Crystal Bay Beach is a tranquil beach with crystal clear water. This is one of the cleanest beaches in Nusa Penida Island. This beach is a great place to relax and imbibe the bright sun rays, and is a popular diving spot in the area.

8. Toyapakeh

Toyapakeh Reef Nusa Penida Bali
Toyapakeh is a Popular Spot for Snorkelling in Nusa Penida (Source)

A famous spot for snorkeling, Toyapakeh is visited by a large number of people. Toyapakeh is a place where you can witness the beauty of various colourful fish and corals. This place is completely captivating with because if its scenic beauty. This place is a must visit to enjoy snorkeling and witness the spellbinding beauty of various fishes including jellyfish, starfish, Manta rays and even sharks if you are lucky.

9. Angel's Billabong

Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida Bali
Angel's Billabong is a Natural Landmark in Nusa Penida Due to the
Lagoon and Rock Formation (Source)

The most photographed place in Nusa Penida Island, Angel's Billabong is famous for the different formations and lagoon that one can see under the water during the low tide. You will be able to see fascinating and interesting patterns that are formed under the water and they are worth capturing. But make sure you visit Angel's Billabong only during the low tide see these enchanting designs.

10. Broken Beach (Pasih Uug)

Pasih Uug, or Broken Beach, Nusa Penida Bali
Pasih Uug or Broken Beach in Nusa Penida is Famous For the Stone
Arch Above the Water (Source)

This pristine Beach is named Pasih Uug or Broken Beach because of the archway that surrounds the bay due to which water flows in and out of the ocean. Broken Beach is a beautiful cove that is surrounded by lush green trees. This place is great to sit and feel yourself at ease. The silvery water in contrast to the white sand beach is absolutely mesmerizing.

11. Pulau Seribu Viewpoint

Pulau Seribu Viewpoint Nusa Penida Bali
Pulau Seribu, Meaning Thousand Islands, is an Amazing Viewpoint 
in Nusa Penida (Source)

Pulau Seribu translates to thousand island in English, named so because there is a plethora of viewpoints that you can visit in this place. All the viewpoints provides mesmerizing and picturesque beauty of the whole place. Each viewpoint has its unique feature and each of them are equally spellbinding.

12. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida Bali
Kelingking Beach is Nusa Penida's "Secret" Beach (Source)

Kelingking Beach is another beautiful beach on the island of Nusa Penida. This beach would not disappoint you because it is simply spectacular because of its shimmering cold water and white sand beach. This beach is great to relax while sitting near the shore with fresh wind blowing on your face. At Kelingking Beach you will be able to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

13. Rumah Pohon

Rumah Pohon Nusa Penida Bali
Rumah Pohon is a Beautiful Tree House in Nusa Penida, Where
You Can Spend Your Trip With an Amazing View (Source)

Rumah Pohon is a beautifully constructed tree house located on Nusa Penida Island. Over the few years, this tree house has become a craze among people and a large number of people visit this place to click pictures and witness the beauty of it. The architecture of the tree house is impeccable and it is surrounded by verdant trees that enhances its beauty.

14. Banah Cliffs

View From Banah Cliff Nusa Penida Bali
The Banah Cliffs Offer Some Amazing Views of the Surrounding Cliffs
and Oceans (Source)

Banah Cliffs comprises of two viewpoints which provide spellbinding and mesmerizing views of the clear blue ocean and the humongous, distinct cliffs there, covered in verdant trees. This place is perfect to visit during the setting of the sun when the whole island is at the peak of its beauty. Banah cliff is a must visit to witness the beauty around this island.

15. Korawa Beach Viewpoint

Korawa Beach Viewpoint is a small viewpoint located close to Atuh Beach that provides stunning views of the whole place. This is the place to visit during the setting of the sun and enjoy the spectacular phenomenon. This is also a great place to sit and relax while enjoying the scenery.

16. Pura Paluang temple

Pura Paluang Temple is a fascinating temple which you must visit because the shrines? here are in the shape of automobiles. It is a one of a kind temple, famous among people who come here to pray and seek blessings or admire the structures.

Things to do in Nusa Penida

  • Trekking on Mundi Hill is one of the most exciting treks to do in Nusa Penida. The Puncak Mundi is the highest point on this island, making it an adventurous trek till the top.
  • Mountain biking along the coastline can also be a great opportunity for visitors to see the beautiful beaches and indulge in scenic photography!
  • Nusa Penida Day tours such as East Penida Tour, West Penida Tour and Nusa Penida Snorkeling trip can be good full-day activities led by certified tour guides, making sure that you visit all the important places on this island.

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Nusa Penida
Atuh Beach - Also Called as Pantai Atuh
Peguyangan Waterfall - Must Visit Place in Nusa Penida
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FAQs on Nusa Penida

Who should visit Nusa penida?

  • Wildlife enthusiasts
  • Scuba divers or snorkelers
  • Trekkers or backpackers

What is the best time to visit Nusa penida?

Although the island is open to tourists throughout the year, the best time to visit Nusa Penida is from May to September. This is because the windy and dry season allows visitors to comfortably explore this island. One should avoid travelling to Nusa Penida during November and January due to heavy rainfall and extreme humidity during these months.
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What is the local food in Nusa penida?

The growing tourism in Nusa Penida has led to a variety of eateries opening up on this island. A few that are common are Penida Colada, Warung Pondok, Ohana’s, Dapur Kue Hamzah’s, Warung Jukung that offer a range of authentic Balinese and Indonesian food while also catering to modern cuisines.  
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What are the places near Nusa penida?

The top places near to Nusa penida are Surabaya which is 113 km from Nusa penida, Bali which is located 321 km from Nusa penida, Jakarta which is located 628 km from Nusa penida, Lombok which is located 460 km from Nusa penida, Bandung which is located 519 km from Nusa penida

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