Win A Luxury Staycation Worth INR 25,000 In This Weekly Contest Starting Now

Are you a travel enthusiast?

Do you have good flair when it comes to penning your experiences?

Do you want to inspire others to travel?

You are at the right place then because Holidify is hosting its weekly contest - Travel Tales by Holidify, 2019 (In Collaboration with Linger) this December. Each week’s winner will collect the best luxury staycation worth INR 25,000 from Linger by submitting an entry that will woo us and our readers the most.

If you think you have it in you to tell a story that will inspire millions of our readers to take the leap for an adventurous journey, submit your entries now. 


You must have heard of the term travelogue. If not, let us elaborate - a travelogue is a record made by a traveller of his or her experiences during a journey or after. This is to clarify that this is not your average travelogue competition - it is a travel tale competition. It is an engaging and unique written account of a travel journey you took which features something more gritty, something that left more of a mark than gazing at an old colosseum, something more truthful. Anybody who’s ever travelled knows travelling isn’t as flawless as it might look on Instagram. Get honest with us. Tell us about how your journey is unique and how it made an impact on your life - how travel changed you. Tell us more about those travel experiences that left you speechless and then turned you into a storyteller.


Travel Tales by Holidify, 2019 is a weekly contest starting from 16th December 2019 (Monday).
The entries for Week 1 will be accepted from 2nd December 2019 (Monday) - 15th December 2019 (Sunday).
The entries for Week 2 will be accepted from 16th December 2019 (Monday) - 22nd December 2019 (Sunday).
After you have submitted your Travel Tale (read Submission Guidelines below), it will pass through a preliminary check by the Editorial Team (read Writing Guidelines below) who will give it a cursory reading after which, it will either be slotted a date for publication on Facebook for Week 1 or you will receive a mail to submit a revised entry.

Once it has been posted on Facebook and Instagram (follow us @holidify on Instagram to learn more), the competition will run for the week and the results will be declared on next Monday.
For Week 1, the results will be declared on 23 December 2019. There will be one prize winner each week.
For Week 2, the results will be declared on 30th December 2019. There will be one prize winner each week.
The same process will be followed for each constitutive week.


  • Participants can submit their Travel Tale entries on this google form.
  • You can either attach a file of your original entry or update the link for your published blog.
  • Give a social-friendly and catchy title to your Travel Tale submission.
  • World Limit: 600-1000 Words
  • It should not read like a diary entry. The submission should be equally informative and engaging. The goal is to mix personal storytelling while delving insightful information about their trip/destination.


  • Please note that only those submissions that pass the Editorial Team’s Criteria for Travel Tale will be published as a Holidify Blog and qualify for the competition.
  • Once the Travel Tale has been published as a Holidify blog (with due credits to the writer), the Editorial Team reserves the right to make minimum editing to align the submission to our website standards.
  • The Title of the Travel Tale can also be modified as per the discretion of the Editorial Team.
  • Travel Tale submissions with less than 5 images or the lack of a profile image stand to be disqualified from the competition.
  • The Judging Criteria is based upon 3 factors: 1) Editorial Merit, 2) Engagement on the Post on Our Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) and 3) Unique Page Views Of The Blog.


All winners will get a weekend staycay at one of Linger's striking properties! Here's a sneak peek to your stay:

Chettimani (Coorg):

Linger Property

Earth House (Palampur, Himachal):


We will notify the weekly winner through an email and will also be resharing the post on our Facebook and Instagram for the same. It would be a kind request to the winners if they could:
  • Share the same on their own social media channels and tag @holidify and @linger.
  • Submit a small takeaway from their staycation with Linger. (It can either be another small Travel Tale, a photoblog or a series of videos or all three. Get creative!)
  • Allow us to promote the post on our Facebook and Instagram channels to reach more readers.
There’s hardly anything else to wait for now! Get your ideas churning and send us your entries ASAP. Follow the guidelines to the T and you might just win a lucky ticket to the most relaxing staycation yet. 

Let’s start without much ado! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Travel Writing!

Team Holidify.

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