Camping in Mauritius : 3 Best Camp Sites for the Best Camping Experience

Mauritius is definitely the most enthralling place to be on your next vacation this New Year! An island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is rich with thick forests, exceptional wildlife options, immaculate seashores, and numerous places to visit, making it a fantastic place for the honeymooners as well as the nature lovers. So, how about ditching a usual tropical holiday in Mauritius and go for a camping trip instead? 

Is Camping in Mauritius a good idea?

Of late, Mauritius has gained a lot of fame amongst travellers worldwide. Other than its exquisite natural beauty, Mauritius is renowned for its neighbourliness and its beautiful handicrafts. The nation is well-equipped with a bunch of beaches and islands, and subsequently offers heaps of adventurous activities. Camping in Mauritius is one of such options in case anyone wishes to explore a very different aspect of holidaying in this scenic destination. Here's what you need to know about it in detail. 

Top 3 Camping Sites in Mauritius

So, if you have finally decided upon enjoying a camping vacation in Mauritius, then here are a few options which you should choose from. Let's have a look at what they are:

1. The Outpost, Mauritius

Outpost Mauritius

Don't you, at times, feel the internal desire to go to an excursion during your holiday, here you can escape from your usual comfort zone and being one with Mother Nature once more? All things considered, The Outpost in Grand Port, Mauritius is actually what you are searching for!

The View: Encompassed by picturesque woods, natural life and the Grand Port mountain range, The Outpost gives a dazzling view and an extraordinary ambience on the East shoreline of Mauritius. Regardless of whether you decide to go on an expeditionary hike further up the mountains or simply head to the viewpoint on the smaller hill beside the camping site - an extraordinary camping night and stunning views are absolutely guaranteed.  

The Accommodation: Situated in the mountains of Bambous Virieux in Grand Port, this quiet retreat comprises of six airy, strong tents and a solid cottage with a completely one up the kitchen and a comfortable seating area. Since the camp can only be reached by road, which is very steep and rough, you need to hop onto a Jeep in the valley, where you can leave your very own vehicle. There are three distinct classes of tents you can book: Ocean view, Jungle view and Valley view. The completely equipped kitchen in the community cottage contains a gas cooker, water heater, cooler, fridges, kitchen essentials, skillet, dishes, cell phone chargers and a little power generator for dire times. The Outpost staff will likewise set up an open-air campfire on demand in case you need to make a BBQ.

2. Explorers, Mauritius

Explorers, Mauritius

Pioneers Mauritius is a world-class eco-tourism provider that has practical experience in camping and hiking adventures operating at the Black River Gorges, Chamarel ranges and on Le Morne. Its profoundly experienced group, guide you securely through the most immaculate and beautiful sceneries that the island of Mauritius brings to the table and let you value the rich bio-assorted variety of its flora and fauna. The experience of the travellers with Explorers for camping or hiking is surely going to stay afresh in their memories.

The View: During this hike and camping experience, you will get to remain engrossed in the natural beauty of Le Morne. The beautiful seashore, the magnificent mountain ranges, the breath-taking waterfalls, the vast sky and the absolute blissful quietude all around are too scenic to ignore.

The Accommodation: The camping tents here are simply meant to make the traveller one with nature. The camping tents can be taken along by the campers as well. The group members are free to choose the position of their tents, although the site is usually chosen by the Explorers group members.

3. Otentic Eco Tent

Otentic Eco Tent

Otentic is the one and only eco tent camping site in Mauritius. It is situated in the little town of Deux Freres on the east shore of Mauritius, one of the least developed areas of the island. Two of the loveliest seashores of Mauritius, Ile aux cerfs and Ilot mangenie are just 30 minutes boat trip away from these camps. Each morning the campers can get free transport boat till the beaches.

The View: This unique eco camping site is located at the foot of Bambous Mountain, in the middle of the picturesque Bambous Virieux valley, which is one of the last preserved valleys of Mauritius, and is only 3 km away from the ocean. These tents will give a kind of camping experience in the middle of nature. The views are absolutely raw, rustic and worth remembering.

The Accommodation: The tents are devoid of any modernity and hence, there's no air conditioning facilities or refrigerators inside the tents. The bed is cosy and there's a balcony overlooking the beautiful beach and the bamboo forest.  

A Few Tips for Campers in Mauritius

Campers in Mauritius

In case you wish to experience camping your own way in Mauritius and also wish to choose the campsites all by yourself, then here are a few tips which you need to remember for the best camping experience in this beautiful island.
  • Try to find out camping sites which are in level with no slopes or steep hills.
  • Look for a camping site which is not too far away from fellow campers. Personal protection is also necessary in case of any dire needs.
  • Try to camp at a place with loads of natural shade.
  • Explore the campsite thoroughly to ensure that the place is safe to put up for a night or nights.
  • Finally, the camping site should be close to water sources.
Mauritius is famous amongst various travel enthusiasts for being a safe bet for a camping experience. Although the place is considered to be a honeymooners paradise, it can be an amazing island to explore in its rawest form through natural camping or by putting up in an eco-tent.

This post was published by Anuradha Chakraborty

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