Water Sports In Mauritius You Don't Want To Miss!


Water Sports In Mauritius You Don't Want To Miss!

Your vacation wouldn't be complete if you visit Mauritius and don't even experience the wide range of water sports and activities this paradise island has in store for you. The endless array of turquoise blue waters surrounding the island isn't just peace to the eyes but also full of exciting possibilities for you to take part in. So don't just lie in the beach and chose according to your needs from any of the water sports in Mauritius from below. Trust us; you're going to witness something new!

Here is the list of 10 Water Sports In Mauritius You Don't Want To Miss!

1. Scuba Diving

Experiencing the underwater life has always been on the bucket list of adventure enthusiasts, and Mauritius is wildly popular for the unique scuba diving possibilities. The unparalleled combination of the peaceful silence of the sea and colourful marine life is something you will cherish for the rest of your life. It's not a problem if you aren't a swimmer or if you haven't undertaken scuba before. You can obtain a scuba diving certificate and experience this exhilarating activity if you want to.

Place - Colorado and Roche Zozo off the Blue Bay on Mauritius' southern coast, Rodrigues, St-Brandon, Reunion Island and Belle Mare

Price - USD 35 per person

2. Parasailing

Another excellent must try water sports in Mauritius is parasailing. Along with blessing your eyes with a bird's point of view of the paradise island, it also quenches your thirst for a thrilling adventure, because after all, it's almost everyone's dream to fly like a bird. Lose yourself in the vastness of the turquoise blue waters, float high up in the sky and feel the wind against your face and witness some of the fantastic sights which you're going to remember until the last moment.

Place - Grand Baie, Ile aux Cerfs and Trou D'eau Douce

Price ­- USD 39 per person

3. Cave Sea Kayaking

Considered to be a relatively more comfortable water sport in Mauritius, Cave Sea kayaking in Mauritius takes you through the unexplored islands and the caves where you can admire these hideouts and add a mysterious touch to your holiday. What makes this activity very exciting is that you have to carry it out without anyone's help; you're all by yourself. Discover the fantastic basalt rock gardens while paddling away through the water and enter into some of the astounding creations of nature and feast your eyes with the outstanding landscapes.

Place - From Pointe aux Sable to the Cliffs of Albion towards the western coast of Mauritius

Price ­­- USD 80 per person

4. Water Skiing

Have you been lying on the beach for the long and desperately in need of an adrenaline rush Water skiing in the answer for you. Although this high-velocity sport might strike off difficult at the first go, with some patience and practice, you can feel the smooth sail and control the water splashing up against your skin as you pierce your way through the calm turquoise lagoons. Explore Mauritius' great waters and let your heart pump up the blood and immerse yourself in this awesomeness.

Place - Trou D'eau Douce, Grand Baie

Price - USD 55 per person

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5. Wind Surfing

Mauritius offers a gentle and uniform wind along the flat waters makes it the ideal spot for windsurfing and is an instant favourite for the lovers of this sport. Balance yourself on the surfboard, have control over the acceleration and speed and manoeuvre through the refreshing water while soaking your eyes with the scenic views of the lush green tropical forest on the sidelines and endless ocean. Windsurfing beautifully combines a challenging task with loads of excitement and is a well-known form of workout, especially if you want to burn calories.

Place­ - Le Morne Peninsula, Manawa, Small Reef, One Eye, Dinarobin, Tamarin Bay

Price - USD 20 per person

6. Sea Plane Ride

If you suffer from sea sickness and exploring the vast waters seems like a faded dream, seaplane ride in Mauritius is a once in a lifetime experience and the best water sport for you. Right from the takeoff, followed by the exciting aeroplane ride over the breathtaking ocean and lagoons and beautiful coral reefs of the island and finally landing on the water. Sit back and relax in the private plane, let the fantastic panoramic sights sink in and transport yourself to a whole other world.

Place - Grand Gaube

Price - USD 190 per person for 30 minutes

7. Underwater Sea Walk

As the name says it all, explore the abundant marine life by taking part in the underwater sea walk activity in Mauritius and experience something that is purely sublime. Walking underwater can be a little intimidating in the beginning with all the aquatic animals swimming around so close, but what good is an adventure without excitement, isn't it? It's one of the best activities to undertake with your friends and family, especially your loved ones where you get the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life and let the peacefulness of the marine habitat engulf you.

Place - Trou D'eau Douce and Port Louis

Price - USD 45 per person

8. Sea Hover

Do you have a knack for high speeds? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then try out sea hovering in Mauritius, and you wouldn't regret it at all. It is reputed as one of the most intense and fun-filled water activity. Race over the sparkling waters on the safe, high power inflatable jet boat and treat yourself with some of the hidden beauties of the paradise island. The boat is easy to manoeuvre, and thus you can invest all your attention on the outstanding scenery.

Place - Benitiers Island, Le Morne, Flic en Flac, La Balise Marina and Black River

Price - USD 157 per person

9. Submarine Tour

If you wish to discover the vibrant and beautiful marine life and aquatic species of Mauritius without jumping in the water and getting wet, the submarine tour is just the right thing for you. It takes you to some of the most exotic coral's reefs of the island; you can see hundreds and thousands of colourful fish species and lush green aquatic plants and also some of the historical shipwrecks. It's a fantastic venture to go on with your friends and family.

Place - Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches

Price - USD 395 per person

10. Underwater Scooter

The latest addition to the list of water sports in Mauritius is the underwater scooter experience; which is scuba diving taken to a whole new level. You can either choose to ride the sub-scooter solo or bring a partner along with you to explore the deepest parts of the ocean. Enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view through the large glass on the helmet with ease of breathing and smooth movement.

Place - Grand Baie and Trou aux Biches

Price - USD 65

Since Mauritius showers so many possibilities of exploring its fresh blue water on you, why don't you make a plan already? It's fun, exciting, thrilling, peaceful and most importantly, a once in a lifetime memory which will never fade away and will remind you of your priceless vacation at Mauritius!

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