Paragliding in Mauritius - Soar Through the Skies of the Island Nation

Mauritius is a well-known tourist destination famous for its adventure sports. Now, if you are an adventure enthusiast, then we recommend you indulge in another touristy thing while you are in Mauritius.

Paragliding in Mauritius will allow you to spread your wings and take over the clear sky as enjoy the majestic views of the island with a bird's eye view.

Paragliding in Mauritius

Here are some of the essential pointers that you must know about paragliding in Mauritius:

Best Time for Paragliding in Mauritius

Mauritius is famous for its tropical climate throughout the year. During the summer, however, hanging out on the beaches might be not very pleasant because of the heat and humidity. October - November is an ideal time for a trip and a perfect time to enjoy paragliding. The wind speed and the dry weather around this time favour paragliding. The fun-packed adventure usually is of 5-15 minutes duration; however, the period can be customised as per the participant's requests.

Paragliding in Mauritius

Paragliding Spots in Mauritius

Mauritius is blessed with mesmerising beaches which also gives tourists an advantage of having multiple locations for paragliding.

Some of the famous paragliding spots on the island are Pieter Both, le Pouce, Tourelle de Tamarin, Trou d'eau Douce, Grand Bay, Belle Mare and Mahebourg.

These spots offer the facility for Tandem Paragliding which will give you the luxury of enjoying the best panoramic views of the island. The flight duration is not fixed and hence, can be changed as per the participant's requests.

Paragliding in Mauritius
Note: If you are an experienced paragliding pilot and do not require supervision, the operators will lead you to the best take-off sites on the island. Here, you can choose the level of difficulty for your paragliding adventure.
Paragliding in Mauritius

Paragliding Operators in Mauritius

Several operators in Mauritius provide the paragliding equipment for the interested participants. These operators also offer training for participants at different levels, such as introductory and mid-level training. You must even know that the wings for paragliding are available in various sizes for participants of different levels which are rented out to the tourists.
  • Paragliding Mauritius
Notre Dame, Pamplemousses, Mauritius
Contact no: +230 58528161
  • Vertical World
Po Box 289, Curepipe, Mauritius
Contact no: +230 6975430
  • Mauritius Skiandfly
Contact no: +61405174027

Cost of Paragliding in Mauritius: 2000 INR

Paragliding in Mauritius

Things you must know about Paragliding in Mauritius

Paragliding is enthralling, but at the same time, it is also necessary that you take some crucial steps.

Some of the safety tips and key pointers about paragliding in Mauritius are given below:
  • Check your safety gear and paragliding equipment thoroughly before flying.
  • Do not become over-confident and take the safety measures for granted if you have the prior experience of paragliding.
  • Do not try any new manoeuvres near the ground or just because you saw a movie character do so. Remember that life is not a movie, and one wrong step can sabotage the whole adventure.
  • Do not shy away from admitting if you require training. For a safe landing, training is crucial.
  • Surrounded by Indian ocean on all the sides, the average temperature of Mauritius is 24 -28 degree Celsius during the day and 21 -24 degree Celsius at night in November.
  • The minimum age of any paragliding participant should be 18 years, whereas the individual's body weight should not exceed 90 kg.
  • Wear tight-fitting clothes otherwise; your clothing might be interference during your flight with the high speed of the wind.
  • Ensure to tie your shoelaces tightly and if you have long hair, tie them neatly in a bun.
  • The timings for paragliding in Mauritius are 9 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Sunday.
  • You will be given a life jacket before you take off. Make sure that the life jacket is zipped correctly.
Paragliding in Mauritius
With numerous flying locations for paragliding throughout the island, tourists do not have to wait for their turn in long queues to have an enthralling day.

So, whether you want to fly to have an aerial view of the island or want to advance your flying skills, Mauritius is the place to have a gala time with trained pilots. With the proper training and experience, paragliding in Mauritius can be a memorable experience. Have an enjoyable experience!

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