4 Mauritius Excursions - A Guide To Everything You Need To Know

If you think Mauritius is all about stretches of beaches and views of the ocean, then you'd be amazed to see what Mauritius has to offer you. This Indian Ocean island nation is a paradise of excursions along with being a holiday destination and is one of the best places to visit in the world.
You can choose from the different types of tours according to your preferences from any of the four categories, or maybe even all of them!
  • Land excursions
  • Sea and water excursions
  • Underwater excursions
  • Flight excursions
Let's dig in straight away and find out what do the excursions in Mauritius have up their sleeves:

1. Land Excursions

Get a chance to explore the adventurous island of Mauritius up close by exploring on foot. Follow the natural trails in hiking and trekking trips, head deeper into the flourishing wildlife through Safari and Segway trips, scale the rocky terrains with canyoning and rush your adrenaline up by undertaking zip-lining trips.

Hiking and Trekking

  • Get introduced to the beautiful island of Ile D'Ambre inhibiting a varying range of vegetation. First, travel by sea to reach the island and then experience the unique and intense hiking trip through the fantastic landscapes and astounding views. Don't forget to carry your camera!
Timing - Everyday, from 9 AM
Duration - 5 hours
Ile D'Ambre, hiking and trekking in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius
  • Discover the impeccable beauty of the island while making your way down to the base of the 80-metre high Chamarel Waterfalls, the highest in Mauritius, through a secret valley. Rejuvenate yourself by connecting with nature and marvel at the iconic landmark embraced by forests and rivers.
Timing - Everyday, from 9:00 AM
Duration - 3 hours
Chamarel Waterfalls, hiking and trekking in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius
  • Hike through the unique combination of lush greenery and rough and dry patches of this World Heritage Site, Le Morne Brabant. Enjoy the spectacular view of Mauritius' Southwestern coast along with turquoise-blue ocean from 556 metres above the sea level.
Timing - Monday to Saturday, from 6:00 AM
Duration - 3 hours
Le Morne Brabant, hiking and trekking in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius
  • From strolling through the green meadows to being awestruck by the mountainous beauties, hiking up the highest peak in Mauritius, the Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience which cannot afford to miss out on. That feeling of standing on top of the mountain and savouring the panoramic view of the paradise island will take your breath away.
Timing - Everyday, from 9:00 AM
Duration - 3 hours and 30 minutes
Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, hiking and trekking in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius
  • The largest national park of Mauritius, the Black River Gorges National Park waits for your arrival in the haven of flora and fauna and a phenomenal gorge piercing its curvy way through the mountains and eventually taking the form of a waterfall.
Timing - Everyday, from 9:30 AM
Duration - 3 hours 30 minutes
Black River Gorges National Park, hiking and trekking in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius


  • Popularly known as the Papaya River, the canyoning experience in the Riviere Papayes allows you to discover the crystal clear ponds and waterfalls through the short abseiling down the river and four successive cascades from an elevation of 161 metres above sea level.
Timing - Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 8:00 AM
Duration - 3 hours
Riviere Papayes, Papaya River, canyoning in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius
  • Bestowed with the scenic beauty of Mauritius' south-west coast, canyoning at Tamarin Falls begins with the spectacular abseiling from the top of the waterfall at 40 metres. You can enjoy the multiple jumps into the different ponds formed after each of the seven waterfalls and be refreshed like never before.
Timing - Everyday, from 8:30 AM
Duration - 4 hours and 30 minutes
Tamarin Falls, Les 7 Cascades, canyoning in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Segway Safari Trip

  • Ease through the 4500 hectares Yemen Nature Reserve Park of Mauritius at a speed of up to 20km/h and indulge yourself into the vast wildlife and tropical nature. Take a guide along with you for a detailed tour or wander across the terrain on your own and discover flora and fauna at its best.
Timing - Everyday, from 9:00 AM
Duration - 1 hour
Yemen Nature Reserve Park, segway safari trip in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius
  • Reputed as the Casela World of Adventures, this nature park is the perfect wildlife experience for interacting with different animals and encountering unseen species. Nestled at the foot of the mighty Rempart Mountain of Mauritius, the Segway and safari trips in Casela Nature Park are widely popular among tourists as well as the locals.
Timing - Everyday, from 9:00 AM
Duration - 1 hour
Casela World of Adventures, segway safari trip in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Quad Biking

  • The unspoiled beauty of Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park waits for you to witness its unique 23 coloured Earth, an abundance of lush green vegetation and exciting quad biking trips, so you get a ride straight into the heart of this outstanding setting.
Timing - Everyday, from 9 AM
Duration - 1 to 2 hours
Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park, quad biking in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius
  • Set forth onto the fantastic adventure trail which takes in the intensive and comprehensive exploration of the Frederica Nature Reserve. Quench your thirst for sightseeing in this richly diverse landscape with remarkable panoramic views that'll leave you numb.
Timing - Everyday, from 9:00 AM
Duration - 2 hours
Frederica Nature Reserve, quad biking in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

2. Sea and Water Excursions

The picture-perfect beaches, the clear turquoise ocean water and calm and crystalline lagoons make Mauritius a paradise island for sea and water excursions and activities. Be it sailing to different parts of the island along the coastline or taking part in water sports, you name it, and Mauritius will offer you more than you can ask for. 

Catamaran Cruises

Complete your holiday at Mauritius by enjoying a unique sailing experience on the beautiful Catamaran boats. Choose from the full-day cruises taking you to different destinations like Ile Aux Cerfs, Ilot Gabriel and Benitiers island, savour the phenomenal sunset views on the horizon from Ile Aux Aigrettes, Tamarin Bay and Pointe Aux Cannoniers while tasting some of the best dishes on board and even spend few days and nights on the boats to cherish a secluded and romantic getaway.

Catamaran Cruises, sea and water excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Dolphins and Whales Excursion

Have you ever had the chance to swim with dolphins, watched them up-close or observed whale in an open sea? Well, this is your chance! Sail from the west coast of Mauritius to Ile Aux Benitiers, come face to face with these amazing mammals and learn about their daily living habits and their environment.

This is something that never happens every day and therefore it is a must recommended venture if you are visiting Mauritius.

Dolphins and Whales excursion, sea and water excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius


Parasailing is something that is a part of almost all the adventure lovers? Bucket list and what could be a better location than Mauritius? Choose from any of the three parasailing locations - Grand Baie, Belle Mare and Trou D'eau Douce ? and let the breathtaking bird's view of the golden beaches and sparkling lagoons of Mauritius sink into your mind and soul and attain a state of pure bliss!

Parasailing, sea and water excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Water Skiing

If you have a knack for water sports or have an urge to undertake this adrenaline rushing activity, water skiing in Mauritius is the answer for you. Grand Baie is a popular water skiing location of the island. Scorching over the surface of the water at high speeds along the coastal lines while enjoying the views is something you wouldn't regret trying for the rest of your life.

Water Skiing, sea and water excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Sea Kayaking

Exploring nature and its wonders always rejuvenate your soul; one way to get a step closer to nature is kayaking. So switch off your mobile phones, slide into a kayak and set forth onto a discovery of the small islands that encircle Mauritius. Make your way through the lush green and dense mangroves of Ile D'Ambre and let the serene silence awaken your inner peace.

Learn about new plant species and the significant role they play in the ecosystem, go into the tranquil setting of the island's forest and know about its history and then head to Bernache island for some delicious lunch.

Sea Kayaking, sea and water excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

3. Underwater Excursions

Being home to one of the most astonishingly marine life and stunning coral reefs in the world, Mauritius is a haven for underwater activities. Surrounded by the aquatic plant species and hundreds & thousands of colourful fishes, you get transformed into an entirely different world. And you'll be missing out on so much if you visit Mauritius and didn't experience the underwater world. 

Underwater Sea Walk

The Underwater Sea Walk is quite a unique and fascinating attraction of Mauritius comprising of the ultimate sensation of walking on the seabed near the coast of Grand Baie.

It is
at a depth of 3 to 4 metres where time stops and all your worries fade away as you witness the marine life, the corals and fauna, their natural aquatic habitat and numerous tiny fishes of different hues just wading along with you, encompassing a surreal ambience altogether.

Underwater Sea Walk, underwater excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Submarine Trip

At a depth of 35 metres below sea level, witness the unfolding of the mystery of the ocean onboard a real submarine. It's almost like a dream sequence from a movie as the vessel takes you to visit shipwrecks, the vibrant coral reefs and rare and unseen marine life. Make sure you reach Grand Baie and book yourself a ride in this life-changing underwater trip.

Submarine Trip, underwater excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

The best place to enjoy the glass bottom boat ride in Mauritius is the Blue Bay Marine Park with an exquisite display of marine life and vast coral reefs. The crystal clear water plays a vital role in visibility and lets you have an uninterrupted view of the marine life. Other than this, it is also trendy among the people for swimming and snorkelling activities.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride, underwater excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Deep-Sea Diving

Swimmer or not, it doesn't matter for you to experience sea diving in Mauritius as you'd be in the safe hands of professionals throughout the venture. You can choose from any of the diving sites like Pereybere, Grand Bay, Tamarin and Benitiers Island and treat yourself, alone or with your friends and family, with this relaxing and soul-calming activity and float underwater amidst the floral beauty and feel nothing but your heartbeat.

Deep Sea Diving, underwater excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

4. Flight Excursions

The sights of Mauritius from the sky will give you a whole other perspective of witnessing the beauty of this paradise island. The 360 panoramic views till your eyes can see just amazing and something that mustn't be missed. 

Seaplane Flight Tour

Right from the takeoff to the landing, it's a great way to enjoy the views of the beaches and coral islands; especially for those who suffer from seasickness and cannot afford to spend long hours on cruises and boats. Flying over the turquoise waters and savouring the panoramic views of the islands and coastal lines is just worth remembering.
Timing - Monday to Saturday, from 8 AM
Duration - 1 hour
Seaplane Flight Tour, flight excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

This private helicopter tour from the airport to different parts of Mauritius lets you enjoy the bird's eye view of the whole island is an entirely exclusive feeling. The pilot and the guide will tell you about the various geographical sites and its historical significance and lets you see the location from 360 degrees. It'll take you to places like Black River Gorges, Lion Mountain, Ile aux Cerfs, Pieter Both Mountain, Kanaka Crater, Flic-en-Flac, Chamarel coloured Earth, Le Morne Mountain, etc.
Timing - Everyday, from 6 AM
Duration - Flexible
Helicopter Sightseeing tour, flight excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

Tandem Skydiving

Ever had the wish to jump from 10000 feet and experience free falling at its best? Tandem skydiving in Mauritius is the answer for you. Piercing down through the sky at 200km/h, the heart beating in ecstasy and adrenaline gushing through your body as you see some of the spectacular aerial scenes and panoramic views of Mauritius' fantastic inland, coastal and mountains. It ensures excellent safety with a professional being harnessed with you during the jump and two parachutes, for increased precaution.
Timing - Monday to Saturday, from 6.30 AM
Duration - 1 hour
Tandem Skydiving, flight excursions in Mauritius, excursions in Mauritius

So with so many options in hand to explore Mauritius through land, water and air, it's safe to say that you shouldn't find any difficulty in tracing every nook and corner of the paradise island. So put on your adventure shoes, stock up your backpack and set out with your friends and family to embark an experience of a lifetime with these excursions in Mauritius!

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