Sunrise in Mauritius - An Ode To Tropical Winter

Six days, six sunrises, six different experiences. My trip to the island nation of Mauritius was one to remember.

I travelled during the month of April, winter in the Southern hemisphere. The island nation during winter is particularly pleasant with little rain, and there are hardly any tourists, giving you a chance to explore the real Mauritius. 

This elusive island is known for its incredible natural beauty and even though I’m not a morning person, I made it a point to wake up a little early to enjoy the sunrises in Mauritius. Here are 6 of the most instagrammable sunrises I have ever come across -

1. Hotel Room Window

My hotel was on the Northern side of the island, right next to the Trou-Aux-Biches beach. The view from the window of my second-floor room was breathtaking. It was my first morning in Mauritius, and I was woken up by the sound of the waves crashing against the white sands, right in time to witness my first sunrise in Mauritius. I watched the golden light flooding the sea and streaming into my room, enjoying the feeling with a cup of filter coffee in hand, thinking about all the beautiful sunrises this island had in store for me.

2. On the Sea

Sunrise in Mauritius

I booked the Catamaran Cruise, one of the many boat tours this island has to offer. Seeing the sun actually rise from beneath us into the sky as we sailed through the turquoise waters was incredible. The bright yellow light of the Sun seemed to colour the island, which had been nested in its grey slumber, starting from the horizon to the stern of the boat. My fellow passengers looked just as in awe at the sight.

3. Chamarel Village

Charamel Falls, Sunrise in Mauritius

I rented a car to get me to this hidden village, a little way from the main city. Just as I was entering the Rivière Noire District, the sky began to gather light. The sun rising above the famous Chamarel waterfall was a moment I just had to capture for my feed. I sat near the little pool at the base of the waterfall, marveling the beauty of Chamarel’s flora and lush vegetation as sunlight slowly bathed the area.

4. Blue Bay Marine Park

The marine park sunrise was by far the most memorable part of my trip. Blue Bay is a popular destination for snorkeling, deep-sea diving and an undersea walks. The sun had begun to rise as I went into the crystal blue waters. It was only when I went underwater, did I realize how beautiful a sunrise can be. As light started to flood into the water, the sea-floor came alive. I could see the coral reefs and incredible marine life moving around me. With the lovely water and ever-so-warm sunlight, in that moment, I felt one with nature.

5. Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve

An ode to Mauritian history, the Ile aux Aigrettes is a floating natural museum, alive with many rare flora and fauna. I took a trip to the island from Blue Bay, just in time to watch my fifth sunrise in Mauritius. As the Sun began to rise, I could hear birdsong from around the island, birds flying off to their daily haunts. Ile aux Aigrettes is a bird watchers paradise. I was able to spot a rare pink pigeon perched on one of the many trees and a Mauritian Fody flying through the bright sky.

6. Hiking up Le Morne

Le Morne Brabant is a UNESCO World Heritage site located 550m above sea level. While the hike up was certainly strenuous, the incredible view more than made up for it. I was able to see the sun soak the entire island nation of Mauritius from the top of Le Morne. High up from all civilization, hiking up Le Morne felt like a dream. On my way down, I stopped at Le Morne village’s beach to sunbathe and enjoy the clean air.

Each experience was vastly different from the other but each was defined by the Mauritian sunrise. Whether you’re travelling solo like I did or with friends and family, make sure you take out time to truly experience at least one sunrise in this island nation.

This post was published by Tanushka Lahiri