5 Places to Catch a Breathtaking View of Sunrise in Mauritius

There’s something exceptional and unique about watching the day’s first rays- and witnessing it in a tropical paradise like Mauritius makes it even more special. So, without further adieu, let’s jot down five of the best places in Mauritius, where you can get a glimpse of a marvellous sunrise.

Sunrise Timings in Mauritius

November-April (summer) 5:20 AM to 6:20 AM
June-September (winter) 6:05 AM to 6:40 AM
May (transition month) 6:30 AM
October (transition month) 5:40 AM
Note: All timings are according to the Mauritius local time.
Sunrise in Mauritius

Best Sunrise Spots in Mauritius

1. Grand Gaube

Sunrise in Mauritius

Situated on the far northeast coast, Grand Gaube is a traditional little fishing village. It is prominently known for the stunning sunrise views it provides early morning. Other than the sunrise, there is one more fascinating view which you can find here. It is of the local fishermen returning to the shore after their overnight trips and unloading their fish-nets with colourful fishes.
How To Reach - From Grand Baie, it is a 20-minute drive towards north on the B13. Follow the signs for Intermart Express and then to B44.

2. Belle Mare Plage

Sunrise in Mauritius

The village of Belle Mare might be tiny and not so eminent, but the beach itself is a famous attraction site. In-fact, this beach is considered among the best on this island. Locals enjoy viewing the early sunrise with a cup of coffee and some fruits. The stunning sunrise views and the talcum-white sands plunged in rosy pink glow makes the complete scene quite picturesque.
How to Reach - It is a 60-minute drive from the airport in Mahebourg. There are many car rental services from the airport.  

3. Sunrise cruise to Ile Aux Cerf

Sunrise in Mauritius

This feature is exclusively limited to those staying at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita. Although they can easily take a view at the sunrise while being plunged in their private pools, they do have another option to take part in a sunrise speedboat cruise. The cruise would take you to the nearby Ile Aux Cerf island, which is also eminent for its softly shelving sands and a wide array of aquatic life.
How to Reach - It is a 45-minute drive from the SIR SEEWOOSAGUR RAMGOOLAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. The resort has its own helicopter services as well which lands you directly at the resort’s helipad. 
Entry Fees at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius - It starts from 1000 Euros per person for a single night.

4. Sunrise at Blue Bay

Sunrise in Mauritius

Located on a private peninsula that overlooks the beautiful Blue Bay Marine Park, is the luxurious Beachcomber’s Shandrani Resort and Spa. Being in the southeast region of Mauritius, the sunrise can be easily viewed from here. Moreover, this resort houses three spacious beaches from where you can enjoy the exquisite sunrise views. The sunrise views could also be enjoyed while having a sumptuous breakfast at Le Grand Port restaurant.
How to Reach - It is a 10-minute drive from the airport in Mahebourg and a 7-minute ride from the Mauritius airport. 
Entry Fees at Beachcomber’s Shandrani Resort and Spa - It starts from 270 Euros per person for a single night.

5. Pointe D’Esny

Sunrise in Mauritius

Located just south of the old capital of Mauritius, Mahebourg has located the glorious Pointe D’Esny beach, which is regarded as the best on the island. The beach is covered with small resorts, guesthouses, luxury apartments, and villas. Hence the beach could be found mostly deserted at dawn. So, you can spend me-time on the beach watching the spectacular sunrise.
How to Reach - It is a 5-minute drive from the airport in Mahebourg. You could use any of the car rental services from there. 
The sunrise in Mauritius truly complements the natural beauty of Mauritius. Life oozes from the exotic flora as the yellow-tinged rays meet them. It is a soul rejuvenating experience and its something you must not miss!

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