Parasailing in Langkawi - Sites and Operators to Fulfil Your Adventure!

For the adventurous souls headed to Langkawi, parasailing is one of the most suggested adventure activities. Parasailing in Langkawi is delightful as parasailers would be witnessing the shiny green waters and white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees. Here is a guide to help you out with this activity:

Where to Go for Parasailing in Langkawi? 

To enjoy parasailing, one must head out to the following beaches :

1. Pantai Cenang Beach

Pantai Cenang Beach

2. Tanjung Rhu beach

Tanjung Rhu Beach

3. Kuah (Bass Border) 

Visitors can enjoy parasailing at these beaches as they are licensed for the sport. The Parasailing boats take off from these beaches, and one can spot a good amount of parachutes in the sky. Parasailing from these beaches offers an excellent view of the Andaman waters.

Top Parasailing Operators

There are many adventure sports operators in Langkawi that provide parasailing equipment and services. One can look through their websites to brief themselves on the service and the inclusions. The top operators for parasailing in the region are:

1. Naam Sports 

Being a popular licensed operator for parasailing in Langkawi, Naam Sports offer specially designed boats called Sea Osprey and parasail from Pantai Cenang, Kuah and Tanjung Rhu. Tourists claim their safety standards to be unmatched in the whole of Langkawi because they are entirely insured as they strictly follow their safety guidelines. They launch and load people at the boat itself, and the entire process is seamless. 
Capacity: Upto 3 people per flight 
Safety: Harness and life vests according to the height and weight of the people
Duration: 30 minutes 
Rate: RM 200 per flight 
Other offerings: They play music during the ride to add the enjoyment factor
Phone: +6049639201
Email: [email protected]

2. Langkawi Go Tours

With ten years of experience in offering immersive parasailing experiences, Langkawi Go Tours has 50 crews working as the backbone of the organisation. They offer flights from Cenang Beach and that too, with safe landing and launching, directly to/from the boat or beach. 
Duration: 10 minutes in the air
Capacity: Upto 3 people per flight
Safety: Harness and life vests according to the height and weight of the people
Rate:Starting from RM170 (Look out for discounts!)
Phone: +60142295769

3. Langkawi Gliders

Parasailing Gliders offers some fun activities, and one of the major ones is parasailing in Langkawi. People can take the paramotor ride with Langkawi Gliders and experience 'A one day pilot'. Excitement and thrill are guaranteed with them, keeping safety a priority. 
Duration: 15-20 minutes flight
Price: RM250
Phone: +60 14-636 3685

Per Parasail Capacity

The parasail has a lifting capacity of 2-3 people at one go. So, one can enjoy the ride with a partner or family. 

Duration of Ride

Usually, the entire parasailing session lasts for 30 minutes, with 10 minutes ride from the boat offshore to a safe water area before launching, then 10 minutes of air travel and lastly, coming down and taking the 10 minutes of a boat ride to the shore. 

Safety Tips

  • There have been accidents from time to time while parasailing in Langkawi. The reasons for such mishaps have been parachutes landing on tall coconut trees, overhead power lines and tall buildings. People have succumbed to severe injuries in the past, and some cases have turned fatal as well. 
  • This can be avoided by choosing a licensed local parasailing operator. There are many unlicensed ones offering parasailing on its beaches. 
  • A licensed operator functions safely and legally and provides all the necessary equipment for parasailing fitted onboard.
  • A licensed operator takes the person offshore to safe waters before smoothly launching and lifting. 
  • They also take care of the person's height and weight before they choose the kind of harness and life vest that must be provided, to ensure a completely safe aerial journey. 
It is inevitable that parasailing in Langkawi is an integral part of the region's adventure sports for its breathtaking views, which could reason many unscrupulous operators trying to lure visitors at low prices. It is wiser and safer to check for a licensed operator, even if the cost is high. Adventure is best experienced when the safety quotient is high. Keeping these things in mind, one can enjoy the best parasailing experience at Langkawi!

This post was published by CR Anjali

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