What is the best time to visit Langkawi?

November to March is the best time to visit Langkawi, as this is when peninsular Malaysia receives the most sunshine. The weather during this period is relatively cold and pleasant. Although Langkawi falls into the tropical zone, it does not experience severe or unstable weather changes that Malaysia typically does. The reason behind it is that Langkawi is well-protected by the island of Sumatra on its west and the Malaysian mainland on its east. Due to its strategic location, the temperatures remain fairly consistent throughout the year, hovering between 25 degree to 34 degree Celsius. This region experiences two distinct seasons, namely the wet season from April to October and the dry season from November to March. February is considered as the hottest month of the year, while September to October is the wettest period. During monsoon, the rains last for only 2-3 hours and are usually followed by sunshine.

Weather in Langkawi


Upcoming Langkawi Weather

Monthly Weather in Langkawi

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 25° 3 days
February 31°/ 25° 4 days
March 32°/ 26° 7 days
April 31°/ 26° 24 days
May 31°/ 26° 26 days
June 31°/ 26° 18 days
July 31°/ 27° 12 days
August 30°/ 27° 20 days
September 30°/ 26° 19 days
October 30°/ 25° 31 days
November 30°/ 25° 25 days
December 30°/ 25° 7 days

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Langkawi in November

The decline of rainfall marks the month of November. The daily temperature range may vary between 30 and 23 degrees Celsius. It is sunny during the day, making it a perfect opportunity to go on a hike. The winds pick up the pace, and it is generally cooler during this time as compared to the previous month. The month of November also marks the arrival of the dry season.

Events & Festivals in November
Get your ticket to the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta, an international-level 3-day yacht race that kickstarts at Port Klang, to Pangkor, and finishes at Langkawi. The event falls in the second week of November this year.

Langkawi in December

If you’re looking to soak in the sun and plan to indulge in myriad outdoorsy activities, visit Langkawi in December. The daily temperature range in December may vary between 30 and 22 degrees Celsius. This period happens to coincide with winter holidays in schools and colleges across the world, thus justifying the sharp spike in the tourist footfall. Unless you make reservations in advance, there is a solid chance you may be stranded without a place to stay at.

Events & Festivals in December
The island hosts a music festival in the final week of December that sees performances by new-age artists hailing from Fiji, Guam and Papua New Guinea, to name a few. This event coincides with another music festival, Langkawi International Blues Roots Aseana, where a range of top-shot international blues artists and local musicians come together to perform. It's close to impossible to have a white Christmas in Langkawi, but this doesn't mean that the celebrations are any less festive. You can expect a fabulous display of fireworks on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Langkawi in October

October is the wettest month of the year. The daily temperature range may vary between 30 and 23 degrees Celsius. If you’re a solo traveller, this is an ideal time to visit Langkawi. You will find plenty of cafes and restaurants offering great deals on food and drinks. You are also more likely to receive a deferential treatment from your hotel owner and bar server. Besides this, it is also a great time to go on a fishing adventure, albeit when it is not raining.

Events & Festivals in October
The most significant event of the year is the Royal Langkawi International Bike Festival conducted in the first week of October. It is an annual bikers event in Langkawi that welcomes big bike brands, biking enthusiasts, and bikers from diverse nations like Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. Fireworks and celebratory gatherings all across Langkawi mark the festival of Diwali. It is a prominent Hindu festival which will be held on the 26th of October this year.

Langkawi in Off Season

September to October is an offseason in Langkawi owing to thunderstorms and rainfall. Having said that, rains usually last for around 2 to 3 hours. The island turns a lush green around this time. If the prospect of misty skies and a fresh, cool breeze is not alluring enough, the fact that airfare and accommodation prices are dirt cheap in the offseason should be a good enough incentive for you to visit Langkawi in the offseason.

Langkawi in High Season / Peak Season

If you want to experience Langkawi in the peak season, anytime between December and February is ideal for a tropical getaway. Warm and sunny weather, teeming nightlife, and duty-free shopping ports draw plenty of tourists from far and wide. However, if you plan to visit the island in January, which is the peak tourist month, then make sure you book your accommodation and flight in advance. The high season is the best time to pursue adventure activities like hiking and caving.

Langkawi in Shoulder Season

Shoulder season in Langkawi, which generally falls between mid-April and August, offers the best of both high and off-season travel. Although there are chances of a light sprinkle in the afternoon, you will mostly enjoy decent weather, fewer crowds, long-enough daylight and slashed hotel prices. Less tourist footfall means you will have the opportunity to explore renowned attractions on the island, like the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, at your own pace.

Langkawi in January

January ushers the warm and dry season in Langkawi. The daily temperature range in January may vary between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius. Most days are bright and sunny while the nights are cold and balmy. Barring exceptions, the sky remains clear and the sea is calm. You can utilise the long-daylight hours by taking a cruise or a boat tour to adjoining islands. Since high humidity level may cause dry skin, carry a moisturiser with SPF at all times.

Events & Festivals in January
The New Year celebrations are in full swing on the 1st of January. Kuah town and Pantai Cenang are known mainly for their over-the-top New Year soirees. You can further immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of Langkawi by taking part in Pongal; a prominent Hindu festival celebrated on the 14th of January. In the final week of January, you have a chance to see 50 yachts battle it out in Royal Langkawi International Regatta, an international sailing competition.

Langkawi in February

February is the hottest month of the year in Langkawi. The daily temperature range in February may vary between 22 and 33 degrees Celsius. The temperatures soar in the day, but they drop rapidly during the night. With the weather being pleasant in the evening, most tourists make a beeline for Langkawi’s hip nightlife. You can also cool off in the day by indulging in some of the renowned water sports like swimming and snorkelling.

Events & Festivals in February
Celebrate the Chinese New Year in the first week of February by trying out a variety of Chinese drinks and dishes in Langkawi restaurants at discounted rates. You can also catch the Langkawi Squid Challenge in the final week of February, a quirky international event where native and non-native fishermen compete over catching squids.

Langkawi in March

The daily temperature range in March may vary between 34 and 23 degrees Celsius. March continues to see high tourist footfall owing to the dry season in the region. There is hardly any rainfall during this month, but you may be blessed with occasional showers once in a while to offer you some respite from the heat. Guided tours, island hopping and surfboarding makes for the perfect outdoor activities during March.

Events & Festivals in March
Get your ticket to the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition, the largest platform for Asia’s maritime technology. The event, which occurs in the final week of March, attracts prominent faces from the world aerospace industry.

Langkawi in April

April marks the end of the dry period in Langkawi. The daily temperature range in April may vary between 34 and 25 degrees Celsius. The seasonal change influences the tourist numbers to a great extent. You will notice fewer visitors in the streets in April as compared to March. Nevertheless, the hotel tariffs continue to be high. As the rainfall patterns are slightly unpredictable, remember to carry an umbrella with you everywhere. The sea continues to remain calm, but to be on the safe side, exercise caution while indulging in water sports.

Events & Festivals in April
Langkawi International Water Festival is, as the name suggests, a water sports event which draws tourists from far and wide to participate in fishing contest, kayak race, underwater treasure hunt, and beach netball contest. It is held in the first week of April amidst a lot of excitement. You can also sign up for the Tuba Trail Run, an annual international marathon which takes place on the 20th of April.

Langkawi in May

There is a gradual increase in the rain across Langkawi in May. Despite that, the mornings and early afternoons are generally sunny. The daily temperature range in May, may vary between 34 and 25 degrees Celsius. If it isn’t raining, you’ll find plenty of couples thronging the beach. It is considered safe to snorkel and swim in the sea. In low-visibility conditions, make sure to use low beams while driving. Also, check with the hotel authorities if the room you’re vying for has air conditioning because the weather can get quite sticky and humid in the day.

Events & Festivals in May
Witness the Langkawi International Marching Band Competition in the first week of May. This 4-day musical event hosts some of the best marching bands in the world. You can also participate in an eating competition in the world-famous Langkawi International Laksa Carnival. This event sees chefs from all over the world gather at Langkawi to prepare the Asian delight ‘Laksa’ (rice noodles). It is held sometime in the final week of May every year. Don’t forget to sign yourself up for the Wilderness Langkawi Challenge, an international event where hundreds of participants compete in adventure sports like abseiling, kayaking, running, and swimming, to name a few.

Langkawi in June

In June, there is a slight dip in maximum temperature and a rise in the humidity levels. The humidity levels are sky high in the day. The daily temperature range in June may vary between 33 and 25 degrees Celsius. Due to plunging tourist numbers, most of the tour operators offer satisfactory discounts and deals on boat tours and cruises. If you are keen to rent a car and travel across Langkawi, plan a trip in this month because car rentals become relatively cheaper. You can expect brief bursts of rain followed by thunderstorm and lightning.

Events & Festivals in June
The 18th International Mahsuri Cup mixed pair lawn bowling competition attracts lawn bowling enthusiasts from far and wide. If you’ve never been to a lawn bowl game before, why not experience it now? 4 June and 5 June are public holidays to commemorate Eid al-Fitr, a prominent religious festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of month-long fasting.

Langkawi in July

The sea breeze accounts for the drop in the evening temperature in Langkawi in July. The daily temperature range may vary between 33 and 24 degrees Celsius. The weather is optimal in the early evening for indoor activities, like visiting a museum or sitting in a cafe with a good book for company. The flights and accommodation are usually a lot cheaper at this time of the year.

Events & Festivals in July
Attend the Langkawi International Festival of Art, a crowdfunded festival that promotes art forms like painting, dance and music, pottery, and poetry, to name a few. The week-long fest kickstarts on the 17th of July. You can also enter your name in a one of a kind Runkawi Half Marathon Night Run that is hosted in the second week of July.

Langkawi in August

The daily temperature range in August may vary between 33 and 24 degrees Celsius. The frequent bouts of a rain shower in August only add to the humidity. If you’re unaffected by the weather, then you can save a considerable amount of money by travelling to Langkawi this month. It is easy to score cheap flights and stay options. Another upside is easy accessibility to less crowded tourist places. You won’t have to queue up outside your favourite attraction or restaurant.

Events & Festivals in August
All vintage car enthusiasts should make a beeline for the third edition of the Royal Langkawi Classic Car Show in the second week of August. The Royal Langkawi Cat Show, hosted in the second week, attracts a fair number of feline owners and lovers. You can end the second week by putting your best (sport) foot forward at the Royal Langkawi Golf Festival. The 31st of August is a public holiday on the occasion of the Independence Day of Malaysia. Langkawi puts up a great show of patriotism by hosting several cultural and sports activities. The Kuah town hosts colourful parades.

Langkawi in September

September marks the end of shoulder season in Langkawi. The winds begin to pick up during this time. The daily temperature range in September may vary between 33 and 23 degrees Celsius. Try and stay clear of the coast, where the winds are at their strongest. There is a marked increase in rainfall in this month. You should ideally check the weather forecast before planning your outdoor activities.

Events & Festivals in September
Gear up to watch Asian Junior Tennis ATF 14U Langkawi, an epic international tennis tournament conducted in the first week of September. The 16th of September is a public holiday on the occasion of Malaysia Day. You can expect to see a magnificent display of fireworks during this time.

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