Hiking in Langkawi - Top Trails for a Memorable Hike!

'To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.'
Langkawi, a secluded archipelago in Malaysia, not everyone would know about the treks that can be found here. Hiking in Langkawi is considered to be an unparalleled experience that can be taken up for free along the two mountains that have a significant summit experience. Condensed rainforests stretched out to the entire island make the treks all the more serene to experience. So scroll below to read all about the adventurous and phenomenal hiking trails in Langkawi.

Hiking Trails

1. Gunung Raya

Gunung Raya (Source)
A wildlife paradise amongst a relaxed environment, spanning over 12000 acres of land, Gungun Raya is the most sought after a trek while going hiking in Langkawi. This trek is not a difficult one compared to the countless treks elsewhere, but it does give you awe-inspiring views from anywhere on the trail like no other. Primarily known for its diversity in wildlife both at day time and night, this is a trail worth more than the efforts it demands.

2. Gunung Mat Cincang Jungle

If Gunung Raya is known for its fauna, then Gunung Mat Cincang is well known for its miscellany in flora. Located on one of the oldest mountains in entire Asia, it can be synonymous with the many rare birdwatchers' heaven having more than 200 species of birds. Although this 3-hour trail is a short duration, this experience of hiking in Langkawi is gifted with a natural nightlife bringing about a variety of different breathtaking animals to gaze upon.

3. Skytrail

This name was given to this trek specifically for its initiation point and the destination it leads to. Although the trail can be covered by a cable car, this 2-kilometre Langkawi hike is much more valuable. Set on a mountain that is millions of years old, this short hike provides tons of picturesque views that can be offered on a leisure trail. On this trek, one finds themselves traversing through dense rainforest on hilly terrain with flora and fauna worth gaping at.

4. Gunung Mat Cincang Peak

Gunung Mat Cincang (Source)
A trail concealed from most of the general public, this trek could very well be classified as one of the most grinding treks in all of Asia. Spawned with an assortment of rainforest trees and orchids, the path to the summit is just as wonderful as the destination is. The peak gets you on top of the second-highest mountain in Langkawi, the views from there are oh-so-fascinating. You also get to gaze at the cable cars, up close and personal, which are surrounded by a fantastic amount of rainforest trees.

Best Time to Go Hiking in Langkawi

The Langkawi trails are not seasonal, which gives tourists plenty of time to work with when planning a hiking trip. You have to beware of rainfall as it can act as a deterrent to the views and experience offered by these treks. The best time to visit would be the months November through April as they provide the right mix of light showers and pleasing sunlight. You can always expect humidity in Langkawi so be prepared for temperatures around 30 degrees all day round.

Packing Essentials 

Hiking Gear (Source)
A hiking bag, hiking boots, and a first aid kit are essentials while going hiking in Langkawi. One should always have plenty of water when trekking in Langkawi as the humidity can do a number on anyone. Another essential for Langkawi would be raincoat or a poncho which are to be used in rain showers that can come unexpectedly.


  • Hiking in LangkawiAll these treks can be done free of cost, so you don't have to worry about depressing your wallet by paying for any permits or passes.
  • Drinking water is a must whether you are trekking or not, as the humidity doesn't allow you to make the most out of your trip otherwise.
  • Public transport is minimal around the treks, so you should rent a scooter for a better mode of transportation to reach your destinations.
Hiking in Langkawi is not the first adventure that comes to one's mind while looking for engaging hikes, but that does not mean that these trails are inferior to the more popular ones in any way. No one can ever stress the fact enough that all these treks can be done free of cost so they can be a great way to begin your expeditions or just a way to give your wallets a much-appreciated break.

This post was published by Sonali Garg

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