18 Landscapes of Thailand | Most Beautiful Places in Thailand

Lush green forests clouding the hills, serene skies, breathtaking nightlights, and wonders of islands; Thailand is home to one of the most diverse sets of landscapes. Thailand has always been a popular tourist destination for its activities, nightlife, architecture, and it is no less majestic when it comes to natural masterpieces. The landscapes of Thailand have got you covered with everything from misty mountains to sandy beaches. Here’s a look at the most stunning landscapes of this Southeast Asian gem. 

1. Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon Park, Landscapes of Thailand

Proudly the highest peak in the country, this landscape of Thailand reaches 2565 meters. Situated amidst the Doi Inthanon National Park, the vicinity is dotted with jagged mountains, opulent greenery, waterfalls, and rich flora and fauna. Moreover, visitors pay a special visit to the sanctuary housing more than 362 species of birds; many which are endemic to Thailand. Apart from taking in the natural beauty of Doi Inthanon, visitors are equally spellbound by its intriguing history and rich architecture. The landscape contains monuments which were once built for the Kings and Queens at the peaks of the mountains. Travellers also participate in the local trade, cruise the eateries, and enjoy their stay at comfortable accommodations provided nearby. Preserving nature at its best, the Doi Inthanon peak is a must-see of Thailand.

2. Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint, Landscapes of Thailand

Only a half an hour ride away from Phuket, the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is increasingly becoming one of the most popular landscapes of Thailand. A stunning viewpoint where visitors find themselves far away from civilization and the metropolitan buzz. The Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is especially renowned as even the Milky Way becomes visible sometimes. Boasting of several small islands, breathtaking sunrises, and luxurious camping sites; the Samet Nangshe is every nature lover’s delight. Visitors usually camp out under the stars, explore the summits and hills, enjoy the local delicacies, and lounge around.

3. Baiyoke Tower II

Bangkok,_Thailand_20190712152704.jpg" alt="Baiyoke Tower II" width="700" height="467" data-mce-src="https://www.holidify.com/images/cmsuploads/compressed/800px-The_Baiyoke_Tower_II_in_Bangkok,_Thailand_20190712152704.jpg">

Apart from some of the most treasured natural sceneries, Thailand also has spectacular cityscapes to offer. One of the best landscapes of Bangkok city can be visible from Bangkok’s highest rooftop and the country’s second-tallest building, which is the Baiyoke Tower II. At the height of a massive 309 meters with 84 stories, visitors make their way up to witness the most serene skyline. The tower also offers an adventurous skywalk along with a revolving rooftop to grasp the 360-degree view. While this viewpoint is prominently a day’s outing, visitors can also seek accommodation within the tower as it is one of the most famous hotels in the country. Put together with six stories of shopping arenas, ranging from renowned labels to local brands, every shopaholic can find something to their liking here.

4. Nang Yuan Viewpoint

Nang Yuan Viewpoint, Landscapes of Thailand

If you ever come across pictures of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, rocky beach sides, and bamboo huts; it is in all probability the Nang Yuan Viewpoint. This viewpoint is situated in Koh Tao Island which is literally translated into “Turtle Island”. Renowned for water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and more, this island is also home to preciously preserved coral reefs. This viewpoint and island offer an excellent selection of guesthouses and beachside resorts, along with authentic Thai delicacies, and buzzing nightlife.

5. Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint

Khao Ngon Nak VIewpoint

Khao Ngon Nak or the Dragon Crest Mountain is a trail summit located in Krabi. About 565 meters above sea level, it is considered a relatively easy climb, which makes it ideal for family outings. Hikers and visitors make their way up to grasp the most picturesque view of the town below and capture the highly popular “living life on the edge” photograph. The Khao Ngon Nak is decorated with water springs, waterfalls, two stunning viewpoints, and also a panoramic view. This rocky adventure is preferable for a day’s visit and visitors also explore the Krabi province for shopping and local cuisine.

6. Northern Viewpoint Khao Yai 

Khao Yai Viewpoint, Landscapes of Thailand

Thailand is home to the Northern Viewpoint which is proudly located in Khao Yai National Park; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a plethora of rich flora and fauna, mountains as a backdrop, freshwaters, and lush green island beaches; The Northern Viewpoint in Khao Yai is a landscape site completely out of this world. Enriched with hiking tours, waterfalls, mountain ranges, night exploration, and more, visitors often make it a point to pay a visit to this nature’s trove. The national park has several activities in store such as hiking, exploring the lakes and waterfalls, checking out the farm and wine trail, along with a deer park. Additionally, the Khao Yai Art Museum is another excellent inclusion of Thai culture to your visit. Accommodation is convenient as the site is a famous camping spot and connectivity is made accessible with a short ride away from mainland city.

7. Karon Viewpoint 

Karon Viewpoint, Landscapes of Thailand

Perhaps one of the most renowned landscapes of Thailand which travellers visit, the Karon viewpoint offers an excellent view of three gorgeous beaches. It is possible to see the Kata Yai, Karon, and Kata Noi beaches from this site. The Karon viewpoint landscape is often referred to as the Three Beaches Hill, or “Khao Saam Haad”. With every corner as a postcard-worthy shot, the viewpoint has a stunning shot of the Andaman Sea, an 8km site of the three beaches, the famous Villa Royale, and much more. Preferred to be a day’s outing, the site also has snack bars, gazebos, and a beachside to explore.

8. Phi Phi Viewpoint 

Phi Phi Viewpoint, Landscapes of Thailand

A half an hour walk to the top, the Phi Phi Viewpoint is 186 meters high, with scenic views from every nook and cranny. Outlines of palm trees, cerulean waters, the townscape below, and the most calming atmosphere are what Phi Phi Viewpoint is all about. The top of the point has several stands of beverages, ice cream, snacks, and more, along with hammocks to relax with a view. From the top of Phi Phi, visitors make sure to capture the Phi Phi Leh, the village, and Loh Dalum bays. The dumbbell-shaped island is a popular sight. The location also offers nearby walks to Rantee Beach, PakNam Beach, and Ao Toh Koh. Perfect for getting away from the city buzz for a day Phi Phi Viewpoint landscape is ideal for family outings.

9. Lom Sak Cliffs

Lom Sak Cliffs, Landscapes of Thailand

Overarching a dense jungle below, the Lom Sak Cliffs are celebrated as one of the most authentic natural sites of the country. The Cliffs are housed in the Phu Kradueng National Park, which is known as Thailand’s second oldest. Though it is slightly difficult to reach the cliffs, roadway connectivity is becoming more and more accessible. The cliffs’ viewpoint is near to a café where many visitors like to lounge around. Apart from the cliffs, the mountain itself makes a splendid site for trekking and tourists venture around to explore the wild animals and also the elephants. Though the area is closed during monsoon, the best time to visit is from October to May.

10. Cheow Lan Lake 

Cheow Lan Lake, Landscapes of Thailand

Cheow Lan Lake is a beautiful lakeside landscape located amidst the Khao Sok National Park. Perhaps the most interesting part of this Khao Sok is that it is considered as the world’s oldest rainforest. The diversity of the flora and fauna of the Khao Sok National Park is often held on par with the Amazon forest. Visitors usually campout or stay around the local resorts to explore the Lake to its fullest potential. With activities like kayaking, hiking, exploring the caves, and climbing around nearby summits; there’s something here for everyone. 

11. Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Fa

A mountain with immense natural beauty and spiritual importance, the Phu Chi Fa is a splendid visit to absorb both the Thai culture and the country's breathtaking views. From a gorgeous sunrise to duvets of fog surrounding the forests, mountainscapes in the backdrop, and rich flora and fauna; the mountain is home to an experience of a lifetime. Visitors enjoy trekking up the hillside and explore the local tribes that reside in the village hills. If you're lucky, you may also spot the local children dressed up and singing songs during sunrise. Plan a weekend's getaway and camp under the starry skies.

12. Emerald Lake 

Emerald Lake, Landscapes of Thailand

Amongst the several natural wonders, Thailand is highly popular for the iconic Emerald Lake with fresh blue waters surrounding a variety of islands. Emerald Lake has been a long-held inspiration for films, theatre, other art forms, along with being the signature landscape spot of Thailand. Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, is the raw natural beauty of the Ang Thong National Marine Park archipelago. It inhabits about 42 islands, and the most scenic site of this “Golden Basin” is the Emerald Lake. Essentially the lake is a water body spanning across several islands which are connected underwater. Visitors enjoy taking boat and ferry rides across the waters and hike up the Emerald Lake Trail. Visitors can stay at the Emerald Lake Lodge or the resorts available on the beachside.

13. Sam Phan Bok 

Sam Phan Bok, Landscapes of Thailand

Popularly known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand, this rocky formation is renowned for its abstract features and mythical stories surrounding it. Sam Phan Bok is situated along the neighbouring side of Laos, and its natural beauty is incomparable. Visitors like to walk around the rock structures to click photographs, explore the nearby banks, and also experience the local Isan culture. The name Sam Phan Bok is translated as three thousand holes which do justice to the several depressions found in the rock structure. Tourists and pairs also try to identify the different kinds of shapes! This landscape is best explored during the dry season as the monsoon often engulfs the rock formation.

14. Tham Lot Cave

Tham Lot Cave, Landscapes of Thailand

The Tham Lot Cave is a must-see landscape of Thailand, dotted along a secret stream in the country. With 1.5 kilometres in length, travellers hop on the boat to explore the colourful and strikingly beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Visitors who prefer to walk inside can also venture inside on foot. The entirety of the cave is connected as three main caves inside. Guided tours are available on the boat ride, and it is truly an experience of a lifetime. Visitors will also spot cave paintings of deer and other animals; making it a delight for the history buffs. The cave is a bus ride away from the main city.

15. Aow Kao Kwai

Aow Kao Kwai, Landscapes of Thailand

A landscape taken right out of a mythical novel, every trip to Thailand is incomplete without exploring this natural phenomenon. Aow Kao Kwai is a landscape housing a secretly kept natural beauty, also known as the Buffalo Bay. With cove-like structures, sandy beaches, clear waters, and untouched beauty; it makes the perfect destination for a weekend away from the city buzz. The Aow Kao Kwai is quietly nestled in Thailand and becomes an ideal spot to host night parties. Visitors can also take taxi boats to nearby destinations. Comfortable accommodation is accessible as there are more than 40 nearby beach hotels.

16. Phanom Rung Historical Park 

Phanom Rung Historical Park, Landscapes of Thailand

With a blend of spirituality and nature, Phanon Rung Historical Park is home to a monument which is no less than an architectural masterpiece. It is home to the Hindu Khmer Temple which has a past dating back to the 10th century. What’s more? The vicinity is located just below a volcano. Visitors spend their time exploring the archaeological goldmine, along with taking in its Khmer and Buddhist influences. Travellers also get themselves clicked at the red carpet like massive stairway built entirely of red stone. Being a perfect destination for a daytime excursion, the Phanom Rung Historical Park is a landscape just 20km away from the mainland city.

17. Mor Hin Khao 

Mor Hin Khao, Landscapes of Thailand

A natural feature of surreal beauty, the Mor Hin Khao is a myth come alive. The natural stone like structures emerging beneath the starry night sky are considered synonymous to The Stonehenge. Legend has it that when the town was settled in the nearby vicinity, a beam of light would appear amongst the stone structures on the nights of the Buddhist Sabbath. These natural features are a natural construction, developed from minerals and sandstone. With a great blend of spiritual importance and natural phenomenon, visitors prefer to campout overnight, along with exploring the nearby cliffs, caves, viewpoints, and scenic waterfalls. 

18. Thi Lo Su Waterfall

Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Landscapes of Thailand

Thi Lo Su Waterfall is a scenic landscape in Thailand, especially popular since it is the largest one in the country. With 300 meters in height, it is nestled in the UmPhang Wildlife Sanctuary in Tak Province. The waterfall is a combination of several nearby ones and is proudly a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. Amongst lounging around and taking in the natural views, visitors also take on trekking, white water rafting, Scenic River rafting, and more. Though the waterfall viewing is usually a day’s trip, travellers staying overnight also seek accommodation at the nearby hotels and cottages.

A trip to Thailand is a trip to a mosaic of natural, cultural, spiritual, and adventurous experiences. Ranging from UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to waterfalls, cityscapes, and even natural formations; there’s nothing the country misses out on.

This post was published by Priya Thakur

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