8 Cruises in Thailand To Experience On Your Next Vacation

Thailand's beautiful coastline is perfect for cruising and island hopping. But the sea is not the only area where you can enjoy a cruise and see the country from a different perspective. With three beautiful rivers Chao Phraya, Mekong, and Kwai, River cruising is also a perfect option to relax, enjoy and explore the historical insights of Thailand.

Here Are 8 Cruises in Thailand That You Should Take -

1. Chao Phraya Cruise (Chao Phraya River)

Chao Phraya Cruise

One of the best luxurious experiences in Chaophraya River, the Chaophraya cruise takes visitors on tour through Thai Architecture and Bangkok's culture and history standing alongside the river.

The cruise ship consists of two decks - the lower deck is air-conditioned, and the upper deck is open-air. The glamorous, modern and classy decoration inside showcasing Thai influences will make your dinner cruise experience memorable.

The journey starts from River City Pier and the cruise visits Grand Palace, Phra Sumen Fort, Royal National Museum, Wat Arun and Wat Kanlayanamitr.

Cost: For Adult 999 THB and Kids (5-10 Years) 799 THB
Website: Chaophrayacruise.com

2. Manohra Cruise (Chao Phraya River)

Manohra Cruise

The path of Manohara Cruise touches almost all the major attractions besides the Chao Phraya River. Santa Cruz Church, Taksin Bridge, Wat Kanlayanamit Woramahawihan, Grand Palace, Maharaj Pier, and Phra Sumen Fort, are some of them.

The Manohra Cruise ships are remodelled versions of antique rice barges. They are built with polished teak wood and crafted in the traditional rua-krachaeng style, meaning 'a boat with a canopy'. These deep-hulled hardwood vessels were once used as a mode of transportation, especially during Thailand's Thonburi period in the mid-18th century.

Today, in place of transport, these barges have transitioned to offer luxurious floating journeys. Combined with vintage and luxurious modern comfort, Manohra Cruises, offers one of the best heritage journeys along the Chao Phraya River.

Cost: 2000 THB per person
Website: Manohracruises.com

3. Supanniga Cruise (Chao Phraya River)

Supannige Cruise

Supanniga Cruise is one of the best River cruises in the Chao Phraya River. Supanniga Cruise is a fairly new 40-seat Bangkok dinner cruise that gives a whole new perspective of Bangkok and its surroundings. The best part is experiencing the sunset in Bangkok from the cruise sipping in a glass of champagne.

Cosy-dinner with some of the popular dishes of Supanniga will never let you forget this luxurious tour. The fusion of Modern Design and Thai Heritages gives an elegant look to the cruise.

Cost: 1250 THB per person
Website: Supannigacruise.com

4. Mekhala Rice Barge (Chao Phraya River)

Mekhala Rice Berge

The Mekhala Rice Barge cruise on the historic waterways of Chao Phraya river, is undertaken on restored and repurposed rice barges of the old. This river cruise takes place between Bangkok and the ancient Siamese capital of Ayutthaya, where all the historical attractions are located. Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is Thailand's equivalent to the Angkor Wat Temple.

The two-day trip consists of visiting Regal Palaces, historical temples, and Bangkok's famous markets.

The two-deck barges feature six double cabins for up to 12 guests. Each cabin has its own bathroom. While these barges lack modern facilities, but they are more than enough for homely comfort and offers a traditional way of life experience.

Cost: 14800 THB  per person for 2Days/1Night
Website: Mekhala.com

5. Loy Nava Dinner Cruise (Chao Phraya River)

Loy Nava Dinner Cruise

Cruising since the year 1970, Loy Nava is a remodelled version of an ancient rice barge. This cruise offers a voyage into the Thai culture, delicious food, and tranquil surroundings.

This dinner cruise offers an ultimate view of the city's historic riverside structures lit up at night such as Wat Arun(Temple of Dawn) and the Famous Grand Palace.

During the dining, traditional Thai Kim music is played, and traditional Thai dishes are served to form each distinct region. If you are on vacation with your partner and want a romantic candlelit experience, then the Loy Nava Dinner Cruise can be a great choice for you.

Cost: 2295 THB per person
Website: Loynava.com

6. Suwan Macha Junk (Andaman Sea)

Suwan Macha is a luxurious Schooner, rigged with sails of a traditional junk, sailing in the Andaman sea from Phuket to Phi Phi. This cruise takes you along the Phang Nga Bay, which is blessed with tranquil water and beautiful islands.

The four-day program to sail in the sea is an ideal way to experience the beautiful Phang Nga Bay with a fresh new perspective. Throughout the cruise, you will visit James Bond Island, Phi Phi, and Maya Bay cave.

Due to the itinerary is stretched into four days, you will get plenty of time to relax, do sightseeing and watch the beautiful sunset from the deck. Also, there is scuba and snorkelling gear on board for anyone who wishes to explore the marine life along the cruiseway.
Cost: Price ranges from 23295 THB to 39195 THB.

7. Star Clipper (Andaman Sea)

Star Clipper

A truly luxurious ship, Star Clipper combines traditional sailing with modern-day facilities to provide a luxurious, authentic experience to the visitors.

With the air-conditioned suite cabins, this ship can carry up to 170 guests. Guests can choose from double-bed, twin or bunk bed cabins. The deck features two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor bars and Edwardian Style Library with fireplace.

The seven-night tour consists of circular cruising from and to Phuket visiting Similan Island, Phang Nga Bay, and Koh Rok Nok on the way.

Another seven-night cruise runs between Phuket and Singapore taking to Similan Island, Phang Nga Bay, Penang, and Malacca.

Website: Starclippers.com

8. RV River Kwai (Kwai River)

RV River Kwai

The RV River Kwai travels through a riverway of limestone gorges,jungle-clad riverbanks, and tiered waterfalls. This cruise is a fairly new cruise. Built with an elegant colonial style with the design inspired by Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, This cruise brings a Grand luxury experience of the colonial era into the modern world.

The three-night circular course starts from Bangkok and visits Kanchanaburi, a town known for its World War II sites like Hellfire Pass and Death Railway and then returns to Bangkok.

With two decks and ten cabins, RV River Kwai accommodates 20 guests and focuses on learning the culture and excursions to notable sites along the river such as rural villages, Khmer ruins, and temples. The open upper deck offers a flexible place that functions as a dining place and a viewing gallery.

Cost: 37000 THB per person(Approx) for 4days/3nights.

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