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"The wild west"

Kanchanaburi Tourism

Kanchanaburi is a city situated at the confluence of river Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai. It's well known for its waterfalls and national parks. The most important attraction of this place is the "Death Railway" built during the World War II. All in all, Kanchanaburi is a treat for nature and history lovers.

Become a famous tourist attraction after the novel 'The bridge over the River Kwai', Kanchanaburi has a lot in store for history and nature enthusiasts. The Death Railway, Bridge over Kwae and the Allied war cemetery are popular historic sightings. The waterfalls, caves, rafting expeditions in the River Kwai, the elephant sanctuary and many national parks make it one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Most people usually take a trip to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok, and return to Bangkok. Besides couples and families, it has become a popular spot for backpackers too.

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Currency in Kanchanaburi

Major cards are accepted at all the hotels and even some guesthouses. But the local vendors and drivers accept cash. ATMs are all across the city and carrying cards is safer too. However, some amount of Thai Baht will always be helpful.

Exchanging Money in Kanchanaburi

Currency exchange services are offered at almost all the banks. Some of the larger hotels and resorts also provide this service. The rate is minimal, but you can also choose to exchange at the airports. The exchange rate at all the places is minimal and with almost no difference.

Daily Budget for Kanchanaburi

The most important consideration in Kanchanaburi is the access fee to various museums and national parks which range from 100-200 Baht. The food here is comparitively cheaper costing you around 300 Baht per day. Travelling around costs 80-100 Baht. So in total, a daily budget of 1,000 Baht would suffice.

Religion of Kanchanaburi

Buddhism is the major religion followed in Kanchanaburi.

Tips While Visiting Kanchanaburi

  • Kanchanaburi is not very strict with following any particular dressing code, so if you're visiting during summer months, feel free to wear shorts.

  • Although, while entering temples, you should be careful and preferably cover yourself appropriately.

  • Thais are very calm and patient people, so always maintain a smile on your face while talking to them because being rude is going to get you no good.

  • Tipping is not common, but it's nice to tip waiters or hotel staff for good service.

Language of Kanchanaburi

Thai ans especially southern Thai is spoken more in Kanchanaburi. Most hotels and restaurants have staff who speak English, so it shouldn't be very difficult to converse. However, some local vendors might know very little English, so it is advisable to learn a few Thai phrases for a smoother experience.

History of Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi has a more recent history, dating back to the World War II. The Death Railway was built by the Allied prisoners of war and the Asian labourers under the Japanese command during the war. Due to time restrictions, thousands of Australians, British, Dutch and other Allied POWs were forced to work on the Thai-Burma military supply railway. While working, most of them died.

Nightlife in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi boasts a great amount of bars and pubs. A lot of guesthouses function their own karaoke bars. Drinks can prove to be a little expensive at night clubs, but the Mae Nam Kwae road has many cheap places. Firefly, Buddha Bar, Red Tanks bar come among some of the most popular bars.

Shopping in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a centre of gemstone mining industry, hence this is one of the best souvenirs travellers usually buy. Blue sapphires can be found at any stall here. There are many more stalls selling bamboo crafts, ceramics and other home d_cor items. Head to the night market and the fresh market for a delightful food experience.

Restaurants and Local Food in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi doesn�t make it to the top list of best food places in Thailand, but it is still decent and you can explore some really great things. The night market has a great variety of fried insects and grilled meats A speciality of here is the gooey grilled bananas, coconut sticky rice with mango and jackfruit, and the range of prepared curries. Chukdon night market is a better option among others. The central fresh market has loads of seafood options. There are many floating restaurants along the Mae Nam Khwae road for a different experience and a western meal.
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How To Reach Kanchanaburi

Trains depart daily from Thonburi Bangkok station to Kanchanaburi and return; and buses depart daily from Sai Tai Mai and Morchit terminals in Bangkok.

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