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Imagine sitting peacefully in a tent away from the bustle of the city, sipping your tea while you marvel at the starry sky and reflect about your life, which is something one rarely gets time to do nowadays. If this image has already got you packing for a holiday, then camping in Oman would be a great idea, and worry not we have all the information you may need. The country with its diverse topography offers a range of activities for adventure lovers like swimming, diving, off-roading and camping. Moreover, wild camping- putting up a tent in public areas- is legal in Oman. This makes camping in Oman the perfect option for experienced campers to enjoy a trip in complete solitude. Could this get any better?

Best Places to Go Camping in Oman

The beauty of camping in Oman is that you have a variety of choices that is difficult to find in other places. From camping on islands to camping on a mountain, there is no dearth of options here. The country does not have official campsites with bathroom facilities. 

1. Bandar Al Khiran 

Bandar Al Khiran
Just an hour ride away from the capital city of Oman, Muscat, the cove of Bandar Al Khiran is a sight to behold. The camping site which is accessible only on foot is located between sandy cliffs, the rocky beach has formed a small lake of clear blue water bear the starting of the sea. The campsite is right beside the lake which makes this a very good spot for those who love swimming and fishing. While putting up your tent make sure that you don't pitch it too low as this may result in flooding during high tide. Since this is a popular spot for camping in Oman, it is best to go on a weekday to have it completely for yourself.
GPS Location: N23° 30’ 4.5” E58° 44’ 2.2”

2. Wadi Suneik

Wadi Suneik, Oman
This serene and peaceful is no less than a slice of heaven. A freshwater lake surrounded by ridges and palm trees this place makes for a beautiful experience of camping in Oman. The temperature of the water in the pool is perfect for a dip to cool off the heat from the weather. Wadi Suneik is pretty off the road so you may hardly find anyone else there and may also have this wonder all to yourself.

3. Jebel Shams

Jebel Shams
For those who love to combine a hiking trip with camping, this is the perfect option. The mountain range is a three and a half hour road journey away from Muscat. It provides you with a beautiful view from atop mountain peaks. The cool weather, the temperature here ranges between 10°C to 15°C, makes it the perfect camping place during the summer season. The oxygen may drop a bit since the mountains are as high 3005m. The preferred camping location is at the edge of the canyon. One of the main attractions of camping in Jebel Shams is to capture the magical view of the night sky in one's camera.

4. Fazayah Beach

Fazayah Beach, Oman
Located 64 km away from Salalah International Airport, this is one of the most magical beaches in Oman. The view from the beach is beyond description and will be a perfect way of finishing off or starting your journey.

5. Masirah Kiteboarding Camp

Kiteboarding Oman
Located off the east coast of Oman, the island is a beauty to behold in itself. Now if you are looking for some adventure as well, the kiteboarding camp is a good choice for you. The camp located on the beautiful turquoise sea offers a range of water sports such as water-skiing, kiteboarding, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing, snorkelling. The camp is particularly popular among water sports enthusiasts as this is a chance for meeting like-minded people. The camps are already built here by the Masirah beach camp. You will have toilet and shower facilities and drinking water will also be available.

6. Khor Rori

Khor Rori
An archaeological site in Oman will bring the historical aspect of Oman to the fore as it is only a few minutes walk from Sumhuram ruins. Located in the Dhofar this desert region is a very beautiful option for camping in Oman. You will also get a chance to interact closely with a camel which comes near the creeks. The Khor (creek) is fed freshwater from the Wadi Darbat so you can easily use the water from here for cooking purposes.

7. Wahiba Sands

Wahiba Sands
A trip to the middle east cannot be complete without visiting the deserts, and camping in deserts is a different experience altogether. Also known as The Sharqiya Sands, the desert is located 240 km away from Muscat, it takes around 2 to 3 hours by road from Muscat. While the mountains are best suited for the summer season, the desert provides a wonderful escape in the winters. The sand dunes are a sight to behold but one must be an experienced 4WD driver to traverse this landscape. If you wish to enjoy the desert experience in its entirety then you can also consider booking a desert safari. You will get to enjoy a wide range of activities such as camel rides, quad biking and hot air ballooning. If you wish to do away with the hassle of driving in the desert and setting up the camp you may book a trip with an operator. The two of the most recommended operators here are the Desert Nights Camp and the Arabian Oryx Camp.

8. Wadi Shab – Wadi Tiwi

Wadi Tiwi
These are two of the most beautiful wadis in Oman and a perfect option for camping in Oman. Located less than 2 hours drive from Muscat, the Wadi Shab has serene blue pools in the area which can be accessed after a short hike. Wadi Tiwi located nearby is just as beautiful but less popular so if you are looking for some peace and quiet then Wadi Tiwi will be a better option. The thing to keep in mind while camping here is that the rocky structures present are very pointed therefore it is recommended to pack heavy padding for sleeping and walking purposes.

9. Wadi Damm or Dhum

Wadi Dhum
Damm means hidden and there could not be a better way of describing this wadi. Located some 45 km away from the city of Ibri, the wadi is a beauty to behold. What sets it apart are the unique rock formations and the small pools interspersed in between the rock. You can enjoy a trekking trip to the small pools, while the trek in itself will not be a problem but the rocks here can be very slippery. Though the end result, the magnificent blue-green shallow lakes and small waterfalls, will be worth all the effort. During your camping trip here you might even consider exploring the tomb structures at Al Ayn and Bat. The thing to keep in mind while camping here is to choose a high ground to set up the tent as it may get flooded.

10. Sugar Dunes

Sugar Dunes
Located some 500 km away from Muscat, these dunes are accessible only with a 4WD drive. This desert has mystical white sands which adds an otherworldly feel to it. The desert stretches into the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea. Choosing a camping spot is very difficult because the whole place is so beautiful. The place is much more peaceful and quieter than the Wahiba Sands which will make the experience even more amazing. While there, you may even consider visiting the Al Khaluf village.

11. Yiti Beach

Yiti Beach
Yet another beach ideal for camping in Oman, it is a hidden paradise located just 46 km away from Muscat. The beach is accessible only with a 4WD vehicle only. The beach itself is a beautiful long golden stretch of land with a cliff on one side If you are an enthusiast of underwater sports then this will be a great camping option for you. One can go scuba diving only 24 km away from this beach. While camping here makes sure to pitch your tent much above the tide line. Moreover, prefer going here on a weekday because then you have a chance of having the whole beach for yourself.

While we have listed some of the most visited sites for camping in Oman, wild camping is legal in Oman. So you can basically pitch your tent wherever you want except for nearby villages, military grounds or inhabited areas.  

Tour Operators

To facilitate your experience of camping in Oman, there are tour operators who will provide you with pre-set-up tents. You might also consider glamping, the word is an amalgamation of glamorous and camping. It means that you live in luxurious and glamorous pre-set up camps. The concept is quite popular in Oman. Listed below are some of the tour operators which provide you with the option of glamping.

1. Desert Retreat Camp

They will provide you with pre-setup camps in the desert along with other desert activities.
Address- Bidiyah Of Oman, Al Wasil 

2. Masirah Beach Camp

These tour operators have their tents set up overlooking the Arabian sea. The luxurious tents are very comfortable and you will have a great experience with them. Moreover, your pets will also have a great time
Address- Masirah Island

3. Jebel SIFAH Glamping Camp

They guarantee you a wonderful glamping experience in their comfortable pre-made tents. The hotel offers you to choose from a wide variety of activities while glamping.
Address- Muscat

4. Desert Nights Camp

They provide you with wonderful Bedouin-style tents. You can also choose from a range of other activities such as camel ride and quad biking.
Address- Al Wasil 

Best Time to Go Camping in Oman

Being so close to the equator the country has a warm climate, therefore it is best to avoid visiting it during the summer season- May to September- which can get extremely hot. The winter season from October to February would be the ideal time for camping in Oman since the winters here are not very cold and the temperatures remain between 27°C to 18° C.

Equipment Needed

Equipment for camping

Camping means that you are completely on your own and have to look after everything from how you are going to cook to where are you going to sleep.

 For camping 
 -sleeping bag
 -flashlights along with extra batteries
 -camping pillow
 -a first aid kit

For cooking purposes
 -stove and fuel
 -frying pan
 -cooking pots
 -eating utensils
Before leaving for camping check your house for any other essentials that you cannot live without and don't forget to take along your medication if any. This is a very basic list of requirements and it will keep evolving as you become a more and more seasoned camper. If you plan on buying the camping equipment from Lulu Hypermarket.

Camping Safety Guidelines

The valleys formed by cliffs and sand rocks are known wadis, they serve as river beds to some seasonal rivers. While camping in one of these will be a unique and magical experience, please follow these steps while planning a trip to a wadi.

 -It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast before going. 
 -In case of a sudden downpour at the mouth of these rivers may cause flooding in the wadi. Though such incidents are rare in the dry season it is not worth the risk to wake up drowned ankle-deep in water.
 -Always make sure to pitch your tent on high ground and away from the water holes.

Tips to Keep in Mind

-Most of the places you will be camping will not have a dustbin so make sure to carry a garbage bag and not leave any garbage behind you on the camping site.
 -Since there are very few official camping sites in Oman you may hardly find toilet or bathroom facilities at most of these campsites. 
 -Having an experienced 4WD driver along with you will take your experience of camping in Oman to another level. There are many magical camping sites which are accessible only with a 4WD.
 -While building a campfire ensure that there is no risk of wildfire even from your own tent. For firewood, you can also buy bundles of pre-cut firewood from the supermarket.
 -While camping at beaches, make sure to pitch your tent above the high tide level. Moreover, don't forget to check the weather beforehand.
 -Do not forget to take a first aid box along with you. Some of these campsites are very far from hospitals.
 -Oman is not the best place for camping in terms of pure drinking water. You will hardly find drinking water at many camping sites, therefore, it is advisable to keep yourself well-stocked.
 -The days in Oman may get hot therefore it is recommended to stay well hydrated and pack light clothes for your trip.

The best part about camping in Oman is that most people have not discovered what a hidden gem this place can be in terms of camping so you will have a more peaceful experience away from the crowd. We hope you have an adventurous and memorable experience of camping in Oman with the help of this guide.

This post was published by Ananya Sinha

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