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The beautiful country of Oman can prove to be a visual treat for all the tourists visiting it. The traditional mosques, beautiful deserts and stunning beaches attract a large number of tourists to this beautiful country.

Here is everything you need to know about the online visa for Oman.

Online Visa for Oman

Oman e-visa

The country recently made changes in its rules and regulations, thereby, removing the facility of visa on arrival. Anyone planning to visit Oman needs to apply online for an electronic visa. The process is straightforward and helps people avoid long queues at airports for getting permits. People now can easily apply for e-Visa and get it within about 12 hours by just filling in the application form available online.

Countries Eligible For Online Visa For Oman

Conditional e-visa

Countries eligible for E-Visa:
  • United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
However, in exceptional cases, if people of these countries have a residence permit or a valid visa of countries like the  are eligible to apply for an e-visa to Oman. Thus, this makes them suitable for Conditional e-visa. People who become eligible for e-visa are exempted from hassles of going to embassies, meeting bureaucrats and waiting for a long time for the visa to arrive. Not only the visa is received quickly by the applicants but also the entire payment and submission of documents is done digitally.

The conditional e-visa is a term unique to Oman. Certain countries are not eligible for online e-visa, like India. Hence, people from such online visa-exempt countries need to go to Oman embassy within their country to get a visa. 

The Visa-Exempt Countries

Oman has listed certain countries which are exempted from travelling with a visa to Oman, i.e. people from these countries do not require a visa permit to visit Oman. There are six visa-exempt countries namely,
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • New Zealand
Apart from the above, varying nationalities in Qatar and Dubai, with a valid visa, are also visa-exempted in Oman.

Applying for an Online Visa for Oman

Online Visa for Oman
  • The initial step to this process is to fill in the online Application form. The form needs to be duly filled with no errors and is required to be submitted.
  • It is advisable to get a printed hard copy of the online application form for further requirements.
  • If you’re eligible for online visa for Oman, you will get the necessary documents via email. But in the case of countries not eligible for E-Visa, you need to courier the online form to the nearest Visa Office or reach any nearby Embassy of Oman for further procedures.
  • The online Application can be easily tracked online by the applicants.
  • Wait for the final visa to arrive online to your email. It is said that permission usually is granted within a time of 7-10 days.
  • Once the entire process is complete, people need to present their respective passports, and other necessary documents along with the visa received at the time of arrival to the destination.

Types of Visa Offered by the Oman Government

1. Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is granted to all foreigners planning to visit the country for tourism for one month. The visa can be extended by one month if informed on time. Overstaying can lead to a fine of 10 ONR. The permit usually arrives in a period of 5-10 working days.
Cost:  INR 7600
Documents for a tourist visa
1. A valid passport that does not expire in 6 months from the date of arrival
2. Scanned copies of the first and last pages of the applicant’s passport.
3. Scanned coloured copies of passport size photographs of dimensions 35x45 mm with 80 per cent face size.
4. Details of stay in Oman which will include sharing of hotel details like, the address of the hotel.
5. Scanned copies of confirmed air tickets to and from Oman.
6. Scanned copy of the Official ID Card of the Guarantor in Oman well authorised by the government of Oman(if any).
7. A sanctioned and duly permitted leave letter or a NOC from the company, in case of the applicant being employed.
8. Name, Phone Number and Address of at least 2 Guarantors in India
9. Scanned copies of the applicant’s Voter ID Card or Aadhar Card.

2.  Business Visa

This visa is handed over to the people visiting Oman for business or investing in the country. The validity of the business visa is six months from the date of issue. This visa also allows for multiple entries to the territory of Oman.
Cost: INR 7100
Documents for a Business Visa
1. A valid passport that does not expire for at least six months from the date of travel
2. The filled application form along with passport size photographs with dimensions of 35x45mm.
3. A letter of invitation from the Omani company inviting for investments or jobs.
4. Proof of stay in Oman like the Hotel Address, booking confirmations etc.
5. Scanned copies of booked flight tickets.
Online Visa for Oman

3.  Employment Visa

Some people who wish to work in Oman need to apply for an employment visa. It is mandatory for the applicant to be a minimum of 21 years of age. This visa is valid for three months and allows for an extension as well as multiple entries to and from the territory of Oman.
Rules and Documents while applying for an employment visa
1. The employer must be a resident of Oman with valid and legal information provided to the government
2. Citizens aged between 21 and 60 years are eligible for applying for the employment visa.
3. The personal details of visa holder like age or sex should be same as mentioned in the Labour Permit issued by the Directorate General of Labour Affairs.
4. Along with valid passport and visa application forms, it is necessary to have an original Labour Permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower and a medical certificate issued by the Ministry of Health care.

4.  Student Visa

This visa can be issued by students who wish to come to Oman for an educational course.  This visa is valid for six months and allows multiple entries to Oman. With further extensions, students can live for 1-2 years in Oman.
Cost: INR 3464
Documents for a Student visa
1. A valid passport and two passport size photographs of dimensions 40x60 mm
2. Authorised signature of signatories issued by the Department of Commerce and Industry.
3. The necessary admission proofs, educational qualifications and medical certificate approved of the Health Ministry.

Visa Cancellation Policy 

Online Visa for Oman

In the cases of tourist visa, once you’ve filled the application form, it cannot be cancelled. However, in case of an employment visa, it is mandatory for a person to withdraw his existing permit, either online or from the nearby embassy. The new laws of Oman state that if a person wishes to re-visit or re-enter the territory of Oman, he needs to cancel his existing visa. Not doing so, can lead to banning or permanent rejection from getting the visa to Oman.

Pointers While Applying for Online Visa for Oman

  • To apply for a visa to Oman, the applicant must be outside the Sultanate of Oman at the time of the application process.
  • The e-Visa facility does not require any sponsor from Oman.
  • It is necessary that the applicant should not have any other existing Oman visa at the time of application of visa.
  • The visa policy of Oman states that an existing visa cannot be changed to a work visa if one is inside the domestic territory of Oman.
  • Entry to the territory of Oman is at the discretion of the Royal Oman Police Officer at the port of entry.
  • The Immigration Department of Oman is closed on Thursdays and Fridays; hence, these are considered non-working days
  • In the case of visa rejection, no amount would be refunded.
The details mentioned above need to be kept in mind while applying for the online visa for Oman. So, if you are planning to visit Oman any time soon, then gear yourself up for the visa application process.

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