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"The Incredible Salalah!"

Salalah Tourism

Home to the king of Oman, Salalah is a beautiful city with rich culture, history and magnificent beaches!

Famous for its Arabian Peninsula and unique climates, Salalah is a beautiful city with lush mountains and greenery all throughout the monsoon season. Its stunning beaches are wild and offer many snorkelling and diving opportunities. Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, its cuisine is delicious and savoury- with wonderful seafood choices. Full of Islam cultures and traditions, the beautiful mosques call its residents to pray with chants that can be heard throughout the city. The rich history and culture of Salalah is evident in its museums, forts, mosques, and souks. Truly a sight to behold, it is unlike any other city in Oman.

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More on Salalah

History of Salalah

Salalah is the second largest city in Oman after Muscat. It is the capital of the Dhofar region, which has always been known for its frankincense. Due to this trade, the economy has done very well. In the 1900s, the city was taken over by the Omani Sultanate. It was the capital of Oman between 1932-1970.

Nightlife in Salalah

There is not much of a nightlife in Salalah. It's more common for the locals to go to coffee shops and chill out with shisha and a cup of coffee rather than go clubbing. However, there are bars in hotels.

Shopping in Salalah

The most common souveniers are tea sets, jewellry, saucers, pitchers and Omani dresses. You can get handmade Omani crafts at the Souks and museums.

Currency in Salalah

All major cards such as MasterCard are accepted. No other currency apart from Omani currency are accepted.

Exchanging Money in Salalah

The best places to exchange money is at the Oman UAE exchange centres. There are many small centres in and around Salalah.

Daily Budget for Salalah

At Salalah, you will probably spend around USD 77 per day.

Religion of Salalah

The people of Salalah, much like in the rest of Oman, actively practice the Islam religion. You will hear a prayer from loudspeakers of mosques several times through the day calling all Muslims to pray. Most women in the region wear hijabs and abayas. Men also wear the traditional dishdasha, which a white floor length gown with long sleeves.

Salalah Customs

It is respectful to dress conservatively in most Arab countries, including Oman. However, this is not expected from tourists. It is uncommon to tip in Oman, however in certain circumstances,
rounding up to the next rial is accepted. In expensive hotels, it is more common, but not expected. During Ramadan, it is impolite to eat in public during the day.

Language of Salalah

You can easily get around in Salalah speaking English. The main language they speak in Oman is Arabic. In Arabic, for "hello" you could say "Marhaban" or "Ahlan" and "thank you" is "Shukraan" .

Restaurants and Local Food in Salalah

There are many special dishes in Salalah such as the ma'ajeen, kaak bread and khubz lahoot. The Ma'ajeen is basically strips of beef/camel that is salted and then hung to dry and fried after. A must-try for foodies! The kaak bread is more like a cracker than a bread and falvored with cardamom and nigella seeds. It makes for a very good snack and is a Salalah staple. The khubz lahoot is a fried, chewy bread which is often served at the Salalah Festival.

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