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Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Best Time: Late June to September Read More

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"Green Landscapes to Hilly Wonders!"

Salalah Tourism

Home to the Sultan of Oman, Salalah is a beautiful city with rich culture, history and magnificent beaches! Famous for its Arabian Peninsula and unique climate, this town is full of lush mountains and greenery that comes alive during the monsoon season. Its stunning beaches offer many snorkelling and diving opportunities. Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, its cuisine is delicious and savoury, with wonderful seafood choices as well. 

Full of Islamic culture and tradition, the stunning mosques call its residents to pray with chants that can be heard throughout the city. The rich history and culture of Salalah are evident in its museums, forts, mosques, and souks. Truly a sight to behold, it is unlike any other city in Oman.

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Shopping in Salalah

The most common souvenirs are tea sets, jewellery, saucers, pitchers and Omani dresses. You can get handmade Omani crafts at the Souks and museums.

Top places for shopping in Salalah:
  • Salalah Grand mall
  • Souk Al Hosn
  • Al Saadah City Mall

Nightlife in Salalah

There is not much of a nightlife in Salalah. It's more common for the locals to go to coffee shops and chill out with shisha and a cup of coffee rather than go clubbing. However, there are bars in hotels. But tourists can hit the growing nightlife scene in Salalah by hitting the many pubs, live music venues and coffee shops. 

Top bars in Salalah:
  • Holiday Inn Bar
  • Al Mina Restaurant and Bar
  • The Oasis Club
  • Hilton Hotel Bar
  • Crowne Plaza Bar
Dress Code: When visiting the more traditional bars, it is advisable to dress modestly as the place receives a much more local crowd too. 

History of Salalah

Salalah is the second-largest city in Oman after Muscat. It is the capital of the Dhofar region, which has always been known for its frankincense. Due to this trade, the economy has done very well. In the 1900s, the city was taken over by the Omani Sultanate. It was the capital of Oman between 1932-1970.

Daily Budget for Salalah

At Salalah, you will probably spend around OMR 30 (USD 77) per day.

Exchanging Money in Salalah

The best places to exchange money is at the Oman UAE exchange centres. There are many small centres in and around Salalah.

Suggested Itinerary for Salalah

Day 1: After checking into your hotel, freshen up and head to the eastern region of Salalah for jaw-dropping nature. Visit the Ayn Athum & Ayn Tabrook Waterfalls, the famous Wadi Darbat, Tawi Atair (Sinkhole), then stop for lunch at a local eatery and head to Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve and the Anti-Gravity Point. End the day with a visit to Taqah Castle and the Viewpoint. 

Day 2: Today, you will head to Salalah's western region. Visit the beautiful Ayn Khor Waterfall, Mughsayl town, Fazaya Beach for its clear blue waters and the Haffa Market.

Day 3: For a more peaceful and laidback end to your Salalah visit, you will visit Ittin. Located a short drive from Salalah town, start the tour by visiting Ayn Garziz. Visit the Ittin Viewpoint which is followed by lunch at the famous Ittin Cave Restaurant. In the evening, spend some time shopping at Salalah's souks!

Best Time to Visit Salalah

How to Reach Salalah

How to Reach Overview

You can reach Salalah by taking a flight.

How to reach Salalah by flight

The best way to reach Salalah is to fly from Muscat or Dubai. From Muscat, it is a 90 minute flight, and from Dubai it is a 2 hour flight.

How to reach Salalah by road

From Muscat to Salalah, it is a 12-hour drive. It is a beautiful drive as you pass Nizwa and other small towns. The first 5 hours are super scenic, and the rest will just be deserts and oil fields.

Here is a guide to hiring a car in Oman

How to reach Salalah by bus

There are daily buses between Omani cities as well as Dubai which are all operated by the Gulf Transport Company. This is relatively cheaper than the costs of flying or taking a cab.

Local transport in Salalah

The easiest way to get around is in a taxi or driving your own car. There is a public transport system that is active within the city but is not accessible to Salalah's main attractions outside the city like the waterfalls and other destinations. 

Buses in Salalah:
The city is divided into 2 zones, A and B. Travelling within the zones will cost you only OMR 0.2. But if your commute across zones, it'll cost you OMR 0.3 or more, depending on your destination.

Taxis in Salalah:
Considered the most common means of public transportation here, the taxi drivers are well acquainted with all of Salalah's attractions and will get you around with ease. You can even take a taxi from the city to attractions outside the city. Taxi fares start at OMR 2 for 3kms and this is the minimum fare. 

Most frequently searched routes to Salalah

Route Name Distance Time
Muscat to Salalah 1017 kms 9 hours 42 minutes
Dubai to Salalah 1,220.2 kms 12 hours 11 minutes

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FAQs on Salalah

What is the best way to reach Salalah?

You can reach Salalah by taking a flight.
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What are the places near Salalah?

The top places near to Salalah are Wadi darbat which is 37 km from Salalah, Muscat which is located 856 km from Salalah, London which is located 6091 km from Salalah, Dubai which is located 918 km from Salalah, Amsterdam which is located 5804 km from Salalah

What are the things to do in Salalah?

The top things to do in Salalah are Mughsail Beach, Wadi Darbat, Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Sumhuram Archaeological Park, Taqah Castle, Marneef Cave. You can see all the places to visit in Salalah here

How much does a package cost for Salalah?

The packages for Salalah start at INR 6064 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What is the local food in Salalah?

There are many special dishes in Salalah such as the ma'ajeen, kaak bread and khubz lahoot. The Ma'ajeen is basically strips of beef/camel that is salted and then hung to dry and fried after. A must-try for foodies! The kaak bread is more like a cracker than a bread and falvored with cardamom and nigella seeds. It makes for a very good snack and is a Salalah staple. The khubz lahoot is a fried, chewy bread which is often served at the Salalah Festival.

Read more about Traditional Omani dishes

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What is the best time to visit Salalah?

The best time to visit Salalah is from June to August which is the monsoon months. The beautiful Salalah has a monsoon season that is not common in other cities in Oman. The monsoon season (also known as Khareef) typically starts around June and lasts until August. During monsoon, Salalah is transformed into a beautiful oasis due to the light drizzles that cool the air. The Salalah Tourism Festival takes place during the monsoon season from July 15- August 31, every year. The festival welcomes the monsoon season, taking place in Ittin Rd where many Arab families come to have a picnic It is a very vibrant time of the year in Salalah.

However, if you're not a fan of the rain, the best time to visit Salalah would be between September and February. At this time, the weather is pleasant and temperatures are normally at 24 degrees. This is actually the perfect time for wildlife sightings in Salalah. You can also visit during the summer months from June to August which is also the peak season in the region. The winter months are drier in Salalah and it lasts from November to February. Winter is a great time for those people who want to indulge in physical activities like trekking or cycling in and around the city. Winter is considered the off-season for tourism so it is the most affordable time to spend in Salalah.
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Who should visit Salalah?

Nature and Adventure enthusiasts. Perfect for family getaways too.

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