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Country rank: 7 out of 15 Places To Visit In Oman

Sub-Region: Middle East


Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Best time: December - March (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Muscat (Check Flights)


"The Ancient City of Nizwa!"

Nizwa Tourism

Among the highest and most majestic mountains of Oman, lie the historic city of Nizwa.

Known as "The Pearl of Islam", the conservative yet open nature of Nizwa makes it the second largest tourist destination in Oman! The ancient city was once the hub for trade, education, religion and art. Surrounded by date palms and banana plantations, Nizwa is a diverse city with many historical and agricultural attractions. It is full of attractions like the Nizwa Fort, the Souq, Jebel Akhdar and much more. Going to Nizwa is truly a trip you won't forget!

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Due to the conservative nature of the city and Oman in general, nightlife is not very popular. However, most hotels have an alcohol license and therefore have bars in their buildings. A few hotels with bars in Nizwa are: Golden Tulip, Majan Guest House and Safari Hotel.

Nizwa is known for its handcrafted silver daggers. You can find these souveniers at the Nizwa Souq but bear in mind that you will have to bargain really well. There are also many rare and unique antiques you can find at the souq. Nizwa souq also has a vast collection of pottery. You could also go shopping at the Nizwa Mall.

Only the Omani currency is accepted in Nizwa. You can alternatively pay through debit/credit cards. All major cards are recognized (Mastercard, VISA)

The best places to exchange money is at the Oman UAE exchange centers. There is a center at the airport. Additionally, you will also find centers on your way from Muscat to Nizwa as well as in Nizwa itself.

At Nizwa, you will probably spend around OMR 500 per day.

Nizwa is a very religious city as it was one of the first cities to convert to the Islamic religion. Although it has modernised since then, the city is conservative. Their biggest celebration is Eid, and almost all locals fast through Ramadan.

The locals dress in dishdashas and abayas, staying true to their religion and culture. As a sign of respect, tourists should wear clothing which cover shoulders and knees. Tipping is not common in Nizwa and therefore not expected. If you want, you could round up to the next rial. Another common custom in Oman is to use your right hand when eating and drinking as the left hand is seen as unclean.

The language spoken in Nizwa is Arabic. However, most locals understand and speak English adequately. Some helpful common phrases in Arabic are: Ahlan/ Marhaba (hello). You could also say "SabaaH al-khayr" for "good morning" and "Masaa' al'khayr" for "good evening". A common phrase that you will hear quite frequently in Nizwa is "As-salaam 'alaykum" which translates to "Peace be upon you". The response to this is "wa'alaykum salaam" which wishes peace back. Last but not least, to say thank you, you can say "Shukran".

In the 6th and 7th century, Nizwa was the capital of Oman. It was one of the first cities in Oman to convert to the Islamic religion. For centuries it was very unwelcoming and hostile to outsiders. However, since the 1970s, it has become a lot more modernized and hospitable to tourists and foreigners.

Some typical Omani food is available at Bin Ateeq. A popular dish among tourists is shark with coconut milk and rice. At Bin Ateeq, you will enjoy your food in Omani style: in "majilis" (sitting rooms), on the ground. Another restaurant you can go to enjoy Omani food is the Marsa Alsaiyaad Fish and Seafood. You will have to wait 30 minutes as they will be cooking fresh fish. You should also try various meat skewers you can buy at the souqs; these are very popular in Nizwa. At the souq, there are a variety of spices that you can buy such as saffron,chillies, turmeric, etc.

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How to Reach Nizwa

In order to reach Nizwa, you will have to fly into Muscat and then either drive or take a bus to Nizwa (Read More)

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