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Wadi Darbat

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Best Time: Monsoon Season (June end - August end) Read More

Ideal duration: 1 day

Nearest Airport: Salalah Check Flights

"Explore The Calm Blue Waters & Caves of Wadi Darbat!"

Wadi Darbat Tourism

A beautiful scenic spot for all nature lovers, Wadi Darbat, has picturesque hills surrounding it and a beautiful waterfall. Wadi Darbat is a splendid lush green valley with the surrounding hills having small caves which people can hike up! It's the perfect spot for a little family picnic or a friendly gathering. During the Khareef (monsoon season), the wadi is packed with locals and tourists that have come to enjoy the green landscaped hills. There are many small stalls and restaurants at the valley selling street food like shawarmas, popcorn and ice cream.

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History of Wadi Darbat

The caves around the Wadi were used by the King's forces, together with the British forces to penetrate regions of communist rebels in the 1970s.

Nightlife in Wadi Darbat 

There is no nightlife at Wadi Darbat as it is just a small valley. Moreover, due to the Islamic religion, it is not common to consume alcohol in public places so alcohol is not served at the Wadi. However, most 4 and 5-star hotels have a license to sell alcohol and therefore have bars. You can go to the bars at the Hilton as well as the Salalah Rotana Resort.

Shopping in Wadi Darbat 

There are no shopping places at Wadi Darbat. If you wish to go shopping, there are many malls in Salalah and the souq too. A major souvenir in Oman are handcrafted silver daggers. 

Daily Budget for Wadi Darbat 

At Wadi Darbat, you will probably spend around OMR 20 per day.

Restaurants and Local Food in Wadi Darbat

In the Dhofar region, the most popular local dishes are the halwa and shawarma. Halwa is a staple Omani dessert, which is especially popular during Ramadan. It is a sticky sweet made out of gelatin, nuts, rose water and sometimes saffron. It is usually eaten with Kahwa (Omani coffee).

Popular street food you will see at Wadi Darbat are the shawarmas. Shawarmas are seasoned meat which is marinated with herbs and spices, cut into pieces and served inside a wrap. It is normally eaten with crispy fries and garlic paste. The most famous and delicious shawarmas are lamb shawarmas. Other than shawarmas, Wadi Darbat has stalls that sell sweet corn, fruits and popcorn.
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How To Reach Wadi Darbat

To reach Wadi Darbat, you can fly into the Salalah International Airport. Wadi Darbat is a one hour drive away from the airport.

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