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Malls in Oman

Combining modern architecture with Omani styles, the malls of Oman provides the perfect shopping experience with international brands and local brands making up the malls. These malls also contain food courts and entertainment centers that can appease a lot of families.

Here is the list of 12 Malls in Oman

1. Muscat City Center

Established in 2001, one of Oman's former shopping destinations, the Muscat City Center Mall is truly a shopper’s paradise with choices spreading over 200 retail stores. This mall is home to both local and international brands. The leading brands and stores in this shopping mall include Carrefour Hypermarket, Home Centre, Centrepoint, Max Fashion, Emax, Zara and Zara Home, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Sun & Sand Sports, Magic Planet and Gap.

2. Palm Mall

Rebranded as the Mall of Muscat, the palm mall is one of the city luxury malls. The mall houses a brilliantly designed Snow Park spread over a 5600-metre squared area, open for all age groups. It also hosts an outdoor food court, a movie theatre (Novo Cinema) equipped with 14 lounges and over 200 shops offering specialized international brands available only in this mall.

3. Panorama Mall

The Panorama Mall is one of the most sought after shopping and dining spots in Muscat city. The mall also facilitates other attractions such as shopping, cinema, entertainment (gaming), cafes and restaurants. You could shop at some of the top-notch brands such as Gabel, Sports Gallery, IBSAR, zarinIran, Spinneys, Ishop and much more.

4. Oman Avenues Mall

A division of the Lulu Group International, the Oman Avenues Mall is said to be Oman’s largest mall hosting the finest selection of retail brands, dining, beauty and entertainment covering an expanse of 72000 square metres. The most striking feature of the mall is its indoor amusement park, where children love to hang out and relax with family and friends.

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5. Qurum City Centre

The main highlight of the Qurum City Center is the massive Carrefour Hypermarket which claims most of the mall area. The mall, however, is very clean and exceptionally well maintained. One would always have a chance to catch up with sales and offers as the mall hosts yearlong offers.

6. OASIS Mall

OASIS is a small mall operated by the Landmark group. It houses some of the top Landmark branded stores such as Center Point, Splash, Baby Shop, Home Center, Max and Emax. Although parking facilities may not be vastly accommodative, the Oasis mall is truly a one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs at reasonable prices!

7. Zakher Mall

Established in the year 1995, Zakher Mall is the centre of attraction in Al Khuwair commercial area. Zakher Mall is considered to be the largest shopping mall in Al-Khuwair area with a total space of 17,500 square meters, consisting of trendy and affordable shops and offices. 

8. Ocean Mall

The Ocean Mall was opened in the year 2016. With an area of 4000 metres square, this three-storey mall has some of the most popular shops such as Burger King and Nestle Toll House in the food and beverages sector and Sana Fashion in apparels and fashion clothing. Luxury brands such as Mont Blanc and Baccarat are also available for fulfilling your shopping needs.

9. Barka Grand Centre

Barka Grand Centre is a complete family shopping and entertainment experience centre. With there are 46 shops, one hypermarket, eleven cafes and restaurants, one cinema centre and four kids play areas engulfed within, the Barka Grand Centre never fails to meet the shopper's needs.

10. Safeer Mall Sohar

Safeer Mall Sohar has consistently endeavoured to create a memorable experience to the customer from the very beginning of its journey. With many shopping outlets and entertainment centres, Safeer Mall is known for offering huge discounts when the festivals are around the corner. 

11. Nizwa Grand Mall

Being the largest shopping mall in Nizwa, Nizwa Grand Mall (NGM) has over 80 outlets offering a wide variety of regional and international brands, coffee shops, restaurants and fun city. What makes this mall different from other malls is that it also allows ice-skating inside the mall. 

12. Al Masa Mall

Al Masa Mall is located in Muscat, Oman. It is popular for shopping gifts and its locally renowned bowling alley. 

How many of these malls have you been to? Let us know in the comments below!

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