Surfing in Oman: For a Fulfilling Aqua Adventure

Oman, the country known for its deserts and beaches attracts a large number of tourists towards it. Very few people, however, understand that the country has the potential of being a significant spot for surfing due to its long coastline.

Here are all the details regarding surfing in Oman:

Best Time to Surf in Oman

Best Time to Visit
Considering surfing as a water sport dependent on waves and winds, the strong monsoon winds striking the country of Oman affect the surfing patterns and timings. The strongest winds, here, are the South-West and the North­-East winds. While the former is prevalent from June to August, the latter is found from November to January. Hence, one can consider the time between June to January as a desirable time for surfing.

Omani Surf Spots

  1. The Sharqiya region: This area faces strong North-East on-shore winds bring weak but reliable waves for surfers in the north.
  2. The East Coast: It is also famously known as the Pirate Coast gets strong South-West winds in summers, making this particular coast, a favourite surfing spot for surfers.
  3. Asilah Town:  The area of Asilah has beach breaks coming to its shore, with Joe’s point being the highlight of all the beach breaks. The winds here are powerful, resulting in strong waves.
  4. Al Ashkharah: The Shipwreck Beach located here, offers powerful surf to the surfers. The reef here extends fairly long with low tides near shore and massive waves breaking off 100-200 metres off the beach.
  5. Bandar Al Saqlah: A famous high tide spot is small yet offers significantly strong tides to the interested surfers.
  6. Masirah: Oman’s largest island, also offers surfing spots to the people. This island has a place called Ras Al Jazirah, which is a section, semi-long, right-hand point, having waves hitting near the fishing camps at the site. The South-East winds of Masriah coast have strong winds twice the size of the Jazirah Beach, which is another famous surfing spot.

Types of Surfing

1. Windsurfing

The windsurfing is a water sport combining the elements of sailing and surfing, which can be done on lakes or deep oceans. Most beginners usually begin practising on shallow waters like that of a lake. There is typically a surfboard attached to a sail. The winds cause the sail to move, which eventually move the surfboard. These can be found in various surfing schools of Oman.

2. Kite surfing

Kite surfing
Kite surfing is an adventurous water sport combining surfing with elements of paragliding, which is very commonly found all over Oman. The winds are harnessed by a giant kite, propelled to a surfboard. In lighter winds, it is effortless to do kite surfing. Specific surfing schools offering only kite surfing are found easily in Oman.

3. Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle
The water sport is done with a giant surfboard and a bladed paddle with the surfer standing on top of the board. This enables the surfer to paddle while standing on the board. However, this sport is not so easily found in Oman. The chances of the existence of this sport may vary from one surf school to another.

Omani Surfing Schools 

1. The Oman Surf School

Oman surf school
The famous surf school in Oman has a variety of packages for the people to learn surfing from beginner to advanced lessons. The school has hosted multiple water sports events in the country, gaining a lot of recognition. With trained experts, people tend to learn surfing quickly.
Location: Al Hadd, Oman
Timings: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Beginners lesson (3 hours) - OMR 45
Advanced lesson (1 hour) - OMR 18 
Beginner group lessons (1 hour) - OMR 10 
Wave Riding lesson (3 hours) - OMR 80  

2.  Kite Surfing Lesson Oman (KLO)

Kite surfing lesson
In the capital city of Oman, the kite surfing lessons are provided by professional kiteboarding instructors to people of all ages. The surf school offers all sorts of kite surfing equipment. Variety of packages are available for beginners and advanced surfers. They also offer rental kit surfs to the people.
Location: Muscat, Oman
Timings: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Beginner lessons (8 hours) - OMR 15.2   
Private lesson (1 hour) - OMR 35   
Group lessons (1 hour) - OMR 25

3.  Watersport Oman

Watersport Oman
The Watersport Oman has all sorts of surfing, kiteboarding and water sport activities available meeting the VIDWS and IKO standards. The training programs are specially designed for people to learn surfing quickly. All instructors are certified and trained professionals. Their teaching lessons are through the radio helmets, through which the beginners surf under the supervision of the instructors.
Location: Muscat, Oman.
Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 AM
Beginner package (7 hours - for two-three days) - OMR 160
Intensive Beginner Package (11 hours - for three-four days) - OMR 210  
Advanced/Private lessons (1 hour) - OMR 35
Check kite (20 minutes) - OMR 20

4. Kiteboarding Oman

The famous surf school is located at the Masirah Island as well as has its branch at Suwadhi Al Batha. The school has trained surfers providing surfing lessons for beginners as well as trained surfers. The school offers all sorts of safety equipment to its students. They also provide individual kites and boards for sale as well as on rent for the interested surfers. The school also provides exciting offers from time to time for a variety of lessons.
1. Masirah Island, Oman
2. Suwadhi Al Batha
Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Weekly session - OMR 275
Basic course of two-three days - OMR 175
Advanced course of two-three days - OMR 200

Surfing Tips

  • Always pick a good teacher. It is necessary to learn surfing from certified and trained professionals from the well-known surfing schools.
  • It is advisable to use a big surfboard which can provide you with more area, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Be very well versed with the type of waves existing in the water at the time of surfing. So, if you’re a beginner, prefer surfing when there are point breaks or crumble much safer waves.
  • Try spending more time on dry land instead of rushing onto the water. Check all of the equipment including the board, leash, life-jacket etc. before going in.
  • Be comfortable with your surfboard. It is vital first to develop a sense of ease with your board, so that you can comfortably sit on it or paddle through it.
  • Keep a note of weather conditions before surfing. If the weather is terrible with extreme winds blowing, then avoid going into the water. The chances are high that the strong winds may result in substantial and compelling waves.
So, if you’re planning to visit Oman, and want to give an adventurous touch to your trip, then surfing should be on the top of your list. The water sport is gaining momentum there and is close to becoming a popular activity for all the tourists.

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