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Wahiba Sands

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Best Time: The best time to visit the Sharqiya Sands is between November and March Read More

Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Nearest Airport: Muscat Check Flights

"The Golden Horizons of Sharqiya Sands!"

Wahiba Sands Tourism

Found when taking a diversion on the road between Sur and Muscat, the mighty Wahiba Sands also known as The Sharqiya Sands is home to the bedouins, exciting sand sports and night camping in Oman. 

Considered among the most beautiful camping areas in Oman, the Sharqiya Sands extends over an area of up to ten thousand square kilometres! Tourists get the chance to indulge in the true Arabian experience which is a rarity due to the amount of globalisation that has occurred over the past years. The most popular activities at the Sharqiya Sands are dune bashing and going on a camel safari. You can also visit Bedouin families and get to know their culture while enjoying a cup of homemade Omani Coffee. Desert Trekking is also a popular activity among tourists. There are also a lot of fun adventures for kids like sand boarding and horse safaris.

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Things to Do at Wahiba Sands

1. Sand Boarding:
Although a popular activity among kids, this fun activity is enjoyable for everyone! The locals will provide you with a sandboard and tell you which dunes are the best to sandboard in.

2. Dune Bashing: If you're up for a fun adventure, then dune bashing is for you! One of the skilled drivers at the Wahiba Sands will take you on their four-wheel drive and cruise you through the incredible sand dunes.

3. Camel Safari: This safari will truly be a once in a lifetime experience! Enjoy a beautiful view of the sand dunes while riding a camel! The locals are happy to give you a lift to get on top of the camel and will accompany you the whole way through the safari.

4. Visiting Bedouin Families: What better way to explore the Omani culture other than enjoying a cup of coffee with the locals in their home? Visiting the homes of the Bedouin families is a popular way for tourists to truly immerse themselves in the authentic Omani culture!

History of Wahiba Sands

In 1986, the Wahiba desert was classified as a "model desert" as comprehensive research showed that the desert contained almost every form of dunes known to mankind (about 20 types). Researches also found areas that were free of sand in the middle of the desert, which had interesting fauna and flora. The dunes in the North were very rich in vegetation. They were able to identify 130 various types of plants and around 200 species of animals. The animals they found included desert foxes, the white-tailed mungo, etc.

Shopping in Wahiba Sands

The most common souvenirs are tea sets, jewellery, saucers, pitchers and Omani dresses. There are many little knick-knack shops around the Wahiba Sands where you can buy most of these souvenirs.

Restaurants and Local Food in Wahiba Sands

At Sharqiya sands, the food choices are all local items such as Harees (wheat mixed with meat), Kebabs and Machboos (rice with saffron and spicy meat). The local Omani beverage is Laban, which is salty buttermilk. Khawa is another favourite drink, which is made from coffee and cardamom powder.

Since Oman is a Muslim country, alcohol can only be bought by residents. However, some licensed hotels and restaurants do sell them. The drinking age in Oman is 21. You can drink alcohol at the Al Sharqiya Sands Hotel. They also offer local and international food.
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How To Reach Wahiba Sands

Once you land in Muscat International Airport, the drive to Wahiba sands is about two hours.

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