What is the best time to visit Oman?

Summers in Oman are hot and humid. The temerature keeps soaring for almost six months. Winters are the most suitable time to explore Oman. You will witness balmy weather during this time. Oman is extremely arid and rainfall is rare. However, Salalah observes monsoon season from June to September. In Salalah, this is the best time since mountains are all green and weather is extremely thrilling. But, the place is too crowded and prices are high.

Summer (April-October)

Summers in Oman are very blistering, and the temperature sometimes touches 40 degrees Celsius. The scorching heat makes it uncomfortable to visit Oman, especially the deserts in the country. It is certainly not the best time to explore Oman.

The weather from October to March remains pleasantly cool. The temperature lingers around 25 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to visit Oman since the weather is not too cold and remains breezy. However, hotels have sky-rocketing prices.

Monthly Weather in Oman

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 16 25
February 17 26
March 21 30
April 25 35
May 28 37
June 29 38
July 29 36
August 27 35
September 26 35
October 24 34
November 21 30
December 17 27

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