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Ideal duration: 2 days

Best time: October-March (Read More)

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"Important trading port between east and west"

Muscat Tourism

Muscat has always been a major port in the Gulf of Oman. This city has served as an integral trading link between the east and the west and Muscat is influential widely.

Mucat is the capital of Oman and remains an extremely important city to the governorate of Oman. In fact it is the largest city and also happens to be the seat of the government. Muscat includes six provinces or wilayats. Muscat has a multi ethnic society and has been witness to rapid industrial and infrastructural growth.

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Muscat has the maximum number of bars anywhere in Oman. There are some upscale bars in the hotels and some English styled pubs. However drinking is not cheap at these bars. Nightlife is not very popular there except for the Rock Bottom Caf_ and the Copacabana.

For local shopping experiences tourists can visit souks like - Muttrah Souk and Souk Al Dham. For luxury shopping tourists can go to Al Araimi Complex, Muscat Grand Mall and Bareeq Al Shatti.

Rial is the name of the local currency here. It is divided into 1000 baisa. Earlier INR and Maria Theresa Thaler used to be the popular currency. In 1973, the rial Omani was introduced.

1 INR = 0.01 OMR

The average daily budget for a tourist in Oman would be around 8000 -9000 OMR.

Shi'a Muslims are the majority of the people but Muscat has a strong Hindu community.

Muscat has no special customs that need to be observed.

The official language is Arabic. However Urdu and Hindi are also widely spoken in some areas. English is also a viable means of communication.

Muscat probably saw its first communal activities in the 6th millenium BCE. However over periods of time it has been ruled by various indegenous tribes as well as major empires like the Persians, Portuguese and the Ottomans. In the 18th century when Muscat was a regional military power its influence was very widespread.In fact it spread upto East Africa and Zanzibar. Ever since 1970 Muscat has experienced rapid growth and modernisation.

For authentic Omani flavors and foods tourists must try Ubhar, Bin Ateeq, Begum's , Al Angham which is a slightly more upscale place and the Grand Lounge.

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9 months ago by Saanya Lulla

A breath of fresh air compared to most Middle Eastern cities, Muscat was the perfect destination for a long weekend. Its slow-paced yet steady ambience greets every visitor with comfort and a strange familiarity. The beautiful architecture of the city, as seen in the Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Sultan Qaboos Mosque and the Royal Opera House, is a treat for the eyes! While the Middle Eastern cuisine is popular, the specialty here is seafood. Don’t miss out on beautiful walks along the Corniche, especially during sunset!

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Muscat is accessible through air and land. (Read More)

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