Getting Around Oman

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Getting Around in Oman

Commuting within the country is possible mostly because of taxis and buses. People rely on self-driving also most of the time. For places located at Omani coast, ferry services are also available. However, there are no railway lines running through the country and domestic air services are also limited. Driving in Oman can turn out to be a challenging and memorable experience.

Getting Around Oman By Air

It is not a good option to choose air transport to commute within the country because there are only two domestic air services-between Muscat and Khasab and between Muscat and Salalah. So, traveling via road is a comfortable option.

Getting Around Oman By Rail

There are no railway stations in Oman.

Getting Around Oman By Road

Roads are well developed in Oman. Public transport in Oman is quite infrequent. Only in main towns and cities, you will find buses commuting. But, if you really want to explore the country thoroughly, it is better to hire a taxi or self-drive. Taxis are the easiest option to get around the cities which run on a shared basis also. But, haggling with taxi drivers is a tough task. There are also Micros which are basically small buses that run throughout the country. They are the cheapest way to explore but, micros are few. However, driving in Oman is a bit insane and the number of accidents in the country is high.

Here is a Guide to hire self-driven cars in Oman

Getting Around Oman By Water

National Ferries Company provides ferrying services between various destinations located at Omani coast particularly between Muscat and Khasab. The rides are comfortable and smooth. Snacks and beverages are also provided on the way. However, online booking facility is not available

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