22 Amazing Bridges In Vietnam That You MUST Visit

Vietnam is renowned for its spectacular bridges. The impressively designed bridges not only contribute to the economic progress but also feature as some of the most sought-after attractions attracting a million tourists annually to Vietnam.

Here is the list of the must-visit bridges in Vietnam, by region

A. Da Nang Region - The city of bridges

There are over 10 bridges crossing the famous Han River, however, listed below are the top 5  bridges in Da Nang:

1. The Golden Bridge – The Eye-Catching Bridge That Everyone Wants To Visit!

Opened to the public in June 2018, the Golden Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Vàng), has been designed to connect the cable car station to the gardens across and to provide a scenic overlook and tourist attraction. This beautiful bridge in Vietnam is just outside Da Nang and has an incredible design – seemingly being held aloft by two giant stone hands making this structure look like something straight out of The Lord of the Rings!

It stands 1,400m above sea level nestled in the Ba Na Hills and offers breath-taking views of the surrounding lush green, hilly countryside. The gold-coloured pedestrian footbridge is lined with purple sage flowers and Lobelia Chrysanthemums and extends for around 150 meters, curving in a neat design. But, it is the sculpted hands holding up the pedestrian bridge that are the true wonder.

The entire bridge was constructed within just over a year. An addition to the appeal of the bridge is the fact that the architects carefully designed the “stone hands” to look like an ancient monument, made of weathered rock, complete with moss growing in the cracks, though they have been built recently. The bridge is truly a modern engineering marvel and has received worldwide recognition, especially on social media.

Tourism in Vietnam has experienced a boom as more and more people discover the beautiful places to visit in this remarkable country; this structure is part of a $2 billion investment to bring over 1.5 million visitors from across the world to the area annually.

2. Dragon Bridge – The Symbol Of Da Nang’s Emerging Success

Opened in 2013, the Dragon Bridge in Vietnam is located in the heart of the Da Nang city. Showcasing the city’s tourism boom, the bridge has quickly become a favourite of residents and visitors alike. Every weekend at 9:00 PM, the dragon breathes fire and water, creating a fantastic photo opportunity and tourist attraction for the city.

3. Han River Bridge – Ever Seen A Swinging Bridge?

Han River Bridge, Da Nang
Constructed in 1997, the Han River Bridge was the first ever swing bridge built in Vietnam. It is a symbol of the city’s resurgence from the days of the war. The bridge is an essential medium of connectivity in the region.

Locals and travellers alike enjoy seeing the bridge light up beautifully at night and swing from 11:00 p.m., on weekends. At night, when brightly lit up, it looks stunning with its changing and blinking colours. During midnight, there is a stunning view of the bridge as it swings on its axis to allow ships to pass below.

Take a river cruise to enjoy the beauty of this unique bridge.

4. Tran Thi Ly Bridge- A Flash Of Colours

This cable bridge in Vietnam is a popular draw for visitors to Da Nang. The colours on the bridge’s elegant pylon and deck change every night, creating an eye-catching sight in the evenings. The bridge is ideal for clicking lovely photos during and after sunset.

5. Thuan Phuoc Bridge – The Country’s Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge

Thuon Phuoc bridge in vietnam
Constructed in 2009, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the longest cable-stayed suspension bridge of Vietnam. The bridge is over 1800 m long and just like the other ridges in Da Nang, this one too is quite a sight after sunset.  

B. Capital connection: The 7 Bridges of Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital city, is considered the economic heart of northern Vietnam today. The 7 must-visit bridges here are: 

6. Nhat Tan Bridge

Nhat Tan Bridge, known as the Vietnam - Japan Friendship Bridge, has been opened to the public in 2015 together with Nhat Tan - Noi Bai Highway. It is Hanoi’s first cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam with a length of 8.9km with five spans, each representing the city's five ancient gates, crossing the Red River.

7. Dong Tru Bridge

Dong tru Bridge
Opened to the public in October 2014, this 1.1km bridge crossing the Duong River in Long Bien District has eight lanes. The bridge has been built using concrete-filled steel arches, the very first use of this technology in Southeast Asia. It is also Vietnam’s widest bridge.

8. Thang Long Bridge

Thang Long Bridge
The 3,250-meter long bridge was considered a symbol of Vietnam-Russia relations. This bridge in Vietnam has two levels, with lanes for motor vehicles and pedestrians on the top tier, and an 11 km railway line and motorcycle lanes on the bottom tier.

9. Thanh Tri Bridge

Thanh Tri Bridge
Thanh Tri Bridge opened in 2007. Modern construction techniques for bridges in Vietnam, such as the Movable Scaffolding System, were introduced in Vietnam for the first time during its construction. The bridge was one of the prestigious infrastructure projects built to commemorate the 1,000th anniversary of Hanoi.

10. Vinh Tuy Bridge

Vinh Tuy bridge
Vinh Tuy connects the centre of Hanoi with National Highway 5 to Hai Phong and Quang Ninh and was opened in 2010 at a cost of nearly VND 3.6 trillion.

11. Chuong Duong Bridge

Chuong Duong bridge
Opened in 1986, it was the first large bridge in Vietnam to be designed and constructed entirely by local engineers without technical assistance from foreign experts. The bridge handles around 21,000 vehicles a day.

12. Long Bien Bridge

As the only bridge that connected Hanoi to the northern port city of Hai Phong, the 2,290-meter Long Bien Bridge played a role in important events in the country's history, including the independence wars. For more than 100 years, the bridge has seen many changes, a symbol of Vietnam's history. 

C. Ho Chi Minh City

Due to a number of rivers coursing through Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam, the city boasts claim to more than 200 bridges. From the historically significant Saigon Bridge to the mesmerizing ‘Starlight Bridge’, here are some of the most famous bridges in Ho Chi Minh City, which is also known as Saigon:

13. Phú Mỹ Bridge

Phy My Bridge
A recent addition to Ho Chi Minh City‘s skyline, Phú Mỹ Bridge was built in 2009. It is a six-lane bridge and is a part of the city’s new ring road. Although the bridge was built to manage the city’s ever-growing traffic, it also has a pedestrian lane with a spectacular view of Saigon River.

14. Saigon Bridge

Saignon bridge in 1955
Saignon bridge in 1955
Saigon Bridge played a key part in Vietnam’s history through the years. Historically, the bridge was an essential gateway between Saigon and the rest of the country, and also the site of significant events during the Vietnam War. Both the Fall of Saigon and the Tet Offensive during that era had ties to this bridge in Vietnam. 

15. Anh Sao Bridge - The Starlight Bridge

Anh Sao Bridge is very popular for sightseers in Ho Chi Minh City. The name aptly translates to Starlight Bridge, referring to the glimmering, colourful lights that are spread across the crescent-shaped bridge.

The pedestrian lane of the bridge is a perfect setting for a picturesque evening stroll, and you will soon find yourself one among the others in the crowd, busy capturing unforgettable moments with their phone cameras!

16. Ông Lớn Bridge

Ong Lon Bridge in Vietnam
Easily identifiable by its two sweeping red structures, Ông Lớn Bridge is one of the most unique bridges in the city. The bridge has become a popular meeting spot, especially in the evenings when you can find a number of youths parked up and snapping selfies.

17. Mống Bridge

Mong Bridge Vietnam
Here's what makes this stand out amongst other bridges in Vietnam: Over 100 years old, this uniquely designed bridge was designed and built by the company of Gustave Eiffel, the architect who designed the Eiffel Tower!

The bridge was named Mống Bridge, meaning ‘Rainbow Bridge’, because of its curved underbelly, shaped like an arc. Although it may not top the list of Vietnam’s most towering bridges, Mống Bridge offers a charming view of the Tàu Hủ Canal.

D. Other Bridges in Vietnam

18. My Thuan Bridge (Vinh Long province)

My Thuan is a cable-stayed bridge built over the Mekong river. This bridge was developed through a joint venture between the governments of Vietnam and Australia. The bridge was one of the largest overseas assistance projects undertaken by the Australian government and was completed in 2000.

19. Pa Uon Bridge (Son La Province)

Pa Uon bridge, located in the mountainous northern province of Son La, has the main pillar of 98.6m high, the highest in the country and in Southeast Asia. The bridge became operational in August 2010.

20. Bai Chay Bridge (Quang Ninh Province)

Bai hai bridge, Haling bay
The bridge, which is operational since 2006, is 903m long and 25.3m wide, with a height of 50m, allowing for 50,000-tonne vessels to pass across. The bridge is expected to boost the economy of not only Quang Ninh but also the northern port city of Hanoi.

21. Thi Nai Bridge (Binh Dinh Province)

Thi nai bridge
Thi Nai Bridge is the longest cross-bay bridge in Vietnam, spanning nearly 7km. The bridge links the city of Qui Nhon to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. It serves not only the purpose of transportation but is also a happening tourist spot in Binh Dinh province.

22. Can Tho Bridge (Can Tho City)

Can Tho bridge in Vietnam
Can Tho is a cable-stayed bridge on the Hau or Bassac River - the largest distributary of the Mekong River. The bridge has six lanes, with 4 for traffic and two lanes for pedestrians. Opened in 2010, Can Tho Bridge is the bridge in Southeast Asia with the longest main span (550m), with a construction cost of VND4.842 trillion (about US$342.6 million), making it the most expensive bridge in Vietnam.

Now that we've covered some of the best bridges in Vietnam, make sure to add these to your itinerary when you visit this beautiful country.

This post was published by Neha Bhardwaj

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