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Art Galleries in Dubai

Dubai has always been known for celebrating everything artistic. That is evident in the way the city has come up on the maps and the establishment of art galleries across the city to document these changes and promote local and international artworks make the city only better.

Here is the list of 10 Art Galleries in Dubai

1. Al Quoz

Al Quoz, also pronounced as Al Goze, happens to be a predominantly residential area located in Western Dubai. It is well known for a number of Art Galleries with the better ones taking up space meant for warehouses in the industrial section of the area. Tourists eager to look and discover masterpieces are often seen wandering around and checking out different galleries here.

2. Opera Gallery Dubai

Opera Gallery Dubai is a leading promoter and dealer of contemporary art. It was founded in 1994 by Giles Dylan. The gallery aims at curating high profile exhibitions and art fairs by enabling access to a variety of modern and contemporary artworks. They work in collaboration with foundations, art centres and museums all over the world to curate exhibitions and to protect the legacy of the artists.

3. Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery is a platform for contemporary artists to showcase their works of art. They curate programs all around the year for regional and international artists. They also provide art consultations, offer residency programs, and handle book publications for fine arts. Because Cuadro Fine Art Gallery focuses on the educational aspect of art along with organizing exhibitions, visitors can also participate in lectures, workshops, discussions, etc. for a comprehensive experience.

4. Mojo Art Gallery

The Mojo Art Gallery is a creative platform for artists coming from different backgrounds in fine arts and design. They focus on creating a multifunctional art space to help bring together creative forms of art, including new media. They organise exhibitions with contemporary themes where art that goes beyond traditional genres is expressed through different formats. Here, one can find a collection of paintings, sculptures, illustrations, media prints, paper works, installation pieces and video art.

5. Marjan Islamic Art Gallery

Marjan Islamic Art Gallery aims at exhibiting and promoting Islamic art in Dubai. Here, visitors can get insights into the beautiful artforms coming from the region. Interested visitors can head to the Marjan Jadeed Antique Novelties Trading LLC to buy local handicrafts such as Oriental Carpets, pots, vases, lamps, lanterns, crockery, etc.  

6. Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde

Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde is a contemporary art space that focuses on providing a platform for artists, especially those coming from North Africa and the Middle East. They have a pluralistic approach towards art and tend to challenge the conventional attitude towards art and artists. Interested ones can head to the gallery to witness their programs, exhibitions, international fairs and book publishing. 

7. Cartoon Art Gallery, Dubai

The Cartoon Art Gallery in Dubai is a place where one can find an impressive collection of artworks coming from regional and international artists. The art gallery represents art that relates to different generations. Their primary focus is on creating a platform, through various programs, for cartoonists, animators and illustrators from the world over. There are exhibitions, workshops, lectures, etc. on cartoon art where one can be a part of discussions and programs related to caricatures, comics, concept art, children's books, etc.

8. Meem Art Gallery

Meem Art Gallery aims at providing exposure to artists by promoting, exhibiting and selling their artworks. They have several art fairs and exhibitions scheduled frequently where one can find an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art produced by upcoming and established artists.

9. CITIZEN E Art Gallery

CITIZEN E Art Gallery majorly deals with curating exhibitions and sale of fine arts created by emerging and well-established artists from all over the world. They play an essential role in communicating with the artists, collectors and buyers to bring them together and create new opportunities for promoting local, national and international artists.

10. Pegas Art Gallery

Pegas Art Gallery is a platform for artists to showcase and sell their art. Some of the eminent artists meticulously select the artworks that are displayed here in the world. Pegas Art Gallery also has an online platform for buyers. Here, one can find portraits, landscapes, urban, historical, political and abstract paintings created by some of the most accomplished artists in the world.

How many of these art galleries have you been to? Let us know in the comments below!

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