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Delhi has always been one of the most preferred destination for food lovers. With its innumerable varieties and multiple cuisines along with delicious delicacies and exotic tastes, this city is a living legend from centuries. Right from preserving age-old traditional secrets of cooking to the proud innovator of exquisite signature dishes, this vibrant city has always attracted food-lovers from distant lands. Although famous for its amazing variety of options for non-vegetarians, Delhi has equally mouth-watering and exclusive food joints for vegetarians. So why wait? We bring you the top 15 places at Delhi that are a must try for vegetarians out there!

1. Kake Di Hatti

Stuffed Naan

Stuffed Naan- (Source)

The delicious delicacies of Old Delhi have always been a foodie’s delight! From traditional Punjabi cuisine to Kulfis and Faloodas, from hundreds of varieties of  Paranthas to Chhole bhatures and kulches, Old Delhi is a throbbing centre for food lovers. Kake Di Hatti, an authentic Punjabi eatery, is one such paradise. Located in Gali Batashan near Fatepuri Chowk, Kake Di Hatti serves traditional North Indian cuisine in pocket friendly values. Their Dal Makhani and varieties of stuffed Naan are a must try. Price for two is Rs. 400 approximately.

2. Veg Gulati

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani-(Source)

This vegetarian branch of the famous chain of Gulati restaurants is a vegetarian’s delight! Gulati Restaurants are among the oldest and trusted names of the city. Veg Gulati is famous for their North Indian cuisine. Located at Pandara Road Market, their ambience and services are truly commendable. Must try dishes include Amritsari Churchur Paranthan and Dal Makhani. One of the fine diners of the city, price for two is approximately Rs. 1300.

3. Govinda’s



The chanting of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” echoes in the atmosphere of Govinda’s. Located in the heart of Delhi’s Iskcon temple, Govinda’s is another famous place for pure vegetarians. They have a unique buffet system and the food is a Prasad of Lord Krishna. Famous for their North Indian cuisine along with Chinese cuisine, shakes and lassis, Govinda’s is known for their simple and divine food. Their must try Thalis  include Chappan Bhog Special. Price for two is approximately Rs. 1100.

4. Shake Square

Shake Square

Shake Square-(Source)

Also famous as Keventers, this place is known for their thick shakes and lip-smacking snacks. Located near Wenger’s ,Inner Circle at CP, Shake Square is another pocket friendly as well as refreshing food joint. Must try shakes include chocolate, coffee and strawberry flavours. Be ready for a long queue because this place is a crazy spot for shake-lovers. Price for two is Rs. 300 approximately.

5. Chache Di Hatti

Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature-(Source)

One of the most preferred food-joints of Delhi University’s North Campus, Chache Di Hatti is known for their delicious and equally filling Chhole Bhatures. Located in Kamala Nagar, this eatery is easily accessible because of its fame and taste. This place is again a crowded one, so be prepared for a queue in order to have those delightful Chhole Bhatures. Price for two is Rs.80 approximately. Also, prefer reaching the place before 2-3pm because they usually close the place after that.  You really don’t want to miss those yummy bhatures!

6. Saravana Bhawan



Located  in Janpath , Saravana Bhawan is famous for their authentic  South Indian cuisine. Their delicious Appam is widely famous as well as one of the exclusively available dishes in Delhi. Also try their rava idli and masala dosa. Price for two is Rs. 500 approximately.

7. Indus Flavour



Located in Kingsway Camp, Hudson lane, Indus Flavour is one-of-its kind vegetarian hotspot inspired by the delicacies of areas around Indus Valley civilisation. They are famous for their exotic North Indian and Chinese cuisine. The place claims to “tingle the taste buds of food connoisseurs”. Must try dishes are Dahi ke sholay, Gilafi kebab, Dal Indus and Islamabadi paneer. Price for two is Rs. 700 approximately.

8. Rajdhani

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali-(Source)

Located in DLF Place Mall, Saket, Rajdhani is famous for their Gujarati-Rajasthani cuisine. Another fine dining restaurant, Rajdhani is known for their must try dish- Rajasthani Thali. Price for two is Rs. 900 approximately.

9. Shree Baanke Bihari Brajwasi Rasgulle Waala



This branch of Shree Baanke Bihari Brajwasi is famous all over north campus for their Gulab Jamun, Ras-malai and Rabdi. Located in Kamala Nagar, Brajwasi is a hotspot for people with a sweet tooth. Also try their Badam Milk which is equally heavenly in taste. Price for two is Rs. 80 approximately.

10. Sattvik

Khatte Aloo

Khatte Aloo-(Source)

Sattvik restaurant is another famous fine dining restaurant for vegetarians. Located in DLF mall, Saket, Sattvik lives up to its name in the city. Famous for their North Indian cuisine, do try their exotic Til Waale Khatte Tandoori Aloo. A little expensive on pocket, price for two is Rs. 1400 approximately.

11. Nourish Organics

Organic Pizza

Organic Pizza-(Source)

This vegetarian hotspot is the only vegan food place in Delhi. Located in Meharchand Market, Lodhi colony, Nourish Organics is famous for their raw organic healthy food. Price for two is Rs. 600 approximately.  Do try their variety of experiments with organic raw materials and body cleansing drinks.

12. Naivedyam

South Indian Thali

South Indian Thali-(Source)

Located in Hauz Khaas Village, this vegetarian paradise is famous for its striking ambience and South Indian cuisine. Must try dishes include Rasam Vadai and South Indian Thali. Price for two is Rs. 500 approximately.

13. Shraman- The Ashok

Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma-(Source)

Shraman, located in Hotel Ashok is another vegetarian hotspot that offers a fine dining experience. They are famous for Rajasthani and North Indian cuisine. The ambience is equally attractive. Shraman’s plain yet exotic food wins the loyalty of its customers. Must try their typical Dal Bati Churma. Price for two is Rs. 1800.

14. Bengali Sweet House

Papdi Chaat

Papdi Chaat-(Source)

Located in the heart of the city at Connaught Place, Bengali Sweet House is another most preferred place for having a pocket friendly vegetarian food experience. Famous for their desserts and street food along with North Indian and Chinese cuisine, Bengali Sweet house is exclusively loved for their crispy and tangy chaat as well as mouth-watering Gol-Gappe. Price for two is Rs. 400 approximately.

15. Shree Rathnam

Butter Masala Dosa

Butter Masala Dosa-(Source)

Shree Rathnam is another exclusive South Indian restaurant, perfectly suitable for your family outings at a pocket-friendly price. Shree Rathnam chain of restaurants have their outlets across Delhi; in New Friends Colony, Preet Vihar and Rohini. They serve North Indian and Chinese cuisine too. Must try their Butter Masala Dosa. Price for two is Rs. 550 approximately.



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