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Country rank: 2 out of 46 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Sub-Region: Northern Vietnam


Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Best time: October to April (Read More)

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Hanoi Tourism

Packed with rustic beauty and romance, Hanoi is a regularly progressing city with narrow streets of old quarters and modern metropolis. With colonial past, one can witness its shadow lurking all over the city through its colonial-style buildings and museums. Hanoi also offers a great variety of tourist attractions along with plenty of parks and lakes.

Hanoi is a capital city of Vietnam full of mellow charm and scenic beauty. Nestled along the woody avenue on the banks of Red River, the city offers an assortment of leisure activities. Bustling with crowd and voices, the city is rich in culture with ever-growing infrastructure. Also known as, •city of lakesê, about two dozens of such water bodies adds to the beauty of this already gorgeous city. Amid the thriving economy and an ongoing transition of the place, one can see a strong essence of the past dotted all over Hanoi. An interesting blend of Chinese architecture and traditional Vietnamese buildings along with a great impact of French, the city thrives under this confluence of cultures. Vietnamese love their food and so the people of Hanoi. Brilliant flavours and sizzling cuisines around the globe can be enjoyed here. Amid heavy traffic and never stopping vehicles, lies a beautiful city of Hanoi claiming to be Southeast Asiaês most popular tourist destination.

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Almost all the major cards are accepted in Hanoi including American Express, Maestro, Cirrus, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa. There is often an additional surcharge for credit card transactions of about 3%. Carry US dollars as they are widely accepted and exchange rates are quite good. Always carry plenty of change while shopping pr going out in the city, especially for VND 500,000 note (a common denomination issued at ATMs).

In Hanoi, one can get the currency exchanged at almost all the major banks and at official bureau de change counters that are dotted all across the city. One can also get it done at certain hotels, but rates can be extremely high. Make sure to avoid any local providing with the same service on street, as their exchange rates are terrible. U.S. Dollars are preferred over other currencies but other major currencies are easy to exchange as well. ATMês are easy to find in Hanoi, as they are located all over the city, especially at all the major tourist area like around Hoan Kiem Lake and in the Old Quarter.

Hanoi is the capital city of the country as well as second largest city offering plethora of attractions to its visitors. With dong with its local currency, the city is suitable for all kind of travelers be its backpackers, mid-range and splurging types. Following is the per day budget in the countryês local currency for each type of traveler mentioned above excluding the accommodation cost (include food, water, local transport, entertainment, communication, tips, souvenirs and alcohol): Budget travel: VND 1,68,500 approximately Comfortable travel: VND 4,47,600 approximately Luxury travel: VND 12,55,000 approximately

Most of the people of Hanoi do not follow any religion but basic principles and philosophies pieced together over the years through various traditional religions of Vietnam. Following are main religions followed in the city: 81% None 9.5% Buddhist 7% Catholic 1.5% Hoa Hao 1% Cao Dai

Hanoi is a city of cultures and traditions and thus it is important even for tourists to take care of them. There are no handshakes or any physical contact between opposite genders in the city while greeting each other, only a slight bow indicated the greeting. Pointing towards anyone with a foot is considered disrespectful, as foot is believed to be lowly and dirty. Also, do not leave your chopsticks in the dish when you are done with your meal, it considered insulting. Although slurping loud while eating rice or noodles is sign that you enjoyed your food and it pleases the chef. Make sure to dress properly while visiting a temple, cover your arms, legs and shoulders and remove footwear before entering a temple and any house. Head is considered spiritually significant and thus it is inappropriate to touch that part of the body. The dressing style in Hanoi and Vietnam is quite liberal. Tipping is usually practiced at big restaurants and hotels but is not mandatory.

Founded in year 1010 AD, the city of Hanoi served as an erstwhile capital of King Ly Cong Uan. The city went through few name changes from Thang Long and Dong Do to Hanoi, which finally remains till date. Later for several years, Vietnam was a part of French colony of Indochina, Cambodia and Laos combined. During the WWII when Japanese took over Vietnam in 1941, the communist revolutionary Ho Chi Minh created the Viet Minh to gain freedom from France. It was in 1954 after fighting continuously that French surrendered at Dien Bien Phu to Viet Minh and Hanoi was declared the capital of North Vietnam. However, the dream of Ho Chi Minh was to reunite the whole country, which was fulfilled in 1975 when Saigon was defeated by the North Vietnamese troops. Finally, Hanoi was once again the part of Vietnam and was from thereon ruled by the communist.

Nightlife in Hanoi is a not a very old culture, however, the city boats of its fascinating nightlife. Myriad of glittering nightclubs and buzzing bars are packed in the Old Quarter of the city, which comes alive as the suns sets. The place gets a different feel to it especially around Hoan Kiem Lake where one can shake leg to pulsating music or enjoy all kind of drinks. Try out the popular Beer Corner located in the heart of the city. Nightlife in Hanoi is not complete unless one sit back on plastic stools and enjoy bia hoi, Vietnamese cheap draught beer. However owing to the strict rules of the city, most of the places are closed by midnight except few. Finnegan's Irish Pub, Le Pub, Cama Atk, Dragonfly, Funky Buddha Binh Minh's Jazz Club, Cava Lounge are some of the main places to visit.

Shopping in Hanoi is an amazing experience especially when you can buy products from the streets named after them. One will find Clothes Street, a shoe street and even a street named after Noodle shops. Markets in the city are a fusion of modern and traditional, usually spilling with products on pavement and bustling with people, both locals and tourists. The best place to enjoy the authentic Vietnamese shopping experience is at the 15th century Old Quarter offering famous Vietnamese handicrafts such as hand embroidered tablecloth, silver carving, lacquer ware and bronze mouldings exclusive to the city. Colorful woven bags and clothing is also sold by the hill tribes there. Dong Xuan Market in Hanoiês Hoan Kiem District, Trang Tien Plaza (Hain Ba Trung) and VinCom City Towers (Ba Trien) are some of the major shopping places in the Hanoi. If you are looking for souvenirs, then go for ceramics from Bat Trang village, silk paintings and hand-painted greetings cards.

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