Food of Galway

Food in Galway conforms to the typical Irish tastes, with a load of seafood due to it's location on the coast. Salmon and oysters are just a few of the several delectable seafoods used in a variety of dishes. Of course, grilled meats like lamb, beef and chicken, kebabs, loads of cheese, and a pint of Irish beer to top it off. Galway does more than enough to satisfy the palate of the foodie.

Food for Indians in Galway

There are a few good Indian restaurants in Galway. Kashmir (Lower Fairhill Road) is one of the oldest and most well known restaurants of Galway; Kumar's Taste of Asia (Flood Street) is another great restaurant, with a decent collection of vegetarian foods; Pure Authentic Indian Veg Food (Church Lane) is also a very famous food stall, whipping some of the best Indian veg food in Galway; Eastern Tandoori (Spanish Parade) is also very reputed for it's fantastic collection of Indian dishes like the rogan josh.

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Galway, Ireland

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