Food of Corsica

Corsicans take their food seriously, and the cuisine draws inspiration from French and Italian gastronomic regimes, amalgamating it with the island's unique way of ensnaring the tastebuds. Locals have a three-course meal followed by Corsican wine which never disappoints.
Wild Boar meat is the island's most famous dish, and one should definitely try the Sanglier on the menu. Due to reduced fish stock in Mediterranean, the seafood is expensive, but the oysters and trouts are worth every single penny shelled. The desserts are the epitome of the sheer sublimity that milk and egg are capable of conjuring. The Fiadone and Flan à la farine de châtaigne are a definite must-have!

Food for Indians in Corsica

Indian food can be found in few restaurants in major cities such as la Trattoria, Restaurant da Mamma in Ajaccio and La Taverne in Bastia. Though most of the dishes are meat-based, vegetarians can usually find pasta, pizzas and vegetable dishes.

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