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"Switzerland's Most Charming City"

Lausanne Tourism

Lausanne is Switzerland's fourth most populated city and the second largest city on Lake Geneva. It is set against a picture-perfect backdrop. Sprawling over three hills, with lush vineyards and sparkling Lake Geneva spread out below, Lausanne is the most charming destination in all of Switzerland.

Lausanne is a city that will make you lose yourself as you gaze out at its beauty and serenity. It's the capital of the Swiss Canton of Vaud. Lausanne is a city that gives a great deal of importance to sports. Since 1914, Lausanne has been the base for the Internation Olympic Committee. A lot of sports and activities are planned in this city throughout the year, including cycling, track running, ice hockey and football. Apart from that, there are several museums and other monuments for every art and culture lover.

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Currency in Lausanne

L_man, a local currency of Geneva, has also extended to Lausanne, so you can use l_man to shop for local products as well. Most of the shops in Lausanne do accept Euros. However, CHF is more commonly accepted. Credit cards are accepted by most places.

Exchanging Money in Lausanne

Currency exchange is done frequently at the airport and at railway stations. There are a couple of kiosks in the area as well, but it is safer to opt for the airport or the station's exchange desks. There are also banks that you can access to exchange cash. ATMs in Lausanne are also available for your perusal.

Daily Budget for Lausanne

Excluding accomodation rates, traveling on a budget in Lausanne would cost you CHF 89 per day, including food, alcohol and shopping. A mid range budget would cost you about CHF 150. If your stay is luxurious and you want only the best, it would cost you CHF 200 or more.

Religion of Lausanne

Catholicism is the dominant religion in Lausanne.

Lausanne Customs

The people of Lausanne dress well, so a mere t-shirt and that old pair of jeans won't do! There are a lot of fashionable boutiques in the city, so fashion is really important to the locals. Always dress smartly, without going over the top. Tipping in Lausanne is not mandatory, but justified if the staff has provided you with good service.

Language of Lausanne

The most commonly spoken language in Lausanne is French. Not many here can speak English, so you will have to brush up your French skills or communicate using actions. Good day in French is 'Bonjour' and Good evening is 'Bon Soir'. To introduce yourself, say 'Bonjour! Je m'appelle..' followed by your name. To ask for 'How much' something costs, ask 'C'est combien?'. To thank someone, say 'Merci'. To say that you do not know French, say 'Je ne sais pas francais.'

History of Lausanne

Some say that Lausanne was in place ever since the Stone Age. Some others argue that it came into being with the Roman camp Lausanna. Lausanne had a prestigious position in history, as it was conveniently placed along the passages between Italy and the North Sea. The Bernese captured Laussane in 1538. But in 1798, Lausanne became independent after Napol_on Bonaparte invaded with his army. In 1803, Lausanne became a part of Switzerland.

Nightlife in Lausanne

This city has quite a wonderful nightlife. The major nightlife zones in Lausanne are Place du Tunnel, Flon, Rue Marterey and Place du Gare. If you want drinks with a good meal and a match to watch while you're at it, go to The Great Escape located at Rue de la Madeleine. They have a large TV screen showing soccer and rugby matches. If you're into live music, head to Taco's Bar on Rue de Geneve. It has a pool table, live music and a good crowd. Dance clubs also dot the city. To dance to the beats of international DJs, hop over to MAD which offers a lot of specials on each night and some great music. For fun salsa dance parties and live bands, Atelier Volant at Cite de Montbenon is your place!

Shopping in Lausanne

There are several boutiques and department stores in Lausanne. For the best artisanal chocolate, stop by Chocolats Blondel on Rue de Bourg. La Ferme Vaudoise on Place de la Palud is where you should go to to shop for local specialties. Rue de Bourg is Lausanne's trendy area and your one-stop destination for all things fashion. Bucherer, the popular watch store, is also located here. The Manor store on Rue St. Laurent is the perfect place to shop for everyday style.

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FAQs on Lausanne

What is the best time to visit Lausanne?

June-August is the ideal time to visit Lausanne. It's summertime and the city really comes alive with the sun shining down on the little streets. Besides, visiting a new place during the summer months is far better than visiting during the winter. Lausanne's winter temperatures drop down to 0 degrees, so you will not be able to get out and explore to your heart's content. Even the surrounding vineyards will look tons better during the summer.
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What is the local food in Lausanne?

Lausanne's cuisine has one star ingredient - Swiss cheese! In terms of eating out, the city has a good number of restaurants that you can choose from. As this city is close to Italy, there are many Italian restaurants here. Takeaways, Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, family-run delis, etc. are the kind of places in Lausanne. Some dishes that are a must try here are Tarte š la crme, Tomme vaudoise and Saucisson vaudoise.
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What is the best way to reach Lausanne?

You can get to Lausanne by any of these modes of transport - plane, train and bus/road. Boats can also get you here from the nearby cities of Geneva, Evian, Coppet, Nyon, Montreux and Vevey.
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What are the things to do in Lausanne?

The top things to do in Lausanne are Palais de Rumine, Cathedrale de Notre Dame, Musee Olympique, Place de la Palud, Musee de L'Elysees, Ouchy. You can see all the places to visit in Lausanne here

What are the places near Lausanne?

The top places near to Lausanne are Geneva which is 51 km from Lausanne, Zurich which is located 173 km from Lausanne, Lucerne which is located 140 km from Lausanne, Basel which is located 136 km from Lausanne, Zermatt which is located 102 km from Lausanne

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