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"Gateway to Western Ireland"

Galway Tourism

Galway is a place of supreme scenic beauty, amazing and lively atmosphere, some amazing pubs and restaurants, and a great list of places to visit. This picturesque location in the province of Connacht is historic, and a treat to the eyes and mind.

Galway is often used as the starting point for a trip of this beautiful side of Ireland - the west. But the city is no less of a destination in itself. With a great number of outdoor activities and buzzing neighbourhoods, Galway is sure to get your senses up and running. With supremely picturesque places like the Wild Atlantic Way, the Connemara National Park, and iconic sites like the Spanish Arch and the Galway Cathedral. Make a stop at the historic Galway Museum, which has a great collection of items, artefacts and art which takes you through the various periods of Galway over the centuries. Galway's famous streets like the Quay Street and Galway's Latin Quarter are an absolute joy. Energetic and bustling, with hordes of people and a plenty of places to shop and eat, and street performers providing the perfect entertainment. Galway's scrumptious options to eat will make your stay even more worth the while. So don't think too much, because a few days in this city will have you totally energised!

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Currency in Galway

The Euro is the only currency accepted in Ireland. Major cards like Visa and MasterCard are accepted widely, and ATMs can be found throughout the city.

Shopping in Galway

Shopping options are aplenty in Galway. The pedestrian streets near Eyre Square like Williams Street, Shop Street, Quay Street, High Street and the Mainguard Street are full of shops and stores, and always a substantial crowd out looking for the best buys. You will find lots of international brands, especially on High Street, and also many small artisans and local handicraft shops. Be sure to check out the great collection of local goods in these markets.

Nightlife in Galway

Irish nightlife can never be disappointing. Galway has an amazing collection of Irish pubs and bars. The Salthill Promenade and the Quay Street are home to some of the best of these, as well as the Latin Quarter. The bars are superbly lively and atmospheric, and you'll undoubtedly have a memorable night!

History of Galway

Settements in the region began back in 1124, when the Dìn Bhun na Gaillimhe was constructed by the King of Connacht, Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair. After the Norman invasion of 1230, the Tribes of Galway, 14 influential families, soon began to take control of affairs in the city. Galway thrived during the middle ages under these 14 families, and became an important centre of trade for Ireland. After the wars of the 17th century, the Tribes lost their position of influence, and Galway fell into ruin. The city picked up pace once again as the industrial revolution came and the economy saw a great boom in the 20th century. Galway has steadily been on the rise ever since and is a great tourist destination today.

Language of Galway

English is spoken in Galway by pretty much everyone, and Irish is also widely spoken in the city. You will not have any communication problems in Galway.

Galway Customs

People in Galway prefer to dress neatly and smartly, and avoid flashy outfits. Also, Galway is among the top 10 friendliest cities in the world, so you can expect warm welcomes and friendly atmosphere all around. However, don't make the mistake of clubbing Ireland together with the UK. While the locals will be forgiving of a foreigner's error, it is best to avoid such political topics. Tipping in Galway is not customary but is practiced. Tips in the region of EUR 2 - 3 are enough for porters and housekeep, and 10% of the total bill in restaurants. In bars, EUR 1 per round is considered sufficient, provided service at the table is given.

Religion of Galway


Daily Budget for Galway

Galway is not a very expensive city if you're on a budget. Activites, food, getting around can be done within fairly decent limits. Based on common expenses, you can expect to spend around (per person)- Budget trip : EUR 30 - 50 Comfortable trip : EUR 60 - 80 Luxury trip : EUR 100 - 150

Exchanging Money in Galway

The best way to exchange currency in Galway is to use the ATMs. Use your international cards, and inform your bank about your travels beforehand. Rates offered at the airport and the exchange booths are usually poorer than the ATMs.

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Galway, Ireland

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FAQs on Galway

What are the top hotels in Galway?

There are 297 in Galway which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Galway are Holiday Home Henry St, Galway City Lake House, The Wild Atlantic Way Barn, Rosewood Cottage, Executive Harbour Suites D, Mary's Cosy Cottage on the Wild Atlantic Way. You can see all the hotels in Galway here

What are the places near Galway?

The top places near to Galway are Dublin which is 186 km from Galway, London which is located 636 km from Galway, Edinburgh which is located 481 km from Galway, Bath which is located 501 km from Galway, Glasgow which is located 423 km from Galway

What are the things to do in Galway?

The top things to do in Galway are Galway City Museum, Galway Cathedral, Wild Atlantic Way, Quay Street , Eyre Square, Connemara National Park. You can see all the places to visit in Galway here

What is the local food in Galway?

Food in Galway conforms to the typical Irish tastes, with a load of seafood due to it's location on the coast. Salmon and oysters are just a few of the several delectable seafoods used in a variety of dishes. Of course, grilled meats like lamb, beef and chicken, kebabs, loads of cheese, and a pint of Irish beer to top it off. Galway does more than enough to satisfy the palate of the foodie.
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What is the best time to visit Galway?

These months provide a good respite from the incessant Galway rains. Though showers still occur every now and then, this period sees occasional clear skies and pleasant temperatures in the region of 15 - 20 degrees. Ideal conditions for the host of outdoor activites and exploring the city on foot.
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