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Eyre Square, Galway Overview

Also known as John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, is a famous and lively public park within the city centre.

Eyre Square is a famous public park of Galway, and the roads around it are the main streets of Galway's city centre. The well known William Street and Shop Street are nearby, great places for shopping in the city. The park is full of hordes of people every single day, making for a very lively atmosphere. You will notice the 14 flags of the famous Tribes of Galway, 14 families which ran the city from the 14th to the 18th century, and also a photo of former US President John F. Kennedy. He had visited Galway a short while before his assassination, and the park was renamed in his park honour in 1965. Throughout the park you will come across many interesting places, like Browne Doorway - the gate of the house of one of the Tribes, the statue of Liam Mellows, and an intriguing fountain of the Galway Hookers. A great option to relax in the outdoors with the family!

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