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"Salzburg: The city where the sets of "The Sound of Music" was located and the birth place of Mozart"

Salzburg Tourism

This small, little storybook city will be an ideal holiday destiantion if you want to a break from the buzz of the city life, if you want nothing more than to stroll along the streets with the sorrounding countryside. From Mozart and The Sound of Music to ice caves, salt mines, churches and castles, Salzburg packs in an awful lot for the small city.

Mozart and The Sound of Music. Check. These are the two things you have to mention when you talk about Salzburg, the city is not really modest when it comes to shouting about these. Salzburg has much more going for it though - the ever growing art scence, picturesque parks and numerous concert halls make Salzburg what it is. Walk up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, stroll along the Mirabel garden, shop at the Getreidegasse street, see the salt mines and ice caves and take the 'The Sound of Music' tour to know more about the city. Salzburg owes much of its beauty to the fast flowing Salzach River which runs across the entire province. The city has a lot to offer to the history and architecture buffs as well. Festung Hohensalzburg, Mozart-Wohnhaus has some priceless histroy contained in its walls.

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History of Salzburg

Evidences have been found regarding the first settlement dating back to the Neolithic times. The architecture and historical areas of Salzburg are dominated by the baroque architecture. Salzburg was captured by the Romans in around 15 BC when they merged smaller communities into a town. After the decay of the Roman Empire, the Bavarian dukes ruled the province of Salzburg in the 7th Century. The town of Salzburg became wealthy under the rule of the Bavarians. It was in around 14th century that the city got its independence from Bavaria. After World War I, the first Republic was politically and economically unstable and it was then that all of Austria became part of Nazi Germany. Jews and political opponents were arrested and a synagogue was destroyed. Salzburg suffered a heavy blow in the second world war when almost half of the city was completely destroyed. After this Salzburg was occupied by the US troops. It took great efforts to recover the city after war. The city isnow steadily growing owing to its close ties with Germany.

Nightlife in Salzburg

If what you want from your holiday is to visit to bars and clubs and go for crazy parties every other night, then Salzburg is not your ideal holiday destination. Salzburg is the perfect destination for you if you want to take a break from exactly that and enjoy a peaceful holiday, and the city takes much pride in that. That being said, you can definitely find some small, cozy and traditional bars to enjoy a good drink. a few mainstream bars can also be found but they generally lack the the usual vibe. Wednesdays is a 'Student Day' in most bars. Great student discounts and offers can be availed

Shopping in Salzburg

Salzburg is a shoppers paradise. If you are on a budget trip however, you might want to satisfy yourself only with some window shopping. Salzburg is one of the most expenisve city in all of Austria. Altstadt (old town), has a number of streets packed with the most exclusive and chic stores. The Getriedegasse street is a mix of history and shopping as it also has some of the most historic buildings. It is one of world's most famous shopping street and is pedestrian only for most of its length. From fashionable, designer clothes and jewellery to antiques and books and music - you will find it all on this lovely street of the old city. the famous 'Green Market' is put up on all days of the week except Sundays. You can find some of the best local fruits and vegtables here. Other meats and grocery items can also be found. Mozart souvenirs of all kinds are the most famous to take back home from a trip to Salzburg

Currency in Salzburg

Euro is official and the only currency in Salburg. Various currency exchange services maybe found all around the town providing currency exchange at variable rates, high commission rates are charged more often than not. Currency exchange can be done at airports booths, these remain open at all times of the day. ATMs, also known as bankomats, are usually the best and the most convenient way of money exchange.

Exchanging Money in Salzburg

The safest currency excahnge options are the airport currency exchange and the ATMs. Airport currency exchange charges high commissions and hence might not be the best way to exchange money. Other local currency exchange offers are present. Airports and railway station exchange rates are usually better than this, but may not necessarily be so.

Daily Budget for Salzburg

Salzburg is neither a an expensive destianation nor is it extremely cheap. Eating out at Salzburg can be quite expensive. So if you are on a shoe string you can buy yourself few groccery items from the market to make yourself a meal or have an economical, good old pizza. Budget travel: EUR 30 - EUR 35 Comfortable travel: EUR 70 - EUR 80 Luxury travel: EUR 150 onwards

Religion of Salzburg

There are plenty of baroque churches in the city of Salzburg. The city is calm and peaceful which makes it ideal for spiritual meditation. Christianity is the dominant religion in Salzburg with catholics being the largest religious denomination.

Salzburg Customs

Salzburg is full of people who have deeply rooted in them their customs and traditions. The people in Salzburg are polite and friendly. It is not very rare for locals and shopkeepers to greet you with a 'Guten Morgen' (good morning), hence you must know the few basic german terms. The locals may or may not know English. The youngsters usually are more fluent at it and are more willing to try. Make sure that you do not make the locals uncomfortable by asking them too many questions. As for tips, the standard is usually 10 percent. You may end up sitting next to strangers since most restaurants are tiny, they will frequently sit small groups at the same table.

Language of Salzburg

owing to its proximity to Germany, the Austrian nation is greatly influenced by Germany. The people in Austria speak the standard German. The German language used in Austria strongly resembles the German used in Southern Germany. It is always helpful to have some basic knowledge of the national language of the country you are visiting. Few German terms that might help you while you are there: Hello - Hallo Thank you - Danke Please - Bitte Yes/No - Ja/Nein

Restaurants and Local Food in Salzburg

The native cuisine of Austria is influenced by its neighbors - Italy, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany and the Balkans. Hence Austrian cuisine is a fusion of many styles. Salzburg has a large number of high-end restaurants, and it might be surprising to realise that eating out in Salzburg can be pretty expensive. A food item almost synonymous to Austrian cuisine is the Schnitzel, which is essentially a big, battered, flattened, and fried slab of tender veal. Few more of the Austrian favourites are the Sachertorte - rich chocolate sponge cake with a thin layers of sweet apricot jam, Salzburger Nockerl - a sweet souffl_, Mozart balls - small, round confection made of marzipan, nougat and dark chocolate, Pretzel Bread - you know it, Strudel - you definitely do know it. Salzburg is famous for its beers and its beer gardens. These are extremely popular in the summers for all the right reasons. Who would not love the breezy chestnut trees of the beer garden with a cool mug of beer in the summer heat! Most Austrian cafes and restaurants have a menu displayed just outside the entrance. To avoid getting ripped off at one of the pricey restaurants, make sure to study the rates before entering.
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